Purim 2020 in Jerusalem

Purim Events 2020 in Jerusalem will be updated as they become available. Meanwhile, you can check out last year’s events. 

The Story of Purim

In Jerusalem there are plenty of festivals and parties, some for families and children, some for those who want to go all out with their drinking, dressing up and dancing until they can no longer tell the difference between Haman (the bad guy in the story) and Mordechai (the good guy).

The story of Purim told in the Book of Esther, which is traditionally read twice on Purim – once on the eve of Purim and once on the day of Purim – tells of King Ahasuerus who was convinced by his assistant Haman to destroy all the Jewish people in his kingdom. His new queen, Esther, and her cousin and/or husband Mordechai, collaborated to turn the fate of the Jewish people around, succeeding without one mention of God in the entire 10-chapter book.

On Purim, in order to celebrate the complete turn-around of the Jews’ lot (in Hebrew pur – hence the name Purim) and of the hidden face of God in the story, we dress up in costumes and drink alcohol which both help us see the world from a different point of view.

When is Purim in Jerusalem?

This year Purim takes place on March 20-21. The Hebrew date of Purim is the 14th of the month of Adar, starting the evening before. But! In Jerusalem and other “walled” cities, the holiday is celebrated one day after everyone else. 

Purim 2019 events will be updated as they become available. 

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Family-friendly things to do on Purim in Jerusalem

Dressing up in Safra Square


Every year, the main Purim event and traditional celebration takes place in Safra Square on Shushan Purim. During the event, children of all ages will be able to enjoy live performances by their favorite stars, costume competitions, clown shows, giant puppets and a parade of street artists.

And what will happen this year? A special performance by none other than the duo Static and Benel, Stepho and Little Michal!

When? March 22nd, 11:00-14:00

Where? Safra Square, Jerusalem

Festive activities at the Israel Museum

Illustration: PR Israel Museum

At the Israel Museum you and your children can enjoy a program filled with diverse activities:

Thursday, March 21

A performance by Marsh Dondurma – a live show featuring original ethnic music, a joyous Purim celebration with a brass band.

Fashion Show – Dress up in vintage Israeli fashion, come up on stage at the fashion show and get your 15 minutes of fame!

Art workshops – Luxury clothing design and emoji workshops.

Story Hour – “I am Purim, I am Purim” in the illustration library.

Friday, March 22

Recycling workshop – with emoji masks

Story Hour – “I am Purim, I am Purim ” in the illustration library.

More details and tickets on the full event page

When? March 21-23
Where? The Israel Museum, 11 Ruppin Road, Jerusalem
Price: Free entrance for children, not including special workshops
Phone: 072-3385068

Getting Ready for Purim: A tour for the entire family at the National Library

Photo credit: The National Library

The National Library invites you to an interactive tour for the entire family just before the holiday begins. Join a colorful and spectacular tour following the Book of Esther including original musicals in the music collection of the library.

When? March 19, 18:00
Where? The National Library, Edmond J. Safra Givat Ram, Jerusalem
Details and ticket reservation Price: NIS 20 per participant, NIS 15 for veteran citizens.

Purim at the Beit Avi Chai

איור: באדיבות יח”צ בית אבי חי

Illustration: Courtesy of Beit Avi Chai Press

Beit Avi Chai invites children and parents to a variety of activities throughout the holiday:

Shabbat on the Roof – a musical performance for the whole family

Two different arts and crafts workshops for the whole family

A musical workshop A Purim ticket at Beit Avi Chai includes a performance and participation in two workshops.

When? March 20-21, details of the full schedule
Where? King George 44, Jerusalem
Price: NIS 30 per child, NIS 10 for accompanying adults

Festive Purim at the Bloomfield Science Museum

Photo courtesy of the Science Museum

The Science Museum invites the whole family to an unforgettable Purim!  Activities you can participate in include:

Surprise appearance – an activity area with curved and contorted mirrors

A building workshop where you can experiment with mirrors, reflections and mirages.

A scientific demonstration that will reveal the secrets behind magic tricks!

Due to popular demand it is highly recommended to call in advance to confirm the full schedule for the holidays and to book your tickets.

When? March 20-23
Where? Science Museum, Museum Boulevard, Givat Ram, Jerusalem
Price: Children up to age 5 – Free, child / adult 45 NIS, family card (parents / grandparents and all their children / grandchildren) 160 NIS

An experience for the entire family at the windmill complex

The windmill complex in Mishkenot Sha’ananim in Jerusalem invites the general public to enjoy an exciting celebrations in honor of Purim! This is what awaits you:

Until he did not know how much wine he drank – Jerusalem Winery opens the wine tasting center located within the historic building of the Montefiore windmill in the Mishkenot Sha’ananim neighborhood of Jerusalem. Guests will receive a glass of wine and taste unlimited wine

The winery invites the general public (adults only) to enjoy the variety of wines at the new tasting center

Cost per participant – 39 NIS

Grandma’s Stories – In this movie the children are the actors!

