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Jerusalem Day 2022

Jerusalem Day 2022 events will be updated as they become available. Meanwhile, you can check out last year’s events. 

Jerusalem Day, or Yom Yerushalayim in Hebrew, is a commemoration the reunification of Jerusalem after the Six-Day War in 1967 and it is celebrated on the 28th of the Hebrew month of Iyar.

Once a year, Jerusalem celebrates its birthday. For once a year, the magnificent city of Jerusalem is honored with an event dedicated only to her, and for Jerusalem day 2019 it’ll become the center of attention for all of Israel. One day when the city is pampered and beautified just for the sake of celebration. So what awaits you on this special day? From official ceremonies, tours, tastings and up to a festive parade, a lot of music, unique characters with a story and everything Jerusalem has to offer. All in one, special day.

This year Jerusalem celebrates the 52nd anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification. Special events, concerts, tours, live music, exhibitions, workshops, and many more surprises will take place throughout Israel during May.

Here is a quick guide to all of the most important and exciting events, ceremonies, concerts, parades, and all other celebrations in Jerusalem.

Accommodation during Jerusalem Day Events

Jerusalem Day events spread over several days, and therefore, we recommend checking our full listings of hotels in Jerusalem and vacation rentals – here you will find the best prices in the city with the most extensive variety.

We also recommend checking out our Deals & Packages Page for lodging options in Jerusalem and surrounding areas.


For traffic arrangement and street closure updates, contact Jerusalem Municipality call center at 106.

Jerusalem Day 2019 Events

“Jerusalem, we sing to you” at Ammunition Hill (Givat Hatahmoshet)

On May 29, Ammunition Hill invites you to celebrate Jerusalem Day with a traditional sing-along event of soul-touching Hebrew music.

What’s planned?

Tzlil Biran, a renowned virtuoso in the sphere of sing-along arts return to the hill, accompanied with a magnificent trio of impressive musicians who’ll provide the backdrop for singing the most famous songs about Israel and Jerusalem.

Shuli Natan will be participating as a guest of honor and perform the classics she’s known for.

As always, the guests may enter earlier to the unique commemoration temple and enjoy the Audiovisual presentation (at 19:00 and 19:30)

Purchase Tickets: Bimot – *6226 or www.bimot.co.il
We recommended reserving your spot beforehand!
When: May 29th, 20:00
Where? Zalman Shragai Str. 5, Jerusalem

Plenty of available and close-by parking

Performance by the ensemble Nigun Yerushalmy at Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Photo Credit: PR

Another celebration will take place at Menachem Begin Heritage Center: the “Nigun Yerushalmy” ensemble will perform a special and heart-warming farewell show in honor of Jerusalem on the year of its liberation.

Purchase Tickets

When: June 2nd, doors open at 20:00, show begins at 20:30
Cost: 60 ILS in pre-order, 65 ILS on the day of the show

Exhibition: the first station of Ancient Jerusalem

The exhibition “First station of Ancient Jerusalem” is operated by the national garden of the City of David in cooperation with the First Station at Jerusalem, the Terminal and the Israel antiquities authority. The exhibition displays photos from archaeological excavation done in the area.
Additionally, the event will include various activities to honor Jerusalem Day, and part of the photos will be put up for sale.
The works offer a unique glimpse to the moments when the central findings of the excavation were exposed in the area of Ancient Jerusalem lately while showing the areas of digging themselves in the City of David.

When:, 20:30 (opening of the exhibition)
Where: The “Terminal” at the First Station Compound
Cost: Free

About reconciliation and air of tolerance at Levi Eshkol House

Join an extraordinary tour for achieving tolerance and reconciliation spirit in the legacy of Levi Eshkol.

The tour at Beit Levi Eshkol will take place as part of the “This is Jerusalem – 50 reasons for hope” project. During this event, we’ll visit the historic home of the prime minister and learn about difficult times in Jerusalem, about the Six-Day-War and the spirit of tolerance and reconciliation of the third prime minister – Levi Eshkol.

