Top Burger Joints in Jerusalem

Top Burger Joints in Jerusalem

autor iconBy Spencer Ho

With all the burger hype in Jerusalem these days, it's hard to believe that most Jerusalemites can remember the days when you had to go to Tel Aviv if you wanted a mouth-watering juicy burger cooked to order with your favorite toppings.

Nowadays, the biggest problem burger-lovers face here is choosing from all the options that exist in Jerusalem's restaurants. So where can you find the best burgers? We've decided to help out by breaking down the top 5 joints in the city.

Burger Market

[caption id="attachment_28021" align="alignnone" width="683"]rst-burger-market-2 Photo: Burger Market[/caption]

Burger Market has legitimately taken the city by storm since it opened up in the trendy Mahane Yehuda Market and quickly become the joint of choice among the city's kosher burger aficionados.

With thick, juicy patties, a vast choice of toppings from portobello mushrooms to foie gras, your choice of classic fries or thin and crispy sweet potato fries and a lunch deal that will have your head spinning -- it's easy to see why this is the hottest burger joint in town.

Where: 68 Agripas., Jerusalem

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Joseph Burger Bar

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The Ajami family has been pleasing Jerusalem's meat-lovers at Hatzot steakhouse near the Mahane Yehuda Market since 1970. And their foray into the world of burgers with Joseph Burger right next door has been no less successful thus far.

Consistently counted among the best burger joints in Jerusalem since opening 4 years ago, Joseph specializes in mouthwatering, cooked-to-order hamburgers with toppings that include portobello mushrooms, a fried egg and the ever-changing topping of the day. For those with a serious meat craving, you can also order a double or triple patty burger.

While burgers are certainly the focus, Joseph also strives for a neighborhood, something-for-everybody feel by also offering salads, a chicken and veggie burger, their version of a bloomin' onion and a healthy selection of beers on tap, wine and spirits.

Where: 123 Agripas St., Jerusalem

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[caption id="attachment_142900" align="alignnone" width="683"] Memphis at Mahane Yehuda Market: (Photo: Wolt Israel)[/caption]

Another hot spot in Mahane Yehuda Market area – Memphis. It belongs to Uri Melamed who traveled the world, experienced the finest meats, and finally decided to create a place that will serve delicious, juicy, and perfect hamburger that is also kosher. The menu was hand-picked by Melamed in cooperation with the chef Amir Ilan and the butcher George Abdu. These three enthusiasts put the cutlet in the center of attention. Together they tasted, checked and compared, mixed and grilled until they found the perfect recipe that is a combination of four chunks, 100% prime beef.

The result of this hard work is no less than perfect. You can devour it with some hot fries or crisp onion rings on the side. If that won't satisfy you completely, you can add mushrooms, an egg, or even an entrecote steak. Also, all this sinfulness can be washed down with various soft-drinks or a chilled beer.

Address: 68 Agripas Str.

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Burgers Bar

[caption id="attachment_97139" align="alignnone" width="683"]Photo: Burgers Bar Photo: Burgers Bar[/caption]

Hungry in the Old City? This is your go-to burger spot. With 31 branches across the country, Burgers Bar is one of the most popular and beloved burger chains in Israel. We are talking about an American-style burger with a unique Israeli gourmet touch. The concept is pretty simple: you build your own burger. First, choose your meet: entrecôte beef, classic beef, spicy beef, or the highly recommended House Hamburger which is a beef and lamb combo! Then choose some fun toppings and finish it all off with some delicious sauces.

If you're looking for a healthy or vegetarian meal, they also have interesting salad and sandwiches options. If you feel like trying something more local and cultural, add home-style Moroccan cigars to your order and you're all set!

Where: 12 Tiferet Israel St, Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem

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[caption id="attachment_8100" align="alignnone" width="650"]rst-iwos-meat-burger-1 Photo: Iwo's Meat Burger[/caption]

As the only non-kosher dedicated burger joint in Jerusalem, Iwo's enjoys a bit of a monopoly. However, they haven't let it go to their head, and still serve up some of the best burgers in the city, cooked to order and with a variety of topping options, including the hard-to-find (in Jerusalem) bacon and cheddar cheese.

In addition to the burgers, you can also get a variety of other meaty favorites, including veal hot dogs, roast and corned beef sandwiches, chicken wings, onion rings and more.

Where: 28 Hillel St., Jerusalem

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