Passover in Jerusalem 2019

Passover, or Pesach in Hebrew, is the spring Jewish holiday, usually falling in April. It is one of two holidays in the Jewish calendar that is one week long (eight days in the diaspora), starting on the 15th of the month of Nissan. It is the celebration of the exodus from slavery in Egypt over 3,300 years ago. Jews clean their homes, removing leavened bread for the entire week and refrain from eating anything with leavened bread in it. Passover is traditionally one of the three holidays on which Jews made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem during the periods of the First and Second Temples. Today Jerusalem is again a popular destination for Passover and the city welcomes its guests with an amazing array of activities and events.

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Pesach 2019 begins the evening of Friday, April 19 and it ends after sundown on Friday, April 26.

Planning on visiting Jerusalem during Passover? Check out this year’s events!

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Explore Customs & Traditions

The Priestly Blessing (Birkat Kohanim)


This is something worth experiencing at least once. Provided you aren’t bothered by large crowds, join one of the tens of thousands of people who attend this event annually where hundreds of Jews of priestly heritage bless the congregation.

We recommend you arrive early to make sure you get into the plaza area. Bring sun protection, modest clothing, a bottle of water, some snacks and a camera. It will be almost impossible to get anywhere close to the Old City by car on the day of the Priestly Blessing, but you can park at the light rail station in Mount Herzl or in Ammunition Hill and take the train all the way to the entrance of the Old City.

When: April 22, 8:45 am
WhereThe Western Wall, Jerusalem
Cost: Free

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Tours Around Jerusalem

Extreme Passover at The Ramparts Walk – Great Prices!

צילום: החברה לפיתוח מזרח ירושלים

Photo by: East Jerusalem Development Ltd.

East Jerusalem Development welcomes you to take part in fascinating activities for the whole family and see the most spectacular views while you’re at it!

Independent Track – “On Top of” The Ramparts Walk – Take a self-guided tour for the whole family and admire the view on the New and Old City of Jerusalem. We recommend getting the “Jerusalem Audio Tours” free app. 

Independent Track – “Underneath” Zedekiah’s Cave – Take a self-guided tour around Jerusalem’s biggest quarry. Discover ancient legends hiding underneath the city walls, visit the Tears Spring, and learn about the place that gave Jerusalem its precious stones. An exclusive insight into ancient times. 

When: Chol HaMoed Passover. Call and get tickets in advance.

Segway ZUZU Tours around Jerusalem

Photo: ZUZU Tourism

Photo: ZUZU Tourism

Soak up the spring atmosphere with Zuzu Tourism and discover a variety of unique tasting tours, culinary workshops and walking tours that you can combine with your Segway tour. Among the various activities, you’ll find a Segway tour combined with a tasting tour around Machane Yehuda Market, a surprising tour on the light rail and the historic sites that are on its track, a bike tour around the Old City, and even night tours. Don’t miss out this Passover!

Read more about Zuzu Tourism and book a tour!

Experience Jerusalem w/ Smart Tours

Photo: Smart Tour

Feeling like touring the city’s neighborhood and getting to know the real Jerusalem story? Smart Tour Segway and bike tours offer a great variety of scenic and breathtaking tours of the new and old city. This local operator offers a variety of experiential tours through the beautiful landscapes of Jerusalem with certified guides that will tell you the most extraordinary stories.

Click for more info about Smart Tour and other Segway tours>> 

A Celebration at the Jewish Quarter

Celebrate Passover and enjoy enriching tours with the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter!

  • The Quarter’s Rhythm – a new experiential team-building game for the whole family. During the game, you will discover Jerusalem’s extraordinary past, passing one period after another.
  • Guided tours around the Jewish Quarter – visit the Hurva Synagogue, the Herodian Quarter, and the restored Burnt House
  • Escape Room – Escape to the Past – a new interactive game made especially for this holiday. Participants will move around the quarter’s alleyways, underground passages and excavations and find their way out using challenging riddles and puzzles.

Where: Around the Jewish Quarter
When: Aril 21-24
Tickets: Special family all-inclusive tickets – 97 ILS with no limit on children. (or reduced single tickets)

Playing Street Games in Nachlaot – Yad Ben Zvi Spring Tour

Yad Ben Zvi’s spring tour will take you to a beautiful pre-smartphone era. Get to know Nachlaot neighborhood through the classic street games. Join this incredibly sweet and nostalgic guided tour – perfect for children and parents!

