Travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem may be worlds apart in character, but it's really simple and quick to travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and back again.
autor iconBy Loren Minsky , August 15, 2023


The Tel Aviv – Jerusalem railway line departs from the Yitzhak Navon Station on Shazar Street in Jerusalem and travels to Tel Aviv and the airport. 

Traveling from Jerusalem to Ben-Gurion Airport takes about 25 minutes and traveling from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv (HaHagana Station) takes about 30 minutes. There is no passenger parking at Yizhak Navon Train Station. However, there are several available parking lots around the station within 50-900 meters from the railway station. The station is located within walking distance from Binyenei HaUma – International Convention Center (150 meters) and from Jerusalem Central Bus Station, and it is a kilometer away from Machane Yehuda Market. The centrally located terminus is spread over 5 accessible floors. Passengers who need a wheelchair lift to get on and off the train are highly encouraged to coordinate their travel in advance so that the presence of an operating staff member is granted. Visit Israel Railways website or contact customer service for booking and coordination. 

Customer Service: *5770 
Website: https://www.rail.co.il/


Israel's public bus company, Egged, offers comfortable, air-conditioned buses between Jerusalem and other cities in Israel, including Tel Aviv. The bus leaves from the Jerusalem central bus station, and tickets can either be purchased at a ticket booth with cash or a credit card. Students are entitled to a discount upon presentation of a valid international student card, and soldiers and the elderly also receive discounts. 

There are two buses to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem:  The 480 heads to Arlozorov Train Station (approximately every 20 minutes) in upmarket North Tel Aviv and the 405 heads to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station (approximately every 30 minutes) in south Tel Aviv. Both buses are about 50 minutes in duration. A one-way ticket will cost around 6.00 to 14.50 ILS and there is usually a discounted rate for roundtrip fares. Bear in mind that buses don’t run on Shabbat (Sabbath) between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening. 

Egged Buses Phone: *2800 
Website: https://www.egged.co.il/HomePage.aspx

Private Taxi Cab

Private taxi cabs can be arranged for any destination in Israel, including Tel Aviv, with the cost to or from Jerusalem around 250 ILS to your destination (300-350 ILS after 9:00 pm). Read more about taxis.


For those that hire a car during their stay in Israel, there are two major routes to get between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: Road 443 via Modiin or Road 1.  (Point of Interest: When you drive on Road 1 from Tel Aviv and begin the ascent to Jerusalem, look out for the leftover War of Independence  military vehicle metal frames on the left-hand side.) The morning and late afternoon are notorious for slow and heavy traffic as you enter and leave both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Peak hour traffic extends journey time from 50 minutes to up to two hours. If you’re traveling between cities in the afternoon, aim to depart by 3:30 pm latest or wait till 6:30 pm to avoid traffic. 

Read more about driving in Israel

Getting from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem

Israel's main international airport is situated around 15-20 minutes from Tel Aviv and approximately 45 minutes from Jerusalem. Read about getting from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem.

Book a day tour in Jerusalem

During your time in Jerusalem, we recommend you take advantage of the rich variety of day tours at your fingertips. For example, join a sunrise bike tour of Jerusalem that takes you further distances than on walking tours and into small corners unreachable by car. Or join a meaningful, fun day touring both Jerusalem and nearby areas such as the relaxing Dead Sea or the holy city of Bethlehem. Either way, be sure to join a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem

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