Passover in Jerusalem 2025

Passover in Jerusalem 2025

autor iconBy iTravelJerusalem staff , April 16, 2024

Passover makes all Israeli people busy – some are cleaning their houses vigorously, and others are searching for the best deal for their family vacation. But it is a great time to visit Jerusalem! The spring weather, numerous special activities for the kids and the whole family, festivals, tours, and many surprises will keep you busy and entertained. The culinary side also has a lot to offer – every guest will find something they like, spiced up with local specialties and a unique atmosphere. So, we invite you to the capital of Israel, where you can spend the most vivacious and inspiring Jewish Holiday, filled with metaphors of liberation, rejuvenation, and a new start. This year, Passover begins on April 22 and concludes on the 29th. So don’t miss it! This year – in Jerusalem.

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Before planning your stay in Jerusalem, check out what we’ve prepared for you just in time for Passover! Here, you’ll find the best deals in the city's leading hotels – all near the most exciting activities for Passover 2024. 

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Outdoor and nature activities

Passover at the City of David

Photo: Mikey GrinfeldPhoto: Mikey Grinfeld

Connect with history and heritage this coming Passover and enjoy a variety of special experiences for the whole family at the City of David sites:

Experience the great outdoors at the agricultural farm in Ben Hinnom Valley, take a walk among stunning landscapes and animals, and visit the hanging bridge. You can join a free guided tour from the first station complex to the farm.
At the farm, you can try various activities using kits for independent creation, such as making planters and macrame and playing "find the afikoman" around the farm. A kosher buffet for Passover will be at your disposal at the farm.
Where? Sobb National Park Jerusalem Walls, Dror Eliel, Jerusalem

A tour of the biblical city of David - discover the secrets of the biblical Jerusalem, walk where many of the stories of the Bible took place, and go through underground passages. Join a magical and mysterious journey between brown shafts and ancient fortifications in the City of David.
City of David: Corner of the Western Wall - The City of David National Park opens a window to the Jerusalem of Herod's time and the Second Temple. Under the main street of the ancient city, an underground tunnel was hidden, and it was used as a hiding place for the last rebels on the eve of the destruction of the Temple. The route ends at the foundations of the Western Wall.
A ticket for a child costs NIS 20 during Passover.
Where? Ma'alot City of David, Jerusalem
Cost: The guided tours in the City of David National Park cost NIS 20-25 for children during Passover.

Accommodation and camping in the Peace Forest - the complex is fully equipped. It contains a variety of accommodation options for the whole family: a tent for rent (you can also bring your own from home), and air-conditioned private accommodation units. You will find everything you need to spend the night comfortably in nature: a shared and equipped kitchen, stations for lighting barbecues, showers, and toilets, benches, and tables—20% discount for camping guests on the variety of activities in the city of David.
Where? The Peace Forest

The Hallelujah show - witness the immersive night show of the City of David displayed on top of the antiquities, and tells the story of the return to Zion. The show combines spectacular pyrotechnics of fire and water - an unforgettable multi-sensory experience!
Where? Dror Eliel, Jerusalem

The activities in the City of David National Park on the weekdays of Pesach 24-25.04, on Friday 26.04, and on the seventh evening of Pesach 28.04.


Ride with Star Car

Photo: Nevo OrenPhoto: Nevo Oren

This Passover, the whole family is invited to enjoy the STAR CAR attraction! The attraction combines driving on an advanced and safe electric vehicle with experiential tours through the picturesque alleys of Jerusalem and the main points of interest throughout the Old City and its surroundings.

Each tour lasts about an hour and a half (90 minutes). The tour is joined by a guide who leads the group. During the tour, you will enjoy stops for photos at observation points.

Special discount for I TRAVEL JERUSALEM surfers
160 NIS instead of 175 NIS
Coupon code: ITRAVEL

When? throughout the holiday
Where? Leaving David Ramez 4, the First Station complex, Jerusalem

Spring Festival at Ein Yael

Photo: Shani SalachPhoto: Shani Salach

Welcome to Ein Yael - a unique natural gem in the landscape of Jerusalem. Ein Yael is an archaeological garden where you can enjoy diverse craft activities, culture, and nature. So what awaits you in Ein Yael this coming Passover?

We are waiting for you at the festival with natural art workshops for children of all ages:

  • Shooting with natural materials 
  • Iron smithing
  • Local pottery
  • Stone carving
  • Paper making - papyrus
  • Traditional weaving
  • Wood sawing
  • Archaeological theater
  • Preparing spring seedlings
  • Indigo fabric dyeing
  • Mosaic creation
  • A playground for toddlers

Ein Yael cherishes and appreciates the reservists and the security forces, and supports the families of the evacuees.
Special discounts for those eligible.

