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Hanukkah 2022 in Jerusalem

Hanukkah 2022 exact dates and events will be updated soon. Meanwhile, you can check out last year’s events. 

Hanukkah is a holiday of festivals, musicals, shows and plays. All the children are excited about the numerous activities dedicated to this bright holiday, going much beyond spinning the dreidels. Hanukkah 2021 brings you eight days of unforgettable delights and fun!

Jerusalem is the best place to celebrate the Jewish holidays and here you may find all kinds of related activities all around. Starting with a long list of theater plays dedicated to Hanukkah, starring the most popular stars among children and youth (all being sold-out, mostly).
Additionally, there are many colorful Hanukkah shows and spectacles all around the city, especially in the major theaters.

Choose your Hanukkah activities this year in Jerusalem

Hanukkah and winter tours in Jerusalem

Hanukkah is a particularly magical holiday to spend in Jerusalem. The incredible lights of the Menorahs are visible in every window, and a scent of freshly made Sufganiyot fills the air.

That’s your opportunity to get to know the holiday’s customs and go on a journey tracing the history of the oil can, as well as the whole Old City of Jerusalem.

See all tours dedicated to this wonderful Holiday >>

Fun Menorah tours with Cook a Tour

Photo: Cook a Tour

The tours will take you to unique courtyards, picturesque alleys, you’ll get to meet the house owners and get familiar with the holidays’ customs up close and personal!

You may choose between going on tour to the Nachlaot neighborhood or to the Old City. In both variations, you’ll be hosted and fed with homemade cooking and participate in real candle lighting, including coffee and sweets.

When? Throughout the holidays

More details and booking on the tour page (Hebrew) >>

Independent Menorah tour for the entire family with Bee Travel at the Jewish Quarter

Photo by: Doron Yosha

Join a magical Menorah tour during the Hanukkah holiday and watch real magic happening in the streets of Jerusalem. The ancient alleys and quarters of the city are illuminated by thousands of lights, creating an enchanting view, the little alleys are decorated with Menorah towers, and carols are heard all around, and you can join the celebrations!

This independent interactive menorah tour will lead you in your pace, using your smartphone, to the most beautiful spots in Jerusalem, as they can be observed only during Hanukkah. You’ll bear witness to the sweet customs of this colorful holiday, get to know the key sites, the pretty neighborhoods, and hidden gems of the town. You may even meet some unique locals and be a part of a spontaneous candle-lightning ceremony.

When? Throughout the holidays

More details and booking on the tour page (Hebrew) >>

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Lights in the alleys: Menorah tours for the whole family in the Old City with Traveling Jerusalem

Photo: Traveling Jerusalem

Are you interested in a special Menorah tour that will provide you with an unforgettable experience and quality time for the entire family?

Join Traveling Jerusalem on a unique Menorah tour for the entire family, filled with stories, games, puzzles and mysteries.

The tour is cyclic – it starts and ends at the Jaffa Gate. It takes you on an unforgettable adventure in the Jewish Quarter.

When? November 30th – December 6th

More details and booking on the tour page (Hebrew) >>

An exciting Menorah tours at the Jewish Quarter with Abraham Tours

Photo courtesy of Abraham Tours

Hop on an outstanding tour that will tell us the story of the Hanukkah miracle and the fight of the Maccabees. Come and learn the connection between the Menorah at the Jewish Quarter and the Maccabees Revolt, watch the Western Wall decorated to honor the holidays, and together we’ll sing Hanukkah carols and bask in the wonderful atmosphere.

What to expect?

  • A tour around the picturesque alleys of the Jewish Quarter
  • An explanation of Hanukkah’s meaning and its customs in the various denominations
  • Watching menorahs

When? November 28-29th – 5-7 PM

Price per person: 80 NIS

Magical Menorah tours in the Jewish Quarter

The winter in Jerusalem is a perfect time this year to go on festive menorah tours with the whole family. The Jewish Quarter Development Company invites you to join a uniquely fun tour.

During the tour, we’ll listen to the stories of Hanukkah, get to know the heroes of the Jewish Quarter and Jerusalem in those times – all through games, storytelling, and fun.

The tours include entering the tourist site and participating in a festive candle lighting ceremony!

When? November 28th – December 5th – 11 AM – 1 PM, 4-6 PM.

More details and booking on the tour page (Hebrew) >>

Tour of surprisingly designed menorahs with sfenj, sufganiyot, and wine

Photo: courtesy of Jerusalem Home of Quality PR

Come enjoy a fascinating and delicious tour with the Jerusalem Home of Quality!

During this humorous tour in the spirit of Hanukkah, you’ll discover surprising Hanukkah designs and enjoy wonderful delicacies with a glass of wine from a local tapas bar.

Required a minimum of 6 participants, maximum – 40.

When? The tours require a prior arrangement, throughout the holiday, at 9 AM to 6 PM.

Where? Hebron Road 12, Jerusalem

Price: 50 NIS per participant

Golden Jerusalem: A unique menorah tour in Jerusalem

A unique menorah tour of Jerusalem (Photo: Courtesy of Dudi Bar Sela)

Join Dudi Bar Sela the guide for a unique menorah tour at the Old City!

What to expect?

  • A unique menorah tour in the Old City
  • Observation of the various Hanukkah customs
  • Visiting key sites of the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall
  • Fun and engaging ceremony of candle lightning as a group

More details and booking on the tour page (Hebrew) >>

When? November 29th – December 6th (Only Sunday-Thursdays)

Price: starting from 89 NIS

“Dots of light” – a tour centering stories of salvation at “Yad Vashem”

PR: Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem museum invites the public to a special tour “Dots of Light” that will take place on the fifth day of Hanukkah.

