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Best Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Jerusalem

It shouldn’t be any surprise that the vegetarian/vegan trend is quickly catching on in Jerusalem. After all, some of the most popular foods in Israel are already vegetarian, including falafel, hummus and Israeli salads. And if you’ve ever seen Israelis shopping in the shuk checking every single bit of produce they buy, you know they take their fruits and veggies quite seriously.

Luckily for vegans and vegetarians, you can find falafel, hummus and salads at just about any local eatery, but if you want to get deeper in your exploration of Jerusalem’s herbivore cuisine, here are some suggestions that span a pretty broad culinary spectrum.

Nocturno Cafe


Photo: Nocturno Cafe

If you dig an intellectual, bohemian vibe and awesome dairy, vegetarian and vegan food, then Nocturno is definitely a place for you. It’s a favorite among local artist types and academics, and there’s a little something for everybody on the menu — pastas, salads, breakfast dishes and sandwiches with options to suit your food lifestyle choice and even vegan shawarma and burgers.

Where: 7 Bezalel St., Jerusalem
Contact: 072-3281201

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Village Green

Village Green, the Vegan Branch

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Jerusalem’s oldest vegetarian establishment, Village Green is a 100% vegan restaurant on Yoel Solomon Street in Nahalat Shiva.

Walking into Village Green, you’ll be greeted by a pleasant atmosphere and a menage of salads, grains, cooked and baked vegetables, quiches, pies, lasagna,and soups that you can pick and choose from to create the perfect healthy meal.

The Village Green in Nahalat Shiva serves not only as the city’s first strictly vegan restaurant, but also a community center for the vegan and health-conscious community. In addition to the restaurant, there is also a shop that sells medicinal plant products, natural products made by community members and holds vegan and health-oriented classes, workshops and lectures, as well as the occasional live concert.

Where: 8 Yoel Solomon St., Jerusalem
Contact: 072-328-1909

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Natural Choice Cafe

Photo Courtesy: Natural Choice Cafe

Photo Courtesy: Natural Choice Cafe

Natural Choice Cafe was established to address the demand of food that helps to reach a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced and delicious meal using natural raw materials. Natural Choice Cafe is located at the entrance to the Mahane Yehuda market and is leading the dining scene in the vegetarian and vegan market. Here you will find dishes that are raw, natural, or cooked. All their dishes are tasty, natural, and with a gourmet twist. All the ingredients are soaked in a water bath before preparing to help ease digestion.

They have an elaborate juicer that preserves the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables to better benefit your health. Their emphasis on vegetarian and vegan foods is one of a kind. And they even offer takeaway! You can dine in-house or by making a reservation too. Ask the chef what the recommended dose of the day is. With their antipasti, sabich, salads, quinoa, your sure to always have a balanced and delicious meal.

111 Agrippas St., Jerusalem

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PIPS restaurant

Photo: Courtesy of PIPS

Even Italians will tell you that PIPS is the place to go in Jerusalem for the most authentic and delicious Neopolitan pizza. Owner and head pizzaiola Rachel Dabah spent months in Italy learning the art straight from the source to make sure of it.

If you eat dairy, you definitely won’t want to miss out on the pizzas with amazingly fresh mozzarella and made-in-house pasta from durum wheat and eggs with perfectly flavored sauces.

Pips also offers vegan options such as a marinara pizza that allows you to enjoy the perfectly baked dough and flavorful sauce without the cheese, as well as a simple focaccia and a pretty divine health salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, artichoke, roasted vegetables and pesto (skip the pesto to make it vegan).

Where: 5 Hahavatselet St., Jerusalem

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Tmol Shilshom

Tmol Shilshom restaurant

Photo: Courtesy of Tmol Shilshom

One of Jerusalem’s favorite dining institutions, the cafe-bookstore Tmol Shilshom’s meatless menu is also a haven for vegetarians and vegans. Their shakshuka borders on legendary, and as an added bonus, they’ll happily make a vegan version without eggs if you ask for it.

Where: 5 Yoel Moshe Salomon St., Jerusalem

Hashawarma HaTzimchonit (The Vegetarian Shawarma)

Whether you’re a lifelong vegetarian who has always wanted to taste shawarma or a former meat-eater that misses flavors, HaShawarma HaTzimchonit’s expertly spiced and grilled seitan shawarma with all the fixings is a perfect alternative to the real deal.

Where: 23 Hillel St., Jerusalem


Te’enim has been a top choice for vegetarian fare in Jerusalem for over 20 years thanks to a creative menu and a stunning location in the historical Yemin Moshe (Mishkenot Sheananim) neighborhood with an unbeatable view of the Old City walls.

Where: 12 Emil Bota St., Jerusalem

Ha’agas 1

One of the hidden treasures of the Mahane Yehuda Market, Ha’agas 1 is a small restaurant that serves only organic and vegetarian fare and stakes a claim to having the best hummus in the city.

Where: 11 Eliyahu Yaakov Banai St., Jerusalem


Nagila is a kosher dairy restaurant down a small alley between downtown Jerusalem and the Mahane Yehuda Market that caters to vegetarians and vegans alike. The restaurant focuses on offering an eclectic menu inspired by cuisine from South Asia to the Caribbean and using only the freshest ingredients source from the nearby shuk. Most of their dishes that include cheese or eggs also have a vegan option.


Probably the least flashy of the bunch, Halitate is mainly a tea house, but they have plenty of healthy vegan and vegetarian salads and sandwiches to go along with a massive selection of teas prepared with attention to every detail from how long they leave the tea in the water to serving in the proper cup.

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