When? throughout the holiday
Where? Ein Yael complex

Painting on stones from the Temple Mount

Photo: Melissa HensleyPhoto: Melissa Hensley

In addition to participating in the regular sifting of soil from the Temple Mount, this holiday, there will also be a painting workshop on (non-archaeological) stones from the Temple Mount where visitors can take the stone with the painting as a souvenir of the activity.

During the workshop, the children will learn the painting technique on stones (natural stones from the Temple Mount or pebbles).
Participation in the workshop involves an additional payment of 5 NIS per participant. This activity is suitable for children and adults.

When? The screening activity will occur on all scheduled weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (last entry at 2:00 p.m.). The painting workshop on stone tools will be held on Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Where? Mitzpe Al-Mashua, Martin Buber corner Yitzhak Hanadiv, Jerusalem


Kosher Praline workshops with the Cocoa Forest

Photo: Shirel FrumkinPhoto: Shirel Frumkin

The Cacao Forest invites you to a unique activity - a fun workshop for the whole family during which you will make dozens of kosher pralines for Passover (under the supervision of the Rabbinate), tour a genuine chocolate factory, and discover the secrets of the most beloved candy.

You are invited to a family praline workshop in the cocoa forest for this Passover. The workshop will teach us how chocolate is born, filled, and packed. We will pack dozens of kosher pralines for Passover, which will return home with us. And, of course, we will tour the small boutique chocolate factory of the Cocoa Forest.

The workshop suits children of three and older, youth, and adults. Sitting at separate tables for each group.

When? Throughout the holiday
Where? Poalei Tzedek 2, Jerusalem

Partially accessible

Join the Priestly Blessing at the Western Wall

photo of Birkat Hakohanim – the Priestly Blessing 2024photo by: Birkat Hakohanim – the Priestly Blessing 2024

The Priestly Blessing is the pinnacle of holiness, and there’s no better way to experience it than to be present and feel it to the depth of your being – no YouTube video will ever come close to that! The Priestly Blessing was founded by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gafner, who was born and raised in Jerusalem. His goal was to change the harsh reality of the city back in the 1970s and bring about social salvation. Hundreds of cohens and rabbies participate in this event annually for traditional blessings sent to the many worshipers who gather at the Western Wall plaza. 

When? April 25th, 8:45 and on, at the Western Wall Plaza

It is recommended to leave the vehicles in the parking lots of the light rail (at the Ammunition Hill or on Mount Herzl), take the light rail, go to the municipal station, and walk towards the Western Wall.

Thrilling tours of Jerusalem with Smart Tour

Photo courtesy of Smart TourPhoto courtesy of Smart Tour

Would you like to go on more tours in the city's neighborhoods and hear authentic stories of Jerusalem? The tracks of EZ raider and bicycles of Smart Tour will take you on various tours. Enjoy amazing adventures next to the spectacular views of the Old and the New Jerusalem, guided by professionals who’ll share the most exciting stories about the city. The EZ Raider vehicles offered by Smart Tour are one of the safest and most advanced models, and their gliding effect, combined with the views of Jerusalem, provides an extraordinary experience for the holiday. 

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Events for museum and culture enthusiasts

Celebrate Passover with the Time Elevator

Photo courtesy of the Time ElevatorPhoto courtesy of the Time Elevator

Join us on a thrilling adventure diving deep into the city's hidden secrets, presented through a film with special effects. Language won't be a barrier, as the show is available in Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Mandarin Chinese. This journey will genuinely allow you to experience the essence of Jerusalem and its beautiful mystery hidden beneath the ground and behind its walls.

Using multi-sensory technology, the Time Elevator is an enriching and entertaining way to introduce the whole family to the past 3,000 years of Jerusalem's history.

When? Throughout the holiday
Where? In the indoor complex of the Mamilla Mall, Jerusalem


Connecting at the Science Museum

Photo: Amir GanonPhoto: Amir Ganon

Ready for the stickiest thing since the invention of cotton candy? Children and adults are welcome to a Passover event full of glue and scientific experiments that connect people! The Science Museum invites you to examine the forces of nature that cause bodies to connect alongside various exciting activities.

So what awaits you this Passover at the Science Museum?

  • A workshop to create sea creatures made of stickers
  • A fascinating demonstration of materials that stick without glue (magic? No, science!)
  • A spectacular photo exhibition of sticky plants and animals
  • A unique work of art inspired by the cocoons of the silk thread
  • Exciting experiments on adhesives and food digestion
  • And many more surprises!

