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Top 6 Spa & Wellness Centers in Jerusalem

Whether you’re visiting Jerusalem for a fun day out, looking for a cool birthday present for your significant other or just in need for some self-indulgence – a spa is always a great idea. There is nothing like closing your eyes, relaxing all those stiff muscles, and diving just for a few hours into a world full of silence, magic and relaxation. Being a tourist attraction, Jerusalem is filled with spa & wellness centers that offer great massages, traditional holistic treatments, saunas, Jacuzzi, and essentially everything you need for a day of proper pampering.

However, with so many options, which one do you choose? Well, we went and checked. Here are the top 5 spa & wellness centers in Jerusalem.

Barak Spa


Photo: Alex Yamplosky

When it comes to health, spa, and lifestyle, Barak spa is definitely one of, if not the leading wellness center in Jerusalem.  This spa is located at Cosell Center in Giva’at Ram, and it is operated by Cosell Association for Physical Education (which also has one more sports center and a medical center in Jerusalem). Those who wish to take some time out from all the noises and distractions without having to leave the city will find the spa’s country club ambiance perfect for their needs.  This place is entirely dedicated to healing our bodies and souls, and you will find everything you need for a healthy, fun, self-indulgent day. There is a strong emphasis on creating an aromatic and relaxing atmosphere. As soon as you enter, you’ll notice ambient music and water tunes, seasonal fruits for the nutrition of your body and special herbal tea to get you ready for your spa treatment. If you’re coming with a partner, and you’re interested in a shared experience, you can book the spa’s couples room. On the other hand, if you’re more of an introvert type or simply arriving by yourself, they also offer a single treatment room. The place has a vast array of spa treatments: reflexology, deep tissue, combined massage, Swedish, hot stones treatment, and even a unique treatment for athletes. Pregnant women can enjoy a special pregnancy massage as well. The best part is that they actually have very convenient prices at Barak Spa, and you can even find interesting packages and deals.

What else is available for spa guests? An indoor heated 36m swimming pool, a big heated Jacuzzi, a sunbath balcony during the summer, a sauna, and a steam room. If you are already here, make sure you order a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the center’s restaurant and end your day feeling completely satisfied.

Perfect getaway treat at Barak Spa

Where: Cosell Center, Museum Row, Jerusalem

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Prima Royale Spa & Health Club

htl-prima-royal-1 (4)

Photo: Prima Royale Spa & Health Club

Fitness, health, and spa – all in one! The Spa & Health Club at Prima Royale Hotel offers a relaxing, yet energizing, experience to its guests. We are talking about a magical and personal treatment that will allow you to escape your routine for a moment and simply enjoy life. In addition to the club’s advanced fitness center, you will find an indulging spa with various spa packages for couples, singles, groups of employees, and families.

Included Facilities:

  • Comfortable and relaxing treatment rooms. The spa treatment menu includes Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology, shiatsu, hot stones treatment, neck & shoulders, foot massage including a refreshing health drink, and many more surprises.
  • Dry Sauna
  • Fully-equipped gym with the most advanced fitness equipment.

Where: Prima Royale Hotel, 3 Mendale Mocher Sfarim St, Jerusalem

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Inbal Hotel Spa & Fitness Center

Photo: Inbal Hotel Spa & Fitness Center

Photo: Inbal Hotel Spa & Fitness Center

It’s all about relaxing and indulging with this unique spa and fitness center. Inbal Hotel offers a beautiful wellness center that includes a spa, a modern and fully-equipped gym, and even a semi-Olympic swimming pool with a gorgeous patio surrounded by the magical nature of Jerusalem (perfect for cocktails…). The spa is very intimate and cozy. Here you can book classic treatments like the Swedish massage or aromatherapy alongside alternative spa treatments that come all the way from India and Thailand. There is also aquatic therapy and many more options. In addition to the body treatments, the spa offers facials and nurturing therapy, which turn Inbal Hotel Spa & Fitness Center into one of the best places for a successful bachelorette party or just a fun hang out with the girls (or with the guys…). If you’re planning a romantic date, we recommend checking the spa’s couples deals that include meals and other fun options.

Where: 3 Jabotinsky St, Jerusalem

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 Akasha Spa


Photo: Amit Giron

Paying a morning visit to the AKASHA spa & wellness center is a great way to start your day. Located at Mamilla Hotel, this is a holistic spa that believes that healing should be done through a positive influence on our bodies, emotions, and environment. And the environment they offer is pretty impressive indeed. The rich and vibrant colors of the spa will suffice to boost your energy. Add to that one of their fresh-squeezed juice from the spa’s organic bar and you got your chakras open for the rest of the day! This spa offers holistic and traditional treatments from all around the globe: Hamam treatments to increase blood flow, meditative shiatsu treatment in a special pool, a traditional Indian treatment that will make you wiser, and more. If you’re into fitness and working out, they also have a well-equipped gym and a room for aerobic exercise. For one more extra bonus, check out their sunbath balcony. It’s great!

Where: 11 King Solomon St, Jerusalem

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David Citadel Spa


Photo: Amit Giron

There is just something very sensual about David Citadel Spa. As soon as you enter the spa, you immediately get a strong desire to just close your eyes, tilt your head back, take a deep breath, and stretch. The combination of interesting textures, bamboo beds, scented candles, and white orchids will instantly get your sense of touch going and you will dive into the harmony of this place. Surprisingly, the interesting part about this spa is actually their rich menu of skin nutrition treatments and the facials they offer. From almond, body wraps to luxurious anti-aging treatments, and even a unique facial designed specifically for the male skin and body. If you’re coming with a partner, it’s truly recommended to order wine and a plate of seasonal fruits and book the couple’s Jacuzzi room where you can enjoy perfect intimacy.

Where: 7 King David St, Jerusalem

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Alegra Hotel Spa

Photo courtesy of Alegra Hotel Spa

Alegra Hotel Spa is your place to enjoy pampering and nurturing spa leisure in a quiet green spot in the center of the Ein-Kerem neighborhood. Alegra Hotel Spa is the perfect place for recharging your batteries with the help of Jerusalem’s magical energy. The hotel is hidden among ancient restored buildings and breathtaking nature. The spa itself is equipped with everything you may need for your relaxation of body and soul. The treatments are all done in the new compound which includes an outdoor pool, surrounded by the gardens of the hotel and overlooking the amazing view of the Jerusalem mountains, completed with the exquisitely fresh air.
The staff is at your service with the best, most advanced, and most effective techniques in the industry.

Enjoy the spa experience, a small pool with shallow water and all kinds of massages, and all various additional treatment assortment.

Where: 13 Derech Haahayot, Jerusalem

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