Let's Go Gift Shopping! Top Unique Stores in Jerusalem

Let's Go Gift Shopping! Top Unique Stores in Jerusalem

autor iconBy Sophia Avnilov , June 1, 2023

Knowing how to shop is a matter that should not be underestimated. Some would argue that it's a real form of art. So if you're visiting Jerusalem and you're looking for something truly special and original, you came to the right place. Whether you're looking for a souvenir for your family members back home, a nice housewarming present for your friends, or a holiday gift, Jerusalem is filled with beautiful works of artists, designers, and specialists of all fields that will transform your shopping experience into a real scavenger hunt game. Here is our Insider's guide to Jerusalem's most creative and unique stores.


Baltinester Jewelry & Judaica

Baltinester is one of the first Judaica and Jewelry stores to open in Jerusalem. This family-owned business, ran by the Baltinester brothers, has been producing and selling handmade gold and silver crafting for 60 consecutive years now. The jewelry pieces are classy and of high-quality, and it's a great place to find something beautiful to wear for everyday and for special events. If you've got your heart set on diamond rings, magen-david or hamsa pendants, or gem stones in all colors and sizes, this is the place to go to. Category: Jewelry/Judaica/Fashion/Style/Handmade Style: Classy & Romantic Perfect for: Engagement/Wedding/Anniversary/Birthdays/Bar-Bat Mitzvah/Brit For who: Yourself, romantic partner, family, friends, children Where: 31 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem Find More Great Jewelry Stores in Jerusalem>>


ent-crd-moria-alex-yampolsky-10 Photo: Alex Yamplosky Curious about Jewish Literature? Moria is the largest Jewish bookstore in the Old City and the perfect place for you to explore your connection to the historical and spiritual wealth of the Jewish people.  Walking around the store, you'll notice Psalms and Bible books in stylish and elegant covers. You will also find a vast collection of Jewish Thought books. Surprisingly, this is also a great place to get a Tallit or a new Mezuzah for your house. Besides the books and the unique products the store has to offer, there's one more reason to visit it (and a possible gift idea). The store has its own Sofer Stam (a person who specializes at transcribing the Bible) who will look up the perfect Bible verse for you and write it on a beautiful and authentic parchment. Category: Books/Art/Philosophy/Judaism/Spiritual/Judaica/Biblical Style: Intellectual& Spiritual Perfect for: Welcome gift/Farewell gift/Housewarming/Birthdays/Souvenirs/Holidays For who: Yourself, Family, Friends, Colleagues Where: 40 Misgav Ladach Street, Jerusalem Recommended Judaica Stores>>

The Museum of Psalms

atr-The-Museum- of-Psalms-1 Photo: Courtesy of Museum of Psalms

Museum of Psalms presents one of the most unique Jewish Art collections in the world. One of the museum's most exceptional exhibits is a series of 150 paintings depicting each and every Psalms chapter. These spectacular, saturated paintings were made by renowned artist Moshe Zvi Halevi Berger and are full of symbols and spiritual imagery. Some of Berger's paintings, in addition to other young Jewish Art painters, are available at the museum's gift shop. If you're looking for something a bit more conventional in that concept, we recommend checking the store's silver sterling Judaica items, for very convenient prices.

Category: Art/Judaism/Spiritual/Home Decor/Judaica/Biblical Style: Artistic & Spiritual Perfect for: Housewarming/Birthdays/Anniversaries/Souvenirs/Holidays For who: Family, Friends, Colleagues

Where: 56 Chabad Street, Jerusalem

Gaya - Brain Games

shp-gaya-first-station-9 Photo: Courtesy of Gaya Games

If you're into more alternative and challenging things, we recommend Gaya – Brain Games. The store has a collection of more than 600 different games for all types of people and all ages. You'll find strategy games, such as Chinese checkers, toys and games made of steel from different centuries, Rubik's cubes, and all kinds of fun and intriguing items.

Category: Games/Home Décor/Office Décor Style: Alternative & Intelligent Perfect for: Housewarming/Birthdays/Holidays/Promotions For who: Family, Friends, Children, Colleagues

Where: The First Station, 4 David Remez St., Jerusalem

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Avi Luvaton

Photo: Courtesy of Dor Luvaton, PR. There’s no denying that Avi Luvaton is one of the best jewelers in Israel and the whole world. His unique designs combine modern aesthetics and Jewish tradition, leading a tremendous change in the Judaica world. Luvaton sees the Judaica as an art of its own. Each of his designs originates from impeccable attention to details, and every work is composed of the best materials. The artist has over three decades of experience and continual inspiration. These factors are the reason visitors from all around the world are paying a visit to his studio. You’re welcome to schedule a visit at the studio at any time and see for yourself the unique items and collections you won’t see anywhere else. Category: Jewelry/Judaica/Handmade Style: Classy & Traditional Perfect for: Engagement/Wedding/Anniversary/Birthdays/Bar-Bat Mitzvah/Brit For who: Yourself, romantic partner, family, friends, children Where: Mamila Boulevard, King Solomon Str. 16. David Citadel Hotel, King David Str. 7.

Elia Photo Service

There's a very solid chance that a visit to this small store in the Christian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem is all you need to understand the history of New and Upcoming Jerusalem in the 20th Century. Photo Elia was founded by George Cabadian, the son of the legendary photographer – Elia Cabadian, who started documenting the city in 1924. Cabadian escaped from the Armenian Genocide in Turkey in 1915 and ended up in Jerusalem. The place holds the original negatives of Cabadian's photos depicting the variety of peoples who had lived and passed through Jerusalem. In addition, you will find spectacular nature photos that reveal the many landscape changes that the city has undergone.

Category: Art/Photography/Décor/History/Culture/Travel/Jerusalem Style: Artistic, Rare & Exclusive Perfect for: Souvenir, Housewarming, Holidays, Farewell gift For who: Art lovers, history lovers, professional &amateur photographers, yourself, family, friends, colleagues

Where: Maalot E-Khanka, Christian Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

Israel Coins & Medals Corp

Well, usually it works the other way around: you get to a store, you pull coins out of your pocket and you get some goods. In this store, you buy the actual coins. ICPC was founded in 1958 by David Ben Gurion himself with a very clear objective in mind – the active commemoration of the young state's events, influencers, culture, society, and art. The store has a wide collection of coins and medals in all shapes, sizes, and themes. You'll find gold coins with Samson in the house of the Philistines, silver medals with the portrait of Moshe Dayan, fig leaves, beautiful Akko, Western Wall, and even a 10-coin collection of the 10 Commandments. A truly majestic journey for every history lover and tourist!    

Category: Coin Collecting/History/Culture/Travel/Jerusalem/Israel Style: Original & Intriguing Perfect for: Souvenir, Holidays, Farewell Gift, Graduation Gift, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding, Bar-Bat Mutzvahs. For who: Coin collectors, History lovers, Family, Friends, Romantic Partners, Colleagues

Where: Mamilla Mall, Jerusalem

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