When? Throughout the holiday
Where? Museum Boulevard, Jerusalem

Passover festivities at the Bible Lands Museum

Photo: Oded AntmanPhoto: Oded Antman

Join experiential activities for children and parents at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem - with various free activities! So what awaits you this holiday?

  • Experience writing stam
  • Juggling shows
  • Mental puzzles
  • Digital game stations, and more!

Entry and participation are free under the auspices of Bank Hapoalim.

When? Throughout the holiday
Where? 21 Shmuel Stefan Weiz, Museum Boulevard, Jerusalem

A journey to the Past at the Hebrew Music Museum

Photo courtesy of the Hebrew Music MuseumPhoto courtesy of the Hebrew Music Museum

Experience Pesach like never before! This Passover, the Hebrew Music Museum has crafted engaging content and festive tours for all ages. Whether you're a seasoned musician or have never touched an instrument, our museum offers an immersive journey into the world of music through a fun, historical lens.

At the museum, explore an array of tours tailored for children, adults, and those seeking advanced knowledge, including the option to tour independently. Immerse yourself in our captivating collection of around 300 musical instruments from across the globe, spanning various periods and styles. All are showcased in our stunning, intricately designed showrooms.

Our tours are interactive, filled with activities, cutting-edge multimedia presentations, virtual reality experiences, and live performances. During the weekdays of Passover, we offer special children's tours focused on ages 5-10 and tours for adults and youths aged ten and up. Enjoy independent tours, workshops, live music, and activities that the whole family can enjoy.

When? Sunday-Thursday 10:00-19:00
Friday and holiday eves 10:00-14:00
Where? 12 Yoel Moshe Salomon, Jerusalem

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Spring celebration with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Photo courtesy of artists' PRPhoto courtesy of artists' PR

The conductor, Eli Yaffe, and the cantors, Yitzhak Meir Halfagot and Colin Shahat, invite you to a special concert for the Passover holiday with holiday songs, cantor pieces, and well-known opera hits.

When? April 25, 7:30 p.m
Where? Shopan 5, Jerusalem

Moshe Lahav: The Big Tisch show in Nocturno LIVE

photo of Moshe Lahav: The Big Tisch show in Nocturno LIVE

Join us at Nocturno LIVE show complex for "The Big Tisch," a unique and engaging performance phenomenon founded by Moshe Lahav. Experience an ever-changing lineup of Israeli songs in a show that dynamically responds to the audience's mood, creating a powerful sense of community and shared excitement. This interactive experience has no set structure, allowing each performance to be uniquely shaped by the crowd, ensuring a fresh and exhilarating experience every time.

Thousands have already been captivated by the magic of these performances, repeatedly drawn by the uplifting atmosphere and the strong sense of "togetherness."

"The Big Tisch" takes place at Nocturno LIVE, nestled within a cafe-restaurant and live performance complex, offering a cabaret-style ambiance with table and bar seating. Guests are encouraged to arrive early to indulge in our dairy-vegetarian-vegan kosher cuisine and explore our extensive alcohol and cocktail bar (Kosher for Passover!).

When? April 25, 8:30
Where? Bezalel 7, Jerusalem
Doors open 19:30
The duration of the show is about an hour and a half


A fascinating tour with The Jerusalem House of Quality

photo of The Unknown Jerusalem: A Unique Jerusalem Experiencephoto by: The Unknown Jerusalem: A Unique Jerusalem Experience

The Jerusalem House of Quality invites you to this fascinating Jerusalem history tour. The tour will reveal surprising and unknown legends, show you the city’s unique arts and crafts communities, and include a panoramic lookout of the city from the building's rooftop.

  • The crests of the Scottish aristocracy
  • The Armenian ceramics room is full of original, early-20th-century works
  • The beautiful Arabic-style courtyard
  • An explanation of the history behind the building
  • A lesson on the jewelry-making process as it was 2,000 years ago
  • A 2,700-year-old silver scroll containing the priestly blessing written in ancient Hebrew script
  • A meeting with some of Jerusalem's best artists in their workshops
  • A guided lookout over the landscape of the Old City walls and Yemin Moshe neighborhood from the roof of the House of Equality
  • Artist workshops focusing on inspiration and creation

When? Throughout the holidays, by prior arrangement
Where? Derech Hebron 12, Jerusalem

Orayta: From Content to Form - Exhibition at the Museum on the Seam

Museum on the Seam for Contemporary Art invites you to a new and fascinating exhibition - "Oriyata: From Content to Form."

This group exhibition seeks to present a new artistic trend, of works that mark the value of the sacred text precisely through its materiality.

Step into a world that focuses on the meaning of the text and examines its materiality and structure - one of the prominent elements in contemporary Jewish art.