A unique experience that invites children to play out the windmill story and reconstruct historical images using innovative photography technology

Single – 49 NIS

190 (For a family of 5)

Park Escape – an experience for the whole family based on the legacy of Moses Montefiore. As part of the activity, participants receive a treasure chest and must crack the code to open the box using only clues and the tools available to them. From age 6 and up

For the participant – 55 NIS Minimum 5 participants

(Price for families – 250 NIS (2 adults 3 children

Theatrical Experience Tour – During the tour,  participants will connect with characters from the past through stories, songs and a lot of emotion

The tour is for groups only, starting from 30 NIS per participant

Makeup stations – a celebration of color and joy that is suitable for all members of the family

Cost – 25 NIS

When?: March 21 from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm and on March 22 from 9:30 to 15:00

Where? Windmill in Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Bloomfield Boulevard, Jerusalem

Price: from 25 NIS

Purim at the First Station Compound

איור: יח”צ מתחם התחנה

Image: PR station compound

The Jerusalem First Station complex has prepared an extraordinary program for you this year with a variety of holiday events:

  • The Adloyada procession
  • Happening and circus performances
  • A festive concert of classical music

When? March 21-22
Where? The first station compound, David Remez

Purim at the Bible Lands Museum

Photo: Bible Lands Museum

The Bible Lands Museum invites you to a Purim carnival that will take place on March 20-23, in which museum galleries will dress up together with its visitors!

The kingdom is already planning the celebration of the Persian New Year and the grand royal feast that Ahaverosh throws in honor of Queen Esther. Visitors are invited to tour with Harbona, the king’s frightened and scattered servant, who needs your help in locating the jewels, gold and silver needed to build the king’s throne for the feast. Visitors will tour the treasures of the museum, the various galleries and the “Into the Depth of Blue” exhibition.

The children will help the frightened servant in search of the clues that Mordecai scattered throughout the museum and at the end of the actiivity, they will create a model of their own magnificent throne.

In addition, visitors are welcome to return to the launch of Fun2C – a new experience at the Museum that combines the technology of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR / VR).

Detailed schedule of holiday activities:

Wednesday – Thursday 20-21.3 | 9: 30-17: 30

Friday and Saturday 22-23.3 10: 00-14: 00

Tour: The scattered Harbona and the precious stones

Wednesday – Thursday 20-21.3 | At 11:00 and 12:30

Children enter the museum free of charge, there is a fee for the tours:

Child: 22 NIS Adult: 22 NIS

Pre-registration is necessary.

The number of spots is limited – you must register in advance. The tour lasts about one hour.

Where? Shmuel Stefan Weiss 21, Museum Complex, Jerusalem

Follow in the footsteps of the great leaders of Jerusalem – Activities in the enchanting Rehavia

Photo: Beit Levi Eshkol

The Levi Eshkol House invites you to join a Purim celebration that includes a detective tour in Rehavia.

The game and tour is based on an app through which you will receive clues at each station of the game that will lead you to the next station. Only after completing all the tasks at the various stations will you receive the password to open the treasure box at the last station. The stations are all located in the neighborhood of Rehavia in Jerusalem and pertain to leaders who lived in these neighborhoods or in the local leadership institutions. (Between the stations: the Prime Minister’s Office, the National Institutions Building, Heichal Shlomo, Beit Zvi and others).

During the game the participants will meet historial icons from the past and will go back in time to the early years the state of Israel.

Do not forget to bring your smartphones!

To register

Segway tours by Smart Tours

Photo: Smart Tour

Looking for an interesting and unique way to connect to the celebrations around the city? Segway Tours brought to you by Smart Tours by will take you to a variety of tours where you can check out magnificent views of Old and New Jerusalem accompanied by professional guides who will share real stories of Jerusalem in a unique way. Smart Tour’s Segway are among the most modern and safest on the market, and the Jerusalem landscape along with the hovering on the Segway create a recipe for an unforgettable experience during the holiday.

Click here for details about Smart Tour and all Segway tours in Jerusalem!

Reading the Book of Esther at the Begin Heritage Center

This year, the Menachem Begin Heritage Center will also host the annual Megillah reading event and you are invited to participate, to receive scrolls for your home, and also to send Mishloach Manot to your children!

