Events in Jerusalem

On any given day or night you’ll find Jerusalem alive with events — concerts, festivals, parties and more. The Jerusalem Wine Festival in the summer, the Jewish High Holidays in the fall, Christmas and the Shaon Horef Festival in the winter and Passover and Easter in the spring are just some of the highlights.

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What's On: The Top Events in Jerusalem

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Aug. 31-Sept 1

Jerusalem Beer Festival 2016

A massive 2-day party with over 120 different beers, live music and fun people!

July 1-Sept. 23

Jerusalem Season of Culture

Experience Jerusalem's
diversity through art, music
and more

Sept. 20-23

Sacred Music Festival

A musical pilgrimage of
peace, tolerance and

Aug. 15-27

International Arts & Crafts Fair

Jerusalem's Hutzot Hayotzer artist colony comes to life

July-Aug. 2016

Summer Events in Jerusalem

Nonstop summer fun!

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The Night Spectacular

A mesmerizing light and
sound show on the Old City walls


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  • The Israel Museum, Ruppin Blvd, Jerusalem
  • 25 August - 25 September

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  • Gan Haatzmaut (Independence Park), Jerusalem
  • Wednesday 31 August - 1 September

Over 120 international and local beers and a festive summer atmosphere Read more

  • Beit Avi Chai, 44 King George Street, Jerusalem
  • 1-30 September

A celebration of Jewish liturgical music through four days of concerts and discussions. Read more

  • YMCA, 26 King David Street
  • 1-10 September

Take in a repertoire expressing love for artistic beauty at the YMCA. Read more

  • The Israel Museum, 11 Derech Ruppin, Jerusalem
  • 4-23 September

Peculiar concerts, interactive art, a drawing robot, an earphone dance party and much more. Read more

  • Around Jerusalem
  • 4-23 September

A myriad of alternative art, culture and music events around the city throughout the summer Read more

  • The Israel Museum, Ruppin Blvd, Jerusalem
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5-8 September

A wine glass, a Jerusalem breeze and live music in the background. Read more

  • Art galleries around Jerusalem

A week of contemporary art exhibitions around the city. Read more

  • Venues around Jerusalem
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 20-23 September

Four days of sacred music by pilgrims from around the world. Read more

  • Jerusalem
  • Sunday, Monday 2-4 October

The Jewish new year in Jerusalem brings beautiful customs and wishes. Read more