The 5 Top Dairy Restaurants in Jerusalem

The 5 Top Dairy Restaurants in Jerusalem

autor iconBy Sophia Avnilov , August 24, 2023

Looking for the perfect place for a delicious dairy breakfast? Want to know where to get the best vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals in town? Here are the top dairy kitchen restaurants and cafes in Jerusalem. Bon appetite!


rst-picolinio-7 Photo: Piccolino

Piccolino is an elegant high-end restaurant located at Kikar HaMuzika (Music Square) inside the beautiful alleyways of Nachalat Shiv'a neighborhood. This restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a menu that will make you seriously question your cooking skills. Their kosher mehadrin dairy dishes by Chef Moshe Abdiel range from chestnut and nutmeg omelets for breakfast, a special white pizza topped with mascarpone, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese instead of the traditional tomato sauce, and to exquisite grilled salmon fillets. 

There is a widespread rumor that the place used to be a bakery, and one thing you cannot miss is the delicious smells of freshly-baked Italian pastries. An extra bonus is the live music. Every day during the afternoon hours, you can enjoy your meal to the sounds of classical music. Or you can watch a live performance of ethnic, klezmer, classical, pop, or Israeli music during dinner.

Where: 12 Yoel Moshe Salomon St, Nahalat Shiv'a, Jerusalem 

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rst-nocturno-health-sandwich-6 Photo: Nocturno Cafe

This always-bustling café is probably the chicest place in Jerusalem. This is where you go to meet creative art students and public intellectuals. Nocturno is not just another café, it's a whole fashion and home styling experience. The café has an indoor complex called "Designers in the city" where you can browse through designer boutiques while the designers practice their craft, enjoy paintings by Bezalel Academy students displayed on the café's walls, and may even buy a unique, one of a kind, handmade gift. But what about the food? Nocturno offers a 100 percent meat-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu. 

The food is kosher, fresh, and made of top-quality ingredients straight from Machane-Yehuda Market. Their vegetarian shakshuka is amazing and the market salads and quiche options are also highly recommended. Vegans can enjoy a special vegan breakfast and a delicious portobello mushroom hamburger. One last thing, whatever you do, do not leave Nocturno without ordering their cappuccino, even if you have to order takeaway. It is the best coffee in town – guaranteed! Of course, soy milk is always an option.

Additionally, in the evening hours, you’ll be able to enjoy Nocturno LIVE – a special level dedicated to musical shows of all kinds, as well as high-end nightlife events, with a large bar, serving cocktails, wine, and beer, bringing you the joyful Jerusalem vibe. 

Where: 7 Bezalel St, Jerusalem 

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The Lounge Restaurant at the Inbal Hotel

The Lounge restaurant at the Inbal Hotel (Photo: Jonathan Ben Haim).

The Lounge is a home restaurant of the Inbal Hotel, one of the most notable and beloved ones in Jerusalem. It offers a magical, elegant and peaceful atmosphere.

At the Lounge, you expected to find a fine menu of velvety soups, shakshuka, and fresh hand-made pasta in various styles, fish dishes, and refreshing salads. This amazing selection will take you on a culinary journey through Jerusalem, Paris, and Rome.

Experience moments of pure joy and savor unforgettable flavors in a fantastic location.

Where: Inbal Hotel, Ze'ev Jabotinsky 3 Jerusalem   

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rst-nahman-dish-2 Photo: Nahman Restaurant

This Mehadrin Kosher restaurant is one of Jerusalem's most unique spots. Located in the picturesque Nachalat Shiv'a, Nahman restaurant brings Italy to Jerusalem for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They even have professional pizzaiolos who make your pizzas in the restaurant's unique oven. Coming for breakfast? We highly recommend the French Toast made from brioche challah bread and served with maple syrup, fresh cream, seasonal fruits, and muesli with honey, goat milk yogurt, and granola. Delicious. 

For all of you brunch lovers out there, Nahman restaurant offers a tasty selection of meals served daily until 4 pm with the main course, such as Shakshuka with labneh and zaatar, eggs benedict with smoked salmon and creamed spinach, and more. Brunch is served with freshly squeezed juice, a hot beverage, and bread.

While you're there, check out the special kinds of pasta, hot Napolitano pizzas, and the restaurant's exquisite homemade desserts.

Where: 12 Mavo Beit David St, Jerusalem   

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Photo: Kadosh 

Kadosh Cafe enjoys the adoration of the public for over five decades now, having gained the status of a long-standing and beloved institution of Jerusalem. Here you may experience various flavors and variety, a rich menu with homemade pasta, fresh and smoked fish excellent quiches, lasagnas, and amazingly packed sandwiches. The pastry and desserts are all baked inhouse, filling the whole area with alluring smells. The dishes are crafted daily, with the use of the freshest ingredients. The taste is the most distinctive thing in Kadosh, so there's no wonder it's been around for so long and with such success and popularity. All of the dishes feel like the product of a boutique bakery in France. We're sure that the memories of this delicious food will stay for you for the longest time. 

Where: 6 Shlomtsiyon HaMalka St, Jerusalem

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