When: April 24, 10:00 am
Where: Departing point – 14 Eben Gabirol St, Yad Ben Zvi.
Cost: 35 ILS

Tours at Jerusalem Municipality Visitor Center

Photo: Courtesy of Jerusalem Municipality Visitor Center

The Visitor Center of Jerusalem municipality invites you to see the place where all the real decisions are taken.

Hear the story and feel the city from an observation point offering a breathtaking view of Jerusalem’s

Duration: 1.5 h
Where: Safra Square. At the entrance to building 3.
Cost: Free

Monday, April 22

Hebrew: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm | English: 12:00 pm

Tuesday, April 23

Hebrew: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm | English: 12:00 pm

Wednesday, April 24

Hebrew: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm | English: 12:00 pm | French: 12:00 pm

Contact: 02-6295363, Jerusalem Municipality app

Kibbutz Tzora – Guided Tours

Photo: Kibbutz Tzora by Maoz Haviv

Visit the birthplace of Samson the Hero and learn about one of the world’s most unique forms of living – the Israeli kibbutz. What is a kibbutz anyway? How did it start? And how does it look like? A unique opportunity to get an insider’s view on a different way of living.

More Recommended Tours

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Celebrate Passover with Outdoor & Nature Activities

New Night Spectacular with King David at Tower of David Museum

צילום: נפתלי הילגר

Photography by: Naftali Hilger

Tower of David Museum launches a new night experience in the form of an exciting sound & light show that tells the story of King David, starting from his childhood in Bethlehem and ending at his days as a victorious king. This impressive experience for the whole family is available during most nights of the week at Tower of David Museum.

Using cutting-edge technology, the show creates an unprecedented international and artistic attraction suitable for all ages. The show features powerful laser projectors, a computerized system operating 20 projectors, 10 audio players, 14 computers, 14 speakers and amplifiers, and 10 kilometers of advanced cable infrastructure.

The show is wheelchair accessible.

More details about the new spectacular >>

Where: Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem
When: Chol HaMoed Pessach and Saturday nights
Cost: 65 ILS/person

Family-Friendly Activities at City of David

Photo: City of David

Following the annual tradition, City of David will offer great family-friendly activities to celebrate the spring holiday:

  • Join the adventure tour around the Archeological Park – Davidson Center.
  • See the “Hallelujah” night show.
  • Take a magical tour around the underground biblical City of David!
  • Celebrate in the Valley of the King in a fun festival with lots of free activities and attractions.
  • Take a unique Segway tour.
  • Follow the Blue Stone Trail with a special guided tour and discover the ancient water pathways that once flowed to Jerusalem.
  •  Hop on an electric bicycle and ride along the beautiful Haas promenade to see the best panoramic views.
  • Experience archeology first hand by joining an authentic archeological experience at the Emek Tzurim National Park! There’s a cool navigation game for the whole family as well!

Where: City of David, Jerusalem
When: Throughout Chol HaMoed Pessach – call in advance.

Passover at Ein Yael Active Museum

צילום: מוזיאון פעיל עין יעל

Photo: Ein Yael Active Museum

Experience the Ein Yael Active Museum‘s delightful recreation of biblical times in Israel. As you walk down the ancient Roman road, you’ll be serenaded by musicians and meet the museum’s artisans, who will be conducting workshops on basket weaving, making musical instruments from natural materials, clay ceramics and more. You’ll meet craftsmen who will recreate their works in front of your eyes, actors that will make you laugh, and musicians that will inspire you.

You can also visit the museum’s zoo, take in gorgeous views and check out the archaeological ruins.

The museum will present a special children’s theatre show for an admission fee of 5 ILS.

When: April 21-24 at 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
April 25 at 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Ein Yael Active Museum, Ein Yael, Jerusalem
Admission: Children – 45 ILS; Adults – 35 ILS.

Spring Fest at Gazelle Valley Park & Jerusalem Bird Observatory

צילום: פארק עמק הצבאים

Photo by: Gazelle Valley Park

The Gazelle Valley Park has lots of fresh spring activities waiting just for you!

