A Life-Changing Tour in the Old City of Jerusalem

A Life-Changing Tour in the Old City of Jerusalem

Day Tour
If you want inspiration and a life-changing experience, this tour is for you! Discover the magic of the world's holiest city and the Cradle of the Abrahamic Faiths - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam with a kind and knowledgeable guide Itamar Ben David
Itamar Ben David

your tour guide // Itamar Ben David

Itamar Ben David

Wander the alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem and experience the roots of the Abrahamic Fiaths - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - and you will be amazed at how easy, fun, and comprehensive this journey is!Discover the divers...

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Welcome to our guided tour! Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey through the Old City of Jerusalem, where we'll explore its four quarters and visit some of the most exciting and holiest sites in the world. This tour is your way to discover the city's rich history, captivating archaeology, diverse people, and an intricate maze of alleyways, all interwoven with ancient traditions that make Jerusalem truly extraordinary. You'll witness the Bible coming to life as we delve into the profound meanings behind its ancient stories through the guidance of Itamar Ben David.

Flexibility is key as we tailor the tour to cater to your group's specific needs and interests. Give us a call, and together, we'll craft a personalized and remarkable experience within the Old City of Jerusalem.

Half-day tour of the Old City (up to four hours):

Our adventure commences at Jaffa Gate, where we'll meet and ascend to the stunning viewpoint atop the Tower of David to capture some picturesque moments. From there, we'll wander through the captivating quarters, beginning in the fascinating Armenian Quarter. Next, we’ll continue to Mount Zion, where we'll explore the Room of the Last Supper and King David's tomb. 
Descending the Jewish Quarter, we'll stroll along the ancient Roman Cardo and the Jewish Quarter Square. 
As we approach the Western Wall plaza, you'll have an opportunity to leave a note with your message to the Heavens Above along with a silent prayer. Our expedition then takes us to the vibrant Muslim quarter, where delightful aromas of incense and black coffee embrace us. 
Together, we'll walk the famous Via Dolorosa Street, leading to the Christian Quarter, where we'll visit the most notable church in the world, The Holy Sepulchre. We'll conclude our journey back at Jaffa Gate, probably tired but filled with joy and satisfaction!

Full-day tour of the Old City (up to eight hours):

For a life-changing experience, take on our full-day tour experience! Starting at Jaffa Gate, we'll embark on an awe-inspiring exploration of the holiest place on earth, the Temple Mount. 
Witnessing one of the gates to heaven, you'll be captivated by the remarkable buildings and the harmonious intertwining of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions. We'll then proceed to the Western Wall plaza and adjoining archaeological excavations for a fascinating encounter.

The next part of our journey is up to you: either immerse yourself in the City of David, where ancient Jerusalem of the First Temple and the Kings of Judah come to life, or ascend the historic Mount of Olives! Following a nice lunch, we'll continue our adventure through the colorful quarters, passing souvenir and spice shops, and eventually arriving at the Church of the Sepulcher and Mount Zion. 
As the afternoon sun casts a golden glow on the old city walls, we'll conclude our tour back at Jaffa Gate, cherishing the memories of a truly remarkable day.

Join us on this magical journey through time, history, and spirituality, and let the wonders of Jerusalem unfold before your eyes!


  • Half-day tour (up to four hours) - NIS 1000-1500
  • Full-day tour (up to eight hours) - NIS 1500-2100


Please Note:

  • The tour cost is for guidance purposes only and does not include expenses for food, drinks, or tickets to specific sites such as the Tower of David viewpoint, City of David, Western Wall tunnels, Davidson Center, and others.
  • If there are any elderly or disabled travelers in your group, please inform me in advance so we can make appropriate arrangements to accommodate their needs and ensure a comfortable experience.
  • For travelers with food sensitivities or allergies, please inform me beforehand to consider suitable options during our tour.
  • When visiting the sacred sites in Jerusalem, it is respectful to cover your shoulders and knees as a sign of reverence.
  • At the Temple Mount, both men and women are required to wear long pants, and women should have a long-sleeved shirt (a short-sleeved shirt is sufficient for men). If there are religious Jews in the group, please consult with me in advance regarding the visit to the Temple Mount, so we can arrange the visit accordingly.