The Best Hotel Restaurants in Jerusalem

The Best Hotel Restaurants in Jerusalem

No hotel is complete without a great restaurant – it enhances the staying experience for the guests and attracts an exceptional crowd.
autor iconBy Evelyn Shor , July 14, 2023

Every restaurant requires an excellent chef and a unique design to express its outstanding style. Moreover, a beautiful restaurant speaks volumes about the quality of the whole establishment, so this is great for maintaining a good name. 

So when you stay in one of Jerusalem's grand hotels and consider checking out the restaurant in it, the chances are that you won't be disappointed. These dining places are great for all kinds of occasions: to grab a bite, to have a romantic dinner, or to close the deal for your business while you're in town. These restaurants are suitable for big family gatherings. If you're visiting to celebrate a particular date, these are great for reuniting with relatives and friends. To help you choose the perfect hotel/restaurant package, here’s a review of the best places in town to wine, dine, and spend the night.

The Veranda restaurant at the David Citadel Hotel

Photo: David Citadel HotelPhoto: David Citadel Hotel

The Veranda Restaurant at the David Citadel Hotel is located in the best location in Jerusalem – just off Mamilla Avenue and near the Old City. The design of the place is thought-through, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere as a gateway to excellent food. Chef Kfir Misnikov has created a menu that combines Mediterranean cuisine with meticulous and precise gourmet style, including a twist that can only be found in Jerusalem. The menu includes quality meat dishes that are prepared through the process of soaking, slow-cooking, smoking, and grilling, alongside a wide range of meticulous chef dishes. 

The highlight: large shared meat dishes that are fun to share with friends and family on special occasions, or just a pleasant and atmospheric dinner facing the Old City walls. The chef and the restaurant staff are available to host private events, whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a brith, a wedding, or a business event such as a launch night, team-building activities, etc. The restaurant can accommodate up to 100 guests, and the menu can be adapted to the event's needs. The technical specifications are also state-of-the-art. 

Where? King David 7, Jerusalem

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Chill out at the Lounge restaurant at Inbal Hotel

Photo: Yonatan Ben HaimPhoto: Yonatan Ben Haim

The Lounge is an extremely elegant and serene restaurant, located in the beloved and well-known Jerusalem hotel – Inbal. Here, you'll find a dairy-based menu offering the most known tastes of Jerusalem. Plus, there are many European guest appearances from Paris and Rome. Here at the Lounge, you'll enjoy all kinds of pasta and rattles, fine, velvety soups, fantastic fish dishes, and various unusual salads. The warm Jerusalem atmosphere, along with the meticulously made meals, will make this experience truly unforgettable. 

Where? Inbal Hotel, Jabotinsky str. 3, Jerusalem 

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02 restaurant: best Jerusalem cuisine at the Inbal Hotel

Photo by: Itamar Ginzburg

In addition to the lounge, you'll also find the O2 restaurant in the Inbal Hotel. As its name suggests (the local phone code of the city), it is a purely local vivid restaurant, based on a friendly, family-like atmosphere. The menu is truly unique Jerusalem experience, including a wide variety of local dishes, such as the Freekeh, fine farm vegetables, fish and meat on the grill, all defined by precision during the cooking and exquisite taste. The charming concept of a shared meal placed in the center of the table contributes to the warm and fun environment of the place. This is the perfect option for families, groups, or couples. At 02, you’ll enjoy a great lunch and dinner alike. Additionally, you can reserve the restaurant and its staff for private events for personal and business purposes, in the elegant and impressive halls of the hotel. 

Where? Inbal Hotel, Jabotinsky str. 3, Jerusalem 

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The Rooftop restaurant in Mamilla

Photos courtesy of Mamilla HotelPhotos courtesy of Mamilla Hotel

Such a list wouldn't be complete without the Rooftop restaurant that has become a Jerusalem local icon. The Rooftop is located on the Mamilla, overlooking the breathtaking landscape of the Old City walls. Here, you'll find fine meals from the chef's kitchen, pleasant music, and the famous and distinguished mountain breeze you'll inhale only in Jerusalem. The menu will dazzle you with a variety of dishes made of fresh ingredients, combined with Italian-style cooking, plenty of grilled meats, fish, kinds of pasta, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. For those of you who need a drink after a long day, the place offers numerous cocktails and beverages that'll go perfectly with the sunset over the mountain tops. The place has limited sitting spots, so reservation is recommended. 

Where? Mamilla Hotel, King Solomon 11, Jerusalem 

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Villa Brown Hotel – an amazing brunch

Photo: Assaf PinchukPhoto: Assaf Pinchuk

Villa Brown is an upscale boutique hotel set within a 19th-century building that previously was a meeting place for the Jerusalem social elite scene. Now, you can also feel like the aristocratic persona you are and enjoy brunch at the hotel, looking closely at the collision between the East and the West and the influence of past eras on Israel: from the Ottoman period to the British Mandate and modern-day elements. The Brunches are served in the pastoral villa yard, and they include a selection of fresh bread, freshly squeezed juices, and an excellent, ever-changing menu created by the hotel's chef. We urge you to reserve your spot in advance!

Where? Villa Brown Hotel – Haneviim 54, Jerusalem. 

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The Dreamy Courtyard restaurant at the American Colony Hotel

Photo courtesy of the American Colony HotelPhoto courtesy of the American Colony Hotel

The enchanting and intimate Patio and courtyard in the ancient building of the American Colony Hotel is the perfect refuge from the big city's heat and bustle. The wide-branched strawberry trees and the fountain create a refreshing and pastoral atmosphere. During the heated noon hours, you may enjoy a light, rejuvenating menu and from-business offers served from 12:00-15:00. 

The diners are an exciting combination of Mediterranean Cuisine and elements from all around the world, including dishes such as lamb kebab cooked with yogurt and eggplant, a minion fillet served with mushrooms and asparagus, Mediterranean seafood, and varied, delicious vegetarian meals. This is a beautiful combination of magnificent atmosphere, spectacular design in Jerusalem style, and amazing service that makes the Patio Restaurant the perfect choice for small events for family and friends, as well as business events for up to 60 guests. 

Where? American Colony Hotel, Louis Vincennes 1 

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