  • The reveal of the new baby deer name!
  •  Discover butterflies
  • Musical show
  • Guided tours around the park
  • Gazelle Valley Park anniversary celebration!

When: April 21-25 at 10:30 am – 1:30 pm; 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm.
Where: Gazelle Valley, Pat Herzog Junc., Jerusalem
Cost: Free

If you feel like you need more outdoor fun, The Jerusalem Bird Observatory is offering a wide range of amazing children’s activities as well:

  • Night Safari – April 16 & April 23 at 6:30 pm: Join an experiential night tour and observe birds and other fascinating night creatures. – advance registration only! Tickets: 30 ILS.
  • Chol HaMoed Pessach Activities – April 21-23: 
    10:00 am – Observatory tours – 25 ILS/person
    12:00 pm, 2:00 pm  – Nature Escape Room – 100 ILS/family of 5 – advance registration only!
  • Jerusalem Bird Observatory Anniversary! April 24 at 10:00 am – 3:00 pm: bird-ringing, anniversary parties and guided tours every hour. All activities are free on that day! 

Where: Jerusalem Bird Observatory, Rothschild, Jerusalem

Passover at The Botanical Gardens

Photo: Judith Marcus

Spring is already here, and the Botanical Gardens are at their peak! Take your kids or partners and enjoy the picture-perfect sights of the springtime in Jerusalem.

The gardens offer 3 different tours and a variety of paid workshops at the central lawn area.  The workshops allow children to experiment with creating from natural materials and drawing on large drawing papers.

In addition, the gardens will host the “Poets in the Garden” celebration, in collaboration with Mashiv magazine. This celebration will include a poetry exhibition that aims to connect man with nature, poetry and music events will take place as well as masterclasses with poets, unique poetry tours and many more surprises!

When: April 21-24 at 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (last admission at 4:00 pm). April 25 at 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (last admission at 2:00 pm)
Where: Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, Givat Ram, Jerusalem
Admission: Free.
Paid Workshops: 6 ILS/single; 12 ILS/all-inclusive ticket; 50 ILS/family of 5

Moses in the Basket Contest – Live the Bible

Photo: Courtesy of Live the Bible

Live the Bible is the only attraction that will allow you to be photographed with spectacular images and recreate scenes from the Bible in an unprecedented way.

And this year you can participate in the competition “Moses in the Box”! The most beautiful picture will be awarded a modern box – a pampering crib worth NIS 400. The participants will also receive a 10% discount on the activities for the whole family!

So how do you register and participate in the competition?

Visit the official Facebook page of Live the Bible

Where: 58 Habbad St., Old City, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Flea Market

Photo: Photo: Zeev Trembovler, Betzalel Fair PR

An exquisite & friendly bazaar in the heart of modern Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Flea Market is a collage of second-hand, vintage wares and clothing, collectibles, one-of-a-kind objects, retro bric-a-brac, knickknacks, furniture, vinyl, military items, zines, ceramics, glassware, artwork, and tons of surprises! With over 100 stalls at Jerusalem Flea Market, you’re going to find something for everyone. It is the best spot to meet your friends, browse, rummage, sell and purchase interesting vintage or vintage-inspired treasures.

When: April 21-25
Agripas St., Old City, Jerusalem

On Your Way to Jerusalem

Go for a Ride w/ Jerusalem ATV Tours!


Photo: Jerusalem ATV Tours

Looking for an extremely exciting nature adventure? Hop on an ATV and ride through the stunning views of the Judean Mountains. Jerusalem ATV tours offers extreme adventure tours with new and safe vehicles, experienced tour guides equipped with walkie-talkies and first aid kits, mineral water, tea & coffee break and stops for some beautiful landscape photography.

Where: Hotel Yearim, Ma’ale HaHamisha
When: Throughout Chol HaMoed Pessach

Explore the Judean Desert Region of Maale Adumim Day Tour

Passover is a wonderful opportunity to experience the breathtaking region of the Judean Desert from Jerusalem to Jericho. The Maale Adumim tour is your chance to learn about the desert, the history and the biblical connection of this area as well as the present day realities of Jews, Arabs and Beduin living side by side.

What to expect?