When? March 21, 18:30
Where? SA Right 6, Jerusalem
Price: Free

Arts and crafts workshops in a museum for Islamic Art

This Purim, The Museum of Islamic Art has prepared a very diverse  program of activities for you. The activities that await you are:

Wednesday, March 20, 10: 00-15:00: Creative workshops for the whole family, makeup area for upgrading any costume or character (10:30 – 14:30)

Thursday, March 21, 10:00 – 15:00: Creative workshops for the whole family, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by the Hakaron Theater at 12:00 – The play is for ages 5-9 | Free.

Friday, March 22, 10:00 – 14:00: creative workshops for the whole family, makeup area for upgrading any costume or character (between 10:00 – 13:00)

It is recommended to call and book your visit according to the times of the various activities.

When? March 20-22
Where? 2 Palmach Street, Jerusalem
Price: Free entrance for children

Hide and seek costumes in the Tower of David Museum

Photo: David Tower

This Purim, parents and children are invited to the Tower of David Museum! Join in on a unique activity for the Purim holiday and take part in a  game of hide and seek in the fortress, where you will look for the king along with the court jester.

Embark on a challenging and exciting journey with the whole family, combining funny tasks in a Purim atmosphere, within the ancient fortress.

Purchase tickets

When? Thursday, March 21: 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, Friday, March 22: 10:00, 11:00, 12:00
Where? The Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem
Price: Free for children, 40 NIS for accompanying adult.

Holiday activities at the Friends of Zion Museum

The Friends of Zion Museum invite you to a festive event in where you can participate in holiday spirit tours together with actors who will play figures from the museum and other Zionist figures, a Purim quiz and a festive costume competition. In addition, the museum will offer visitors costumes in the spirit of characters whose story is recorded in it such as: Queen Elizabeth or Theodor Herzl. At the end of the tour, visitors will be able to film a video about their experience and upload it to social media.

The costumes will be used by all visitors during their visit to the museum free of charge.

When? March 21: 10:00 – 17:00

Where? Museum of Friends of Israel, Yosef Rivlin 20, Jerusalem

Price: Between 21-22.3.19 the museum offers a special rate for the entire family – two adults + three children for 100 NIS.

A costume contest at Avraham Hostel

Photo: Abraham Hostel

Every year, Abraham Hostel hosts a festive Purim party at the hostel bar, and this time you can enjoy a costume competition, a guest makeup artist and specials at the bar.

Purchase tickets

When? March 21, 21:30
Where? Haneveim 67, Jerusalem
Price: 35 NIS

Purim Celebration at the Jerusalem Cinematheque

Illustration: courtesy of Jerusalem Cinemateque Press

At the Jerusalem Cinematheque, you can celebrate Purim with the premiere of the film The Sound of Music , which will be screened in a restored copy (a renewed digital copy), including Hebrew subtitles.

In addition, there will be free Purim celebrations including makeup stations, where children will be able to dress up as their favorite superheroes, take pictures against the green screen and watch themselves flying in the sky under the guidance of the video editor and special effects guru Tali Goldring.

There will also be food stands with items for a price of NIS 10: popcorn, pizzas and cotton candy.

When? March 21, 12:00

Where? Jerusalem Cinematheque, 11 Hebron Road, Jerusalem

For details, please call: 072-3944590

LIVE THE BIBLE; Purim Explained

Photo: Live the Bible

The Live The Bible team is embarking on a new activity, and is upgrading every event with a variety of costumes in the spirit of the Bible. Interested in a biblical and an authentic family picture, and want to experience the history for yourself? Give us a call

A crazy party at BeerBazar

BeerBazar will host their annual Purim party in the hottest place in the market, and you are invited to come dressed up and enjoy a variety of fine Israeli craft beers, live performances and a DJ set that will continue into the wee hours of the night!

When? March 21, 22:00
Where? Tree of Life 3, Jerusalem
Price: from 45 NIS

Purim celebration at the children’s station

Photo courtesy of the children’s station

Children’s Attractions Complex; the Children’s Station located in the station compound invites the whole family to celebrate Purim in a unique and fun atmosphere!

What’s planned:

  • The children’s station and the children’s world of Anati, the Zumba party
  • costume party
  • Makeup corners
  • Corner magnets

When? March 22, 9:00 AM
Where? The station complex, David Remez 4, Jerusalem
Price: Admission is free!

Family fun at the Gazelle Valley

Photo: Gazelle Valley

Once again this year free activities will take place in Gazelle Valley Park, this time focusing in costumes with camouflage colors.

How do you play? Arrive at the deer valley, paint your face in camouflage colors and hide in the field. At specific times, the park team will search for you. Maybe they will find you and maybe they won’t!

The most disguised participants will win prizes. The Gazelle Valley park is accessible to all handicaps as well.

When? March 21, 10:00 – 14:00
Where? Deer Valley Park, Pat Herzog Junction, Jerusalem
Price: Free

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