Ammunition Hill (Givat HaTahmoshet)

Ammunition Hill (Givat HaTahmoshet)

Kids Friendly
Partially Accessible
This unique center offers numerous adventures and experiences that will give you a glimpse into the historical events that led to the unification of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War.

On-site, you’ll take walks around the battle canals, bunkers, armored vehicles from 1948, half-track tank, and an audio-visual presentation that will tell you the moving stories of victory that took place here. It is the setting of the hardest battle the Israeli army led with the Jordanians, but that’s not the reason this spot attracts so many visitors. The veterans are still present in the canals, sharing their fascinating stories about Jerusalem. You’ll get the chance to touch these stones, feel their roughness, hide in the narrow bunkers and look on the view that opens from the slits. Another essential item in the area is a small cardboard sign, on which the warriors expressed in writing the respect they have for their enemy, which teaches us a lot about human dignity. A new multimedia museum was established in the area three years ago. There you can walk in the caves and hear the excited voices announcing “The Temple Mount ours!” to see the flag that was hoisted over the Western Wall at the end of the battle, hear the original announcements of the IDF’s Spokesman and more. The tour in the Heritage Center includes an audio-visual presentation telling the story of veterans telling their personal war stories to their grandchildren. Next, you’ll proceed to the battle canals on the Ammunition Hill and finish the tour with a moving journey in the museum and animated films about the warriors and the city that used to be, and the excitement of putting on the Israeli flag over the Western Wall.

Private events at the Ammunition Hill Center

Are you having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or any other event soon? Would you like to arrange a conference in an extraordinary atmosphere? The Ammunition Hill Heritage Center offers you plenty of complexes that are suited for all kinds of celebrations, private and business event. There’s a unique and warm ceremony for Bar and Bat Mitzvah boys and girls, based on the idea of growing up and taking responsibility. Other tours and activities may be combined to suit the needs and desires of the children. Photo courtesy of Ammunition Hill The services that will be available for you:

  • An air-conditioned conference hall with an upper foyer, an adjoining complex of services, a space for getting ready for logistics, as well as two classrooms.
  • A vast and fenced garden with lawns, sitting areas, and other services.
  • An innovative auditorium
  • A roofed outdoor amphitheater.


  • Tables, podiums, and chairs can be supplied (depending on availability) in the garden, hall, and classrooms. Additionally, you may get microphones for speakers, a stage and projection means (in the garden and during the dark hours).
  • All the complexes are accessible to people with disabilities.
  • All the complexes are accessible for equipment and logistics vehicles.
  • Every event can and should be enriched with activities.
  • The capacities depend on the type and nature of the event and following governmental policies and COVID-19 safety regulations.

More Details

  • Admission + Audio Visual Show: 20 NIS (including headphones)
  • Audio Visual Show only: 15 NIS
  • Discounts for groups (over 15 people), senior citizens, students, children (5-18) and disabled people.
  • You can book a guide in advance with optional pick-up outside the site with additional charge.
  • Tours are given in Hebrew and in English. Advance reservations only!
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