  • Breathtaking lookouts: See the Judean Desert, Jerusalem skyline, and Jericho- the lowest city on earth
  • Enjoy natural desert springs
  • Explore mosaics from over 1500 years ago
  • Experience Beduin hospitality

Aminadav Forest – Picnic at Sataf

Enjoy this great weather, when it’s not too cold anymore and it’s not too hot yet, and go and explore the nature around Jerusalem. The beautiful Aminadav Forest (aka Peace Forest) is a unique forest located southwest of Jerusalem with springs, agricultural terraces, ancient wine and olive pressers, medieval lime klins, and a breathtaking view.

While you’re here, check the Sataf River, get in the pool and have some fun!

From Jerusalem: After driving by Mount Herzl and the access road to Ein Kerem, turn westwards on to the road that leads to Moshav Ora and Moshav Aminadav.
From Tel Aviv: Turn west (i.e. right) off the Tel Aviv – Jerusalem Highway (Route no. 1) at the Harel interchange, drive to Sataf roundabout, then on to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, from there to the entrance to Moshav Ora.

For Culture & Museum Enthusiasts

Freedom at the Begin Heritage Center


Photo: Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Enjoy unique Passover activities for all ages during Chol HaMoed Pessach at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center:

  • Theatrical tours led by professional actors with a special letter puzzle
  • Arts & crafts stations for children
  • Interactive quiz for the whole family
  • Unique displays
  • Fascinating Audio-visual journey following the footsteps of one of Israel’s most influential leaders.

When: April 21-24
Where: 6 S.A Nachon St., Jerusalem
Tickets: adults – 25 ILS; seniors/students/soldiers/children – 20 ILS.
Family offers: couple+ 1 child – 65 ILS; couple + 2 children – 70 ILS; any additional child – 15 ILS
Groups of over 20 visitors – 15 ILS/person
Ask about combined tickets and get a reduced price on different activities.

Jerusalem Wineries

Photo: courtesy of Jerusalem Wineries

Jerusalem Wineries Visitor Center is located in the newly restored Montefiore Windmill in the historic neighborhood of Mishkanot Sha’ananim and offers a variety of activities for children and adults alike.

  • Enjoy a fine wine tasting event with unique wines that pair with the spring season. Kids get to taste a sweet and delicious Tirosh. Besides the tasting, you will also get a chance to hear an expert and learn a little bit more about wine.
  • Take part in a revolutionary outdoor escape room: a unique family-friendly experience based on the legacy of the great philanthropist Moshe Montefiore. During this activity, participants will get a treasure box and a code that they would have to solve in order to break the box and get the treasure. For ages 6 and up.
  • Arts & crafts workshops from bottle corks and labels.

Where: Mishkanot Sha’ananim Windmill, Bloomfield Ave, Jerusalem
When: April 21-24, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Cost: 20 ILS for wine tastings, 5 ILS for Tirosh tastings.
Escape room – 55 ILS/person (min. of 5 participants), Family tickets – 250 ILS (2 adults + 3 children)
Workshops – 25 ILS

A Gregorian Feast at the Ice Eat Complex

Photo: Tomer Foltyn, Ice Eat

A Passover feast awaits at the Ice Eat complex — food, music, and workshops

11:00 A.M. / 12:00 P.M. / 1:00 P.M.

Start the day with a cooking hour for children. Chef Chen Koren from the TV show Bake Off and her kitchen staff will dig into the childhood stories that we crave – and leave us hungry for more.

After storytelling, we will roll up our sleeves – cutting, mixing and sprinkling – we’ll fix ourselves a meal from legendary stories!

* A workshop from Tomato Time – a fairy-tale breakfast (for ages 3-5)

* A workshop from Dad Is Embarrassing Me – kosher-for-Passover chocolate muffins frosted with whipped cream and decorated with toppings (for ages 10-5) 4:30 P.M. In the afternoon, the Train Theater makes a stop at IceEat, with magical plays and performances with audience participation. Every day brings a new and different intriguing show!

View the full holiday itinerary >>

Where: Mitchell Park, Jerusalem
When: April 21-24
Cost: Free entrance

Children’s Passover at The Train Theatre

Photo: Orly Waisbord

Enjoy a fun Passover at The Train Theatre with plenty of children’s theatre shows and workshops and a special spring program.

