Shavuot 2025 in Jerusalem

Shavuot 2025 in Jerusalem

Shavuot is the best holiday for outdoor events, enjoying the lovely weather, and fun activities for the whole family, whether it's the traditional festivities on the holiday's eve or a city tour. In 2024, Shavuot will be held on June 11-12.
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Shavuot 2024 Events in Jerusalem

What is Tikkun Leil Shavuot?

Tradition tells us that Shavuot is the day the Jews received the Torah on Mount Sinai. The legend says that the nation of Israel slept in on this important day, and therefore, we must stay up all night learning Torah as a “Tikkun,” a reparation. This custom is called "Tikkun Leil Shavuot." To find out about different "Tikkun" locations, click here (Hebrew).

Shavuot at the Farm in the Valley

Photo: Kobi HaratiPhoto: Kobi Harati

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind holiday spirit experience at the Farm in the Valley on Shavuot evening. Don't forget to dress in your festive whites for an authentic celebration!

Indulge in various experiences, from ancient agricultural crafts to creating from nature, visiting a farmers' market, and enjoying a public singing performance. Best of all, admission is free! 


Immerse yourself in ancient crafts with our interactive demonstrations using natural materials – all free of charge. These engaging mini-workshops, each running for about 15 minutes, will be held throughout operating hours.

  • 'The Sting with the Honey'- Beekeeping Craft: Learn about the hive's structure and the process of honey production, and taste fresh honey from the honeycomb.
  • 'A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey'- Goat Milking Craft: Watch the process of milking goats and preparing traditional cheese from fresh milk.
  • 'And the Sheep Bleated in the Valley Like a Flute' – Shearing and Weaving Craft: Come and see the process the wool goes through, from shearing to spinning and weaving.
  • 'The Simple Song of Bread' – Threshing Craft: See all the stages of grain preparation, from plowing to grinding the grains into flour, and try making bread.
  • Sing-Along: Join a community singing event with beautiful Israeli songs led by the artist Tslil Biran.
  • Farmers Market: During the event, agricultural products are available for purchase.
  • Food Truck: Enjoy a natural culinary experience with a delicious dairy food truck. Kosher certification: Jerusalem Rabbinate.From the menu: sourdough sandwiches, fish patties sandwiches, fish and chips, arancini, fried cauliflower, fruit cups, lemonade slushies, and more.
  • DIY Craft Kits: The kits are available for purchase on-site while supplies last.

The event is in collaboration with the Jewish Renewal Administration.

When? June 11, 9:00

Street Food at the Courtyard: Summer Festival at Inbal Hotel

photo of Street Food at the Courtyard: Summer Festival at Inbal Hotel

Kick off the summer at the Inbal Hotel's courtyard with Chef Kafir Hadad, who has crafted a delightful menu centered around a sizzling hot tabon. This high-temperature oven produces incredible baked goods and mouthwatering delicates.

This year, we will focus on Jerusalem street food - alongside the classic pastries and the pretzels with crispy zaatar, we will offer a wide variety of Jerusalem street dishes. The dishes will bring us together with Jerusalem in all its nuances, and they are all based on local raw materials from the local Mahane Yehuda market and spice mixtures that Hadad himself concocts. All the dishes will go through the tabun and thus will get a unique taste.  

What else awaits us?

  • Starter salads and appetizers in different ways of preparation - roasting, cooking, grilling, and smoking
  • A variety of spreads, mahmara with a concentrate of pomegranates and walnuts, masbaha
  • Cheese falafel, onion and blush falafel
  • A refreshing market vegetable salad
  • Vegan Jerusalem mix accompanied by amba and green tahini
  • The world of pastries is an abundant world that is hard to resist: Bulgarian oregano and mozzarella leaf pastry, cherry tomato garlic pastry, fresh zaatar pastry, Bulgarian egg pastry, and more.
  • At the end of the meal, you can enjoy a variety of sweets - cold watermelon, chilled melons, and exotic fruits - for an additional fee.
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Shavuot night Tikkun at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Photo: Moshe CohenPhoto: Moshe Cohen

Where are you on Shavuot evet? Join the Menachem Begin Heritage Center at the traditional Tikkun Night event with Akiva Novik, Kobi Arieli, Yochi Brands, and Prof. Avinoam Rosenak. The event will include lectures in English: 

  • 24:00 |  Rabbi Gideon Sylvester  - Mount Sinai: The place from which hatred (sina) for the nations  (Talmud Shabbat 89a) Is the giving of the Torah as a source of current conflicts, and what can we do about it?
  • 01:00 | Calev Ben-Dor-  Matan Torah: The Challenges of Unity and Euphoria
  • 02:00 | Sara Jo Ben Zvi & Shlomo Ben Zvi- Progress and Pilgrims - meeting the other in Jerusalem.

When? June 11

Celebrating Shavuot at Beit Avi Chai

Image: Studio Dov AbramsonImage: Studio Dov Abramson

Beit Avi Chai invites you to celebrate Shavuot and the transmission of knowledge and words to the people. In a time when it is difficult to find the right words, we go back to the sources and the wise words that accompanied the Jewish people and the tradition of Israel throughout the generations. We will examine the texts that gave us meaning and continue to provide comfort, and we will look at the power of writing words that express faith, the greatness of the soul, and hope.

Participants: Yair Agmon • Uri Isaac • Roni Eldad • Belha Ben-Eliyahu • Josh Breiner • Pinchas Wallerstein • Iris Haim • Daniel Taub • Mia Tabat Dayan • Tzarua Lahav • Nir Meir • Akiva Novik • Malka Piotrkovsky • Hana Panhasi • Yael Fridson • Yossi Klein Halevi • Judy Klitzner • Moshe Kakun • Noa Shekarji

When? June 11, 23:00

Camping and leisure resort at the Peace Forest

photo of Family camping experience in the peace forest in Jerusalemphoto by: Family camping experience in the peace forest in Jerusalem

If you’re Looking for a green and well-equipped place to have a holiday family picnic, enjoy a perfect camping vacation in a pastoral and peaceful forest in a central, accessible location in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem camping site of the City of David in the Peace Forest. This unique leisure spot is located in the green heart of the forest within a walking distance from the First Station complex and the Old City. Make your vacation in Jerusalem a unique experience! The guests have various accommodation solutions: well-equipped accommodation units, tents, or authentic encampments – choose your adventure! 

When? Throughout the holiday. Prior arrangement is required.

The Biblical Zoo - a perfect summer attraction

photo of Jerusalem Biblical Zoophoto by: Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Over the years, the Biblical Zoo has become one of the leading attractions in Israel, thanks to the extensive collection of animals , the open spaces, and the unique Jerusalem atmosphere.

Spring is the perfect time to visit the best zoo in Israel - the weather is pleasant, and the animals come out, too.

The Biblical Zoo is spread over a wide area of about 400 dunams, and in it are intertwined dozens of spectacular animal displays that represent the multitude of biological diversity that exists in nature alongside a system of ponds, an artificial lake, spacious grass areas, and plenty of shady picnic areas. In the garden, you will find a petting zoo where you can meet and get to know various animals up close, as well as an ecological playground.

The Israel Aquarium - an underwater experience

photo of Israel Aquariumphoto by: Israel Aquarium

And if you've already visited the zoo, you should also visit the Israel Aquarium, which is right next door.

The visit to the aquarium lasts four days in Israel - the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea, during which you will meet over 200 species of animals living in the sea in various spectacular displays. You will be able to see up close the famous clownfish, boxfish, groupers, eels, seahorses, soft corals, various jellyfish, sharks, and many others.