Tel Aviv Airport to Jerusalem

Tel Aviv Airport to Jerusalem

There are several convenient ways to get to and from Tel Aviv Airport (Ben Gurion Airport) if you are heading to or leaving from Jerusalem or any other major city in Israel.
autor iconBy Deena Levenstein , January 28, 2024

Jerusalem-Tel Aviv High-Speed Railway Line

The Tel Aviv – Jerusalem railway line departs from the airport and heads to the Yitzhak Navon Station on Shazar Street in Jerusalem. Traveling from Ben-Gurion to Jerusalem takes about 25 minutes, and traveling from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv (HaHagana Station) takes about 30 minutes. There is no passenger parking at Yizhak Navon Train Station. However, several available parking lots are around the station, within 50-900 meters from the railway station. The station is within walking distance from Binyenei HaUma – International Convention Center (150 meters) and from Jerusalem Central Bus Station, a kilometer away from Machane Yehuda Market. The centrally located terminus is spread over five accessible floors. Passengers who need a wheelchair lift to get on and off the train are highly encouraged to coordinate their travel in advance so that the presence of an operating staff member is granted. Visit the Israel Railways website or contact customer service for booking and coordination. 

Please note that on the Israeli weekend (which lasts from Friday to Saturday), the rail lines end their hours of operation an hour before Shabbat on Fridays, and they return an hour after Shabbat on Saturdays.

Customer Service: *5770 
Plan your trip via the Website: https://www.rail.co.il/ 

The official Taxi service with Gett

If you're arriving or need to get to the airport during the Ben Gurion bus line's downtimes or prefer to be dropped off or picked up at your hotel, you can turn to the Gett. Their service leaves from just outside the Arrivals Hall at Ben Gurion airport and will deliver you directly to your destination in Jerusalem. When you arrive at Terminal 3, head to gate 3 to get in line for the service. 

You should download the Gett app while waiting and create an order in advance. 

To download and read the instructions on how to book your taxi, head here >>

Service runs 24/7.
Contact Gett via phone at *2299.


The car rental companies are located on the first floor of the East Gallery in Tel Aviv Airport’s Arrival Hall and are open 24/7. The pick-up and return of the car are at the car rental companies parking lot on the ground floor of the East Building, which is opposite Terminal 3. 

Rental Car Collection: After organizing the paperwork, head to the parking lot via the connecting corridor between the terminal and the parking lot. Descend to level G and follow the signs. If you know in advance you will be picking a car up at the airport, it is advisable to provide your flight number in case of flight delays. 

Rental Car Return: Cars should be returned to the parking lot opposite Terminal 2 (internal flight terminal). Rental car companies provide transportation to Terminal 3. Find out more about car rental.

Private Taxi

A private taxi to or from Jerusalem is another option, and should cost you about 250 NIS during the week and 350 NIS on Shabbat. At the airport, it is advised to use a taxi company under the supervision of the Israel Airports Authority, operated by on-site dispatchers, and found at Terminal 3 on the ground level of the multi-level road. Read more about taxis here. 

If you need to get to or from Tel Aviv before you go to the airport, we've got that covered, too!