When: April 21-24
Where: Bell Park, Jerusalem

A Family Passover at Beit Levi Eshkol

צילום: בית לוי אשכול

Photo by: Beit Levi Eshkol

Beit Levi Eshkol offers an interactive experience where you will learn about the life and work of Israel’s third Prime Minister – Levi Eshkol.

In addition, the museum hosts a special spring game at its eco-friendly backyard.

Visits with reservations only. From 7 years of age.

When: April 21-24
Where: 46 Ben Maimon Ave., Jerusalem
Tickets: adults – 25 ILS; children/seniors – 20 ILS; family tickets – 70 ILS (2 adults + 2 children)

Hebrew Song at the Ammunition Hill

צילום: גבעת התחמושת

Photo: Ammunition Hill

Check out some of the Passover activities at Ammunition Hill site:

  • Music shows at the new Amphitheatre celebrating 20 years of the Mila foundation
  • Guided tours around the site and the new museum
  • A new display of the battle for Jerusalem
  • The thrilling memorial hall

When: April 21-24, the shows will take place only on April 23-24
Where: Ammunition Hill, 5 Zalman Shargai, Jerusalem
Tickets: April 21-24 – Combined tickets to the new museum and the audiovisual display for 28 ILS for adults and 25 ILS for children.
April 23-24 – 30 ILS for adults and 25 ILS for children.

Passover at the Bloomfield Science Museum

צילום: עדן ועקנין

Photo by: Eden Vaknin

The Bloomfield Science Museum offers a variety of workshops and activities for all ages:

  • Plastic recycling factory with a variety of workshops and displays.
  • Original show for the whole family
  • New 3D movie – “The Space Journey”
  • Spring festival with building workshop scientific demonstration, original act, art displays, and a recycling activity
  • Africa Goal Exhibition – A new exhibition of footballs made of local landfill by children in Africa, out of necessity.

When: April 21-24 at 10:00 am – 6:00 am; April 25-26 at 10:00 am – 2:00 pm; April 27 at 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Where: Museum Row, Giva’at Ram, Jerusalem
Tickets: Admission is free for children under 5. Adults & children – 60 ILS; Family tickets – 220 ILS; 3D movie – 10 ILS. Discounts are available for Yerushalmi card holders, soldiers, people with disabilities, seniors, and more.

Passover at the Tower of David


Photo by: Tower of David Museum

Tower of David Museum is joining the Passover celebration with new and fun experiences for the whole family! Among the activities hosted in the museum, you’ll find an interesting practical workshop on the five senses, tours that take place on top of the Old City walls with stories and songs, a guided tour around the citadel with VR headsets, a spectacular photography exhibition about the Temple Mount and the Old City, and a tour around Herod’s Palace that will take you to the largest archeological discoveries of the Old City.

See full schedule>>

When: April 21-24
Where: Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem

Holiday Activities at Herzl Museum

  • Visit the museum and watch a unique audio-visual display that will take you through the fascination life of Biniyamin Zeev Herzl. For ages 6 and up.
  • Young children are welcome to join a creative Zionist workshop and make their own Israeli flag and star of David.
  • Two touring shows at Mount Herzl for different ages
  • Zionist Comic Book workshop 
  • The Zionism Race – a family mission game that includes navigation and challenges at the Zionist peak of Mount Herzl (some parts include stair descent). Winners will be announced at the end of the day and participants will be given a diploma.
  • The Smart Wall – an interactive digital experience made of a of touch screens that present relevant issues in modern day Israel. Herzl’s vision comes to life through games, videos, and sound.
  • Photography stations – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step into Herzl’s shoes on the famous balcony in Basel and in the Zionist congress.
  • Lawn area for family picnics. 

Where: Herzl Museum at Herzl Mount, Jerusalem
When: April 21-24, 8:45 am – 5:00 pm

Passover at the Israel Museum

The Israel Museum is celebrating Passover with a host of activities:

  • Painting graffiti on the museum walls – guided by artists
  • Artistic dance performance incorporating traditional dabka dance with contemporary techniques by Mahie group.
  • Art workshops – Haggadah illustration & drawing over flower pots.
  • Recycling workshop – make beautiful spring bouquets from recycled materials.
  • Daily Hassidic Tale
  • Time Travel – animated movie exploring the story of the Dead Sea Scrolls – every hour at the Shrine of the Book’s auditorium.