Cost: 20 ILS for senior citizens and students, 25 ILS for adults

Participation in the tour requires prior registration: 02-6313091 beiteshkol@spni.org.il

Levi Eshkol House website

A tour at the National Library of Israel in honor of Jerusalem Day

The National Library of Israel in cooperation with the “Yerushalayim Shel Mala” invites you to special evening meetings with the imaginary Jerusalem while browsing ancient maps, in Jerusalem of Peace in the works of Mordechai Ardon, an exhibition of maps, books and inspiring archive materials from the Six-Day War and the history of the city. It is a rare opportunity to connect with history and surprising archive materials.


When? May 29-30th, 18:00

Cost: 20 ILS, 15 ILS for senior citizen

Visiting Beit Plugat HaKotel

צילום: בית פלוגת הכותל

Photo Credit: courtesy of Plugat Hakotel PR

Beit Plugat HaKotel is a new museum that was reopened this Passover to the general public. It’s the House of the Western Wall Platoon, and it tells the heroic story of the Western Wall Squad – a group of young Betar members who fought to defy the British Mandate and to establish a Jewish presence in the Old City and Jerusalem.

Where: HaYehudim & Plugat HaKotel Street, Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem
Tickets: Adults – 20 ILS; Children/seniors/disabled/soldiers: 15 ILS

A Marathon of Guided Tours w/ Yad Ben Zvi

צילום: יד בן צבי

Photo Credit: courtesy of Yad Ben Zvi PR

Go on a tour marathon with Yad Ben Zvi Institute! In honor of Jerusalem Day, the institute offers a variety of guided tours through the Old City and West Jerusalem: food tours, neighborhoods, folklore, and more. The tours are led by the best guides that will take you to the fascinating locations in the city.

When: May 29th – June 1st
Reserve your spot: Tickets

“Flag Dance” Parade – Prayer & Assembly at the Western Wall

Tens of Thousands of people from all around the world come every year to Jerusalem to take part in this dancing, singing and flag-waving parade, produced by “Am Kalevia” association. The parade ends with a celebratory ceremony which includes a prayer and an assembly. As the parade ends, the crowd will enjoy live music performances at the Western Wall Plaza.

When: June 2nd

16:00-18:00 – Assembling and dance. Men – Heichal Shlomo, Women – Bezalel St (next to Sacher Park).

17:45-19:30 (Parade)

19:30-22:30 (Gathering at the Western Wall)

Cost: Free

Where? Gathering at Bezalel street and Independence Park, marching through Jaffa Street and finishing at the Western Wall Plaza.

Celebrating Jerusalem Day at the Tower of David Museum

Tower of David Museum celebrates Jerusalem Day with a host of activities with numerous activities:

  • Meeting historical figures
  • Family activity pamphlet
  • Performance of the East and West Orchestra of Jerusalem with the singers Emil Zrihan and Orit Atar
  • Guided tours at the Old City
  • From the Tower of David Museum to the Citadel Moat and the Kishle at 12:00, 13:30, 15:00
  • Guided tour at the “The Mountain” exhibition presenting the Temple Mount story – Al-Haram Al-Sharif in the modern history of the city, at 12:30, 14:00, 15:30

When: June 2nd 12:00-17:00 (the mayor of Jerusalem and his spouse will greet the guests at 15:30-17:00)

Where: Tower of David Museum, Jaffa Gate
Cost: Free entrance from noon as long as there are spots available

Safra Square – Free Jerusalem Day Tours

צילום: יח"צ

Photo Credit: courtesy of the municipality PR

Jerusalem Municipality welcomes you to join a tour on the 1948-1967 City Line. The tour will discuss poetry, art projects, mayors, and parades associated with the city. Plus, participants will see a model of the town and enjoy a beautiful lookout from the Municipality building.

Tours are free of charge for both individuals and families.

When: June 2nd

09:00 Russian

10:00, 12:00 Hebrew, English

11:00 French
Where: Gathering at Safra Square, by the entrance to building 3.

Cost: Free
Contact: Tel. 02-6295363

Celebrate with Merkaz HaRav  Yeshiva

Join this festive event at Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva and celebrate with Rabbis, Ministers, Knesset Members, and public figures.

Lehava orchestra and Hizki Sofer will provide musical accompaniment.

When? June 2nd 18:30-20:00

Where? Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva, HaRav Zvi Yehuda str. 12, Jerusalem

Cost: Free

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