Events in Jerusalem

On any given day or night you’ll find Jerusalem alive with events — concerts, festivals, parties and more. The Jerusalem Wine Festival in the summer, the Jewish High Holidays in the fall, Christmas and the Shaon Horef Festival in the winter and Passover and Easter in the spring are just some of the highlights.

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Today - July 19, 2019

Fri | Jul 19 | 7:00AM
  • Jerusalem
  • September 1-30 2018

    07:00 - 18:00

A colorful, international festive parade of tens of thousands in Jerusalem. Read more

  • The First Station, 4 David Remez St, Jerusalem
  • Monday, Tuesday (Repeats every week)


    Wednesday, Thursday (Repeats every week)

    07:30 - 23:00

    Friday (Repeats every week)


The First Station in Jerusalem invites you to get fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a new sports... Read more

Fri | Jul 19 | 9:00AM
  • The First Station, 4 David Remez St, Jerusalem
  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Repeats every week)

    16:00 - 22:00

    Thursday (Repeats every week)

    15:00 - 20:00

    Friday (Repeats every week)

    09:00 - 15:00

Enjoy an exciting market stroll at the First Station Artists' Market. Find designer clothes, vintage collectible items, gifts,... Read more

  • Yad Vashem, Jerusalem
  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

    09:00 - 17:00

    Thursday (Repeats every week)

    09:00 - 20:00

    Friday (Repeats every week)

    09:00 - 14:00

Yad Vashem presents a new photography exhibition at the exhibition pavilion: "Flashes of Memory - Photography during The Holocaust Read more

Fri | Jul 19 | 10:00AM
  • Starting time 10:00

Join Yad Vashem's weekly guided tour of the world's foremost Holocaust museum Read more

Book a tour at Yvel Design Center and explore the lives of goldsmiths and artists who make marvelous luxury... Read more

  • HaPalmach Street 2, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Repeats every week)

    10:00 - 15:00

    Thursday (Repeats every week)

    10:00 - 19:00

    Friday (Repeats every week)

    10:00 - 14:00

The L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art invites you to an exhibition that features jewelry making works associated with... Read more

  • heil ha-Handasa Street, Jerusalem
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (Repeats every week)

    10:00 - 17:00

    Tuesday (Repeats every week)

    14:00 - 20:00

    Friday (Repeats every week)

    10:00 - 14:00

The exhibition Jerusalem/ Self Portrait brings together different people who though may be poles apart, share their lives in... Read more

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Repeats every week)


    Sunday, Friday (Repeats every week)


    Friday (Repeats every week)


    Wednesday, Saturday (Repeats every week)

The Post Hostel offers new and exciting tours around Jerusalem: Old City, Mea Shearim, Western Wall, and Mount... Read more

  • Duration About 1 hour
  • Day Tour
  • Guided Tour

Join an ATV tour on a fun and exciting route for a sense of complete liberation and joy with... Read more