See full rates & schedule>>

When: April 21-24 (from 10:30 am – 3:00 pm)
Note! On Tuesday, April 23, the museum is open until 9:00 pm
Where: Derech Ruppin, Jerusalem
Cost: Free entrance for children; admission does not include entry to workshops.

Passover Celebration at the Museum for Islamic Art

צילום: נועם פיינר

Photography by: Noam Fainer

The Museum for Islamic Art welcomes you to enjoy Passover in an experiential way:

  • Sinbad the Sailor – an original show that will take you in a tour around the museum
  • Arts & crafts for children
  • Photography stations
  • Guided tours for adults at selected galleries

When: April 21-25
Where: 2 Hapalmach St, Jerusalem
Cost: Free for children

Show times:
April 21-24 at 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm
April 25 at 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 12:30 pm

Creative workshops in the spirit of the holiday and photography stations are available during museum opening hours. (workshops are at an additional cost)

Guided tours are included in admission. April 21-25 at 1:00 pm.

*On Thursday, April 25, the museum will close at 2:00 pm.

Passover at the Hebrew Music Museum


Photo by: Hebrew Music Museum

Get to know the rich traditions of Jewish and Israeli music over this Passover through the many interactive exhibits and activities at Jerusalem’s Hebrew Music Museum.

  • Take part in a drumming workshop for kids
  • Take a museum tour and learn about the musical instruments of the Jewish people.

When: April 21-26 – 9:30 am – 8:00 pm; Friday – 9:30 am – 2:00 pm. Tours leave twice a day – 10:00 am & 6:30 pm.
Where: Music Square,12 Yoel Moshe Solomon Street, Jerusalem
Cost: Adults – 60 ILS;  children \ seniors – 45 ILS; students – 40 ILS; soldiers \ disabled –  32 ILS

Pharaoh Mania at the Bible Lands Museum


Photo by: Bible Lands Museum

Go back in time to ancient Egypt at the Bible Lands Museum!

  • Juggling acts, a special movie about the history of writing and Egyptian hieroglyphs, and riddles about the secrets hidden in the pyramids.
  • The ancient worlds of Egypt and Babylon come to life with a new AR/VR technology
  • See the largest statue that was ever found in Israel – the statue of the Egyptian god Bes. The statue is displayed in the museum’s new exhibition and the children will make moving magnetic figures inspired by the statue.

When: April 21-24 at 10:00 am – 4:00 pm; April 25 at 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Where: 21 Shmuel Stephan Weiz Street, Jerusalem

Special Prices at Jerusalem Time Elevator

צילום: מעלית הזמן

Photo: Jerusalem Time Elevator

The Jerusalem Time Elevator attraction offers special prices during Chol HaMoed Passover. Embark on a historical journey and travel back in time to ancient Jerusalem.

When: Chol HaMoed Pessach 10:00 am – 10:00 pm. Last screening at 9:20 pm. Fridays and Holiday Eves – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (closed on holidays and Saturdays)
Where: 6 Yizchak Kariv Mamila Avenue, Jerusalem
Cost: For ages 5 and up. Advance registration. Regular – 54 ILS; Yerushalmi card holders/students/soldiers – 46 ILS.

PLAY Festival at Hansen House

Illustration courtesy of Hansen House PR

The festival, which takes place during the Passover holiday in Hansen House, will celebrate Spring with a variety of workshops, activities and games that were built and designed specifically for the event. Discover, create, build and invent!

Activities include: Gaming Hall (Including Minecraft), joint workshops for parents and children, molecular cooking for children, a light and sand animation room, machines that draw paintings, mysterious puzzle rooms and Efrat Hadani’s magical puppet show!

