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Jerusalem by Bus

Jerusalem’s inner city bus system is run by bus company, Egged. Buses are identified by a number displayed in the front window, with the destination written in Hebrew. Most buses depart from Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station just near the city entrance, and a 15 minute walk from city center.

Bus Times

The majority of buses run all day (5:30 am – 11:00 pm), though some start earlier and run later (such as line 1 and 2 to the Western Wall). Buses operate Sunday till Thursday, on Fridays till about an hour before Shabbat and on Saturday nights from one hour after Shabbat. Night lines in Jerusalem, such as the 106, 107, 102 and 103 run mainly on weekends and during vacation time. A new development at some bus stations is electronic boards with expected times of bus arrival.

Bus Tickets

Tickets can be purchased on boarding. A single ticket can be purchased with cash, whereas you will need a Rav Kav card (a plastic smart card) to take advantage of discounted payment packages.

The Rav Kav card is acquired at the Central Bus Station with a photo ID. More about the Rav Kav >>

Transferring Between Buses and Light Rail

Rav Kav tickets are good for 90 minutes allowing commuters to transfer between Egged city buses and the light rail for no added charge.

Paper tickets are single fare tickets and are not valid for transfers.

Since the introduction of the light rail in 2011, many bus lines have been created and improved in order to take commuters to and from the light rail stations. Jerusalem’s southwestern neighborhoods are now connected to the light rail through high frequency bus lines. These neighborhoods include Kiryat Moshe, Beit Hakerem, Ramat Beit Hakerem, Bayit Vegan, Ein Kerem, Kiryat Hayovel, Ramat Sharet, Ramat Denya, Manahat, Kiryat Menachem, Ir Ganim, Givat Masua, Ora, Aminadav, Hadassah Ein Kerem and Even Sapir. The light rail has replaced the bus lines that used to travel from the southwestern neighborhoods along Herzl Boulevard.

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Bus Routes

Bus routes are constantly being changed and upgraded. When in doubt, call the hotline for national public transportation (details below).

East Jerusalem and Palestinian Territories

East Jerusalem and Palestinian towns in the West Bank are served solely by Arab-run buses. The bus station is based on Sultan Suliman Street and most buses depart from the Old City’s Damascus Gate. There are a few bus stops that both Egged and Arab bus companies share.

To Bethlehem: line 21 from the station to the left of Damascus Gate

To the Mount of Olives: line 75 from the station to the right of Damascus Gate

To Jericho: line 36 from the station to the right of Damascus Gate to Bethany, from there take a taxi to Jericho

To Ramallah: line 18 on Nablus Road opposite Damascus Gate

To Nablus: line 18 on Nablus Road opposite Damascus Gate to Ramallah, from there, take a taxi or bus

To Hebron: line 21 to Bab Al Zqaq, from there take a bus to Hebron or to Al Khader, from there take a shared taxi to Hebron

Israel Intercity Buses

Egged bus company offers comfortable, air-conditioned buses between Jerusalem and other destinations in Israel. Most intercity buses in Jerusalem leave from the Central Bus Station, and tickets can either be purchased there at a ticket booth with cash or credit card or on the bus from the driver with cash.

Students are entitled to a discount with a valid international student card. Since Israel is a small country, most bus rides are pleasant and within an hour you can be in a completely different part of Israel. Note that buses don’t run on Shabbat, from Friday afternoon around two hours before sunset until Saturday night around one hour after sunset.

Maslolan Journey Planner

The Maslolan Journey planner is the easiest way for you to navigate Jerusalem’s public transportation with your fingertips!

The application also has information regarding line 485 that will take you to Ben Gurion airport.

You can also download the application to your iphone through iTunes.

Contact Details

Kav Hotline – national hotline for public transportation (7:00 am – 11:00 pm)
Phone: *8787 or sms to 8787
Website: jet.org.il

Phone: *2800 or 02-530-4704
Website: egged.co.il

Jerusalem Central Bus Station
Phone: 03-694-8888
Address: 228 Jaffa Road, Jerusalem

Rav Kav Card
Phone: Hotline: *8787
sms: 8787
Website: egged.co.il or jet.org.il

East Jerusalem Transport Association
Phone: 02-627-2881 or 050-910-2142

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