View the full festival program and tickets on the Hansen website >>

Where? Hansen House, Gedalyahu Alon 14, Jerusalem
When? April 23-25

Kosher Restaurants Open during Passover

Enjoy business meals & discounts on drinks at Lechem Basar
Quality meat and freshly baked bread at a fair price Read more
  • 072-3281970
  • The First Station, 4 David Remez St, Jerusalem
Happy Hour at Nocturno
Get a free chaser at Nocturno Bar!
The unofficial meeting place for Jerusalem's intellectual, academic and artist communities Read more
  • 072-3290749
  • 7 Bezalel St, Jerusalem
Awesome Deals at Valero Restaurant!
Located at Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, Valero is a chic restro-bar with a chef's kitchen serving gourmet meals and hosting events. Read more
  • 072-3932790
  • 80 Agripas Street, Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem
Special prices at Modern restaurant
Adjacent to the Israel Museum, a design befitting its artistic host and a local menu of Jerusalem dishes with a MODERN twist. Read more
  • 072-3290756
  • The Israel Museum, 11 Ruppin Road, Jerusalem
Enjoy Japanika’s Special Deals!
A national chain of kosher sushi restaurants with 2 locations in Jerusalem Read more
  • 072-3944541
  • Cinema City, Sderot Yitshak Rabin, Jerusalem
A prestigious chef restaurant, perfect for families or couples, with a kosher fish/meat menu and options for organizing private events. Read more
  • 072-3385057
Where music meets culinary excellence in downtown Jerusalem Read more
  • 072-3713077
  • 8 Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset, Jerusalem
An awesome deal at Village Green!
The first all-vegan restaurant Jerusalem Read more
  • 072-328-1909
  • 8 Yoel Solomon St, Jerusalem

Non-Kosher Restaurants Open during Passover

Located in the heart of Ein Karem, this charming 2-story, Mediterranean-style bistro has some of the best food and views in Read more
  • 072-328-1838
  • 15 Hama'ayan St, Ein Karem, Jerusalem

Attractions and other recommended activities on Passover

Get 20% off parking courtesy of the Old City Train!
The easiest form of transportation from Jaffa Gate to the Jewish quarter and Western Wall. Read more
  • 072-3290760
  • Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem

Adu 8 usd | Kids (13 yrs) 6 usd

More info
The best escape room complex in Jerusalem invites you to enjoy three different and unique rooms, suitable for families, couples and small events. Read more
  • 072-3385031
  • Derech Hebron 105, Jerusalem
from ₪72 / personMore info
"The Strange Case" escape room discount
Welcome to the experiential “Strange Case” escape room that will take you on a journey to London in 1886! Read more
  • 072-3385037
  • 2 Aristobulus St, Jerusalem
from ₪70 / personMore info
Dozens of games, activities and more for the whole family spread over 3 acres Read more
  • 072-3290713
  • Kibbutz Tzuba, Jerusalem Hills, Israel
Perfect getaway treat at Barak Spa
A luxurious and relaxing spa with a country club feeling and a variety of facilities such as a swimming pool, saunas, massage and spa... Read more
  • 072-3290796
  • Сosell Sports Center, Museum Row, Jerusalem
Step into a part of history with an incredible tour of the Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Mount Zion and the four quarters of The... Read more
  • +972-723384984
from $75 / personMore info

Recommended Hotels

Spa free entrance to Prima Royale Guests
Prima Royale is located at Talbiye neighborhood, offering a cozy hosting experience for couples and families. Events included. Read more
  • +972-39533854
  • 3 Mendele Mocher Hasfarim St, Jerusalem
Special offers: Leonardo Boutique hotel
Leonardo Boutique Jerusalem offers 70 beautifully designed and fully equipped guest rooms for couples, families and business. Read more
  • +972-72-3385039
  • 3 Monbaz Street, Jerusalem
from $259 / coupleMore info
Free drinks & refreshments at the Tryp Jerusalem Bat Sheva!
Book a room now at the Tryp Bat Sheva Hotel, a new boutique hotel by Wyndham Hotels, offering an intimate getaway at the center... Read more
  • +972(72)-3932875
  • 42 King George St, Jerusalem
Special offers at Eldan Hotel!
A budget-friendly boutique hotel that offers great amenities and services without compromising on location. Read more
  • +972-72-3281204
  • 24 King David St, Jerusalem
Special offers at Villa Brown Hotel
The stunning Brown Jerusalem is downtown's first boutique design hotel, promising small-scale luxury and comfort at its finest. Read more
  • +972-72-3713456
  • 54 Haneviim St, Jerusalem
A Special Offer at Shani Hotel
A Weekday Getaway at Hotel Shani
Book a vacation at Shani Hotel and get a 15% discount on your booking when you check out!
Shani Hotel is one of the top boutique hotels in the city. Incredibly spacious rooms, a retro motif, and plentiful amenities are just a... Read more
  • +972-72-3281984
  • 6 Darom St, Jerusalem
from $96 / personMore info
Ibis Hotels are known throughout Europe for their comfort, value, and service, and this downtown Jerusalem location is no exception... Read more
  • +972-72-3932816
  • 4 Elisar St, Jerusalem
Special offers at Leonardo Plaza Hotel!
Culinary indulgences, exclusive design and a very central location make the Leonardo Plaza a great hotel option. Read more
  • +972-72-3385007
  • 47 King George St, Jerusalem
Special Offers at Prima Park Hotel!
Prima Park Hotel is located a short distance from Jerusalem's attractions, while the hotel's quality amenities will fulfill all needs. Read more
  • +972-39533854
  • 2 Zeev Vilnai Street, Jerusalem
Special offers at Villa Ba'Moshava Hotel
This quaint hotel in the German Colony at Jerusalem offers friendly hospitality with a special touch. Read more
  • 072-3281858
  • 13 Yehoshua Bin Nun Street, Jerusalem
Experience true rural hosting at Hotel Ye'arim! The hotel is located on one of Jerusalem highest mountaintops and it is surrounded by the magic... Read more
  • +972-(0)72-3281983
  • Ma'ale Hahamisha St, Ma'ale Hahamisha
from $162 / personMore info
20% OFF the third night!
Located at the heart of Nachlaot neighborhood in Jerusalem, Korazin Apartment Hotel offers an indulgent experience for couples & families. Read more
  • +972-72-3385056
  • 6 Korazin Street, Jerusalem
from $126 / personMore info
Free Gift at Ahava cosmetics
A luxurious hotel with high-quality services and amenities, conference spaces, children's programming, and on-site synagogue. Read more
  • +972-72-3384973
  • 9 Saint George St, Jerusalem

Recommended Vacation Rentals

Special offer at the Templer Inn
A 19th century house, located in the intimate and picturesque German Colony neighborhood and offers a luxurious complex of suites. Read more
  • +972-72-3932879
  • 16 Derech Beit Lechem St, Jerusalem
10% off at Paamonim Aparthotel
A modern apartment hotel in the center of Jerusalem with a great view to the Old City walls. Variety of units for couples &... Read more
  • +972-(0)72-371-3901
  • 4 King George St, Jerusalem
from $120 / personMore info
Special offer at Windows of Jerusalem
Luxury, 5-star short and long-term rental apartments in the heart of Jerusalem’s city center Read more
  • +972-(0)72-328-1879
  • 40 Agripas St, Jerusalem
from $116 / personMore info
Indulgent Kosher Breakfast-Great Prices
Sweet Ein Karem B&B is a romantic & family-friendly resort in West Jerusalem. Stay and enjoy activities, workshops, spa, and chocolates! Read more
  • 072-3944547
  • Sweet Ein Karem, Mavo HaShaar Street, Jerusalem
from $126 / personMore info
30% OFF the third night!
10% OFF Jaffa 60 hotel
Exclusive vacation rentals in Downtown Jerusalem offering a perfect experience for couples, families, friends, or business travelers. Read more
  • 60 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem
from $81 / coupleMore info
30% OFF the third night!
10% OFF Jonathan hotel
An Apartment Hotel at the heart of Jerusalem for a romantic getaway, family vacation, business travel or vacation with friends. Read more
  • 29 Ben Yehuda St, Jerusalem
from $99 / coupleMore info

Recommended Hostel & Guest Houses

Book a vacation at The Post Hostel and get a 15% discount on your booking when you check out!
A special offer from The Post Hostel!
The Post is a stylish, urban hostel that serves as a cozy and convenient base for all types of travelers from across the globe. Read more
  • +972-(0)72-328-1975
  • 23 Yafo Street, Jerusalem (entrance from 3 Koresh Street)
from $21 / personMore info
Book and get a free drink at the bar
The Abraham Hostel is Jerusalem's #1 hostel and often ranked among the best in the world. Stay there for an unforgettable travel experience. Read more
  • +972-(0)72-3932793
  • 67 Hanevi'im St, Jerusalem
from $21 / personMore info
Zippori Guesthouse, located near Jerusalem Forest, offers rooms for the whole family, tours, and private & business events, of up to 250 people Read more
  • +972-(0)72-3290702
  • Zippori Center, Jerusalem Forest