Join a tour around the site that will introduce you to various stories of the salvation of Jews by both Jewish and non-Jewish people. During the tour we’ll visit the Garden of the Righteous Among the Nations, at monuments and memorials on the Mount of Remembrance, presenting the stories of the Righteous Among the Nations, a small and brave minority of non-Jews who saved Jews while risking their lives, as well as the stories of Jews who risked their lives to save others during the Holocaust.

More information about the tour and booking >>

When? December 3rd, 10 AM

Where? Yad Vashem

Duration of the tour: about 1.5 hours

Price: 32 NIS per participant

The tour requires prior registration and only for 14+.

Lantern tours at Herzl Museum

The Herzl Museum has prepared a fascinating program for the holiday especially for you. The highlight of the event – the traditional lantern tour.

During the tour will hear fantastic stories about the visionary of the State of Israel and the people who paved the way for it. This is an extraordinary experience, held by the light of the lanterns, illuminating the paths on the national mount.

The tour lasts for about an hour, suitable for the whole family, from the age of 10.

Tickets >>

When? November 29-30th, December 1-2th, 5:30 PM

Where? Mount Herzl, Jerusalem

Hanukkah’s activities for children and parents

Hanukkah 2021 events for the whole family at the City of David site

Hallelujah – the night show of the City of David (Photo: Kobi Harati)

The City of David celebrates the holiday as every year, with various activities for children and parents at its various sites. So, what will you experience this year?

  • Discovering the treasures of Hanukkah – archaeological experience at Emek Tzurim
  • Hallelujah – Night show of the City of David
  • And many other activities!

More information and tickets at the event page (Hebrew) >>

When? November 28th – December 6th

Where? City of David, Jerusalem

Hanukkah at the Tower of David

Tower of David Museum. Photo: Ricky Rahman

The Tower of David Museum invites you to special activities for Hanukkah and the Winter. Numerous exciting activities for all ages:

  • The secret of the Hasmoneansa theatrical play for the Hanukkah
  • Light up the city! Menorah tours for families in the Jewish Quarter
  • Jerusalem outside the box – challenging and fun visual game for the whole family
  • Independent smartphone tours around Jerusalem
  • Night tour around the walls of Jerusalem
  • Tours for adults
  • Night shows and more!

More information and tickets at the event page (Hebrew) >>

When? Throughout the holidays

Where? Tower of David Museum, Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

Hanukkah happening at East Jerusalem Development sites

Photo: David Gurevich

East Jerusalem Development Company also celebrates Hanukkah with unique activities and the belated opening of the Ramparts Walks:

Festive Hanukkah happening at the Roman Square

The Roman Square is reopened to the public this Hanukkah, so don’t miss the magical spaces within the walls of the Old City, inspired by the Hasmonean era.

The city had just been reclaimed from the Greeks! In the ancient entrance under the Damascus Gate, one of the Maccabees brothers greets the participants for a tour before enlisting to the forces of the Hasmoneans. The participants move around unique stops, including target shooting stalls, catapulting, floor game in front of the guards, and they will even go up on a watching tower to the Ramparts Walks to enjoy a wide view over the Temple Mount, where a photo with the sacred Menorah will be taken as a souvenir from a fantastic day.

When? November 30th – December 2nd – from 11 AM to 5 PM. Candle lighting ceremony will be held in 5 PM.

Ages: ages 5 and older, groups of 20-25 people.

Price: 35 NIS for an adult, 30 NIS for a child, including entering the Ramparts Walks.

Where? The Roman Square, below the Nablus Gate

Tickets >>

Guided tours of the Ramparts Walks

Guided festive tours will take off Tzahal Square towards the Roman Square and Menorahs tours will be held from the Roman Square to the Jewish Quarter.
When? November 30th – December 2nd. At noon and 2 PM – from Tzahal Square to the Roman Square, and at 4:30 PM a night Menorahs tour from the Roman Square, through the Ramparts Walks and to the Jewish Quarter.
Ages: Family with children over 5 years old.
Price: 20 NIS per participant
Where? Jaffa Gate and the Roman Square

Tickets >>

Hanukkah crafts workshops at Hutzot Hayotzer

Who said that Hanukkah is just for kids? Join a combined experience: the artists of Hutzot Hayotzer offer crafts workshops for kids in the artists’ complex below the walls of Jerusalem. In the evening, the adults may enjoy theater and writing workshops.

When? November 30th – December 2nd. At 10 AM, 12 AM, 3 PM, 5 PM.

Ages: 5 and older in the morning, 18 and older in the evening.

Price: 40 NIS per participant

Where? Artists Colony at Hutzot Hayotzer

Tickets >>

Belated opening of the southern Ramparts Walk

The southern Ramparts Walks (from Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall) will be open during Hanukkah until 6 PM – this is a rare opportunity to go on a wonderful night tour filled with light and with a unique perspective towards the Old and New City.

This tour doesn’t require prior arrangements.

When? November 29th – December 2nd. The promenade will be open from 9 AM to 6 PM continuously.

Ages: from the age of 5 and older.

Price: 20 NIS for an adult, 11 NIS for a child.

Where? The ascent to the southern promenade from the excavation site, 50 meters inward from Jaffa Gate

Tickets >>

Colorful Hanukkah festival at the first station complex

Photo: The First Station Complex PR

The First Station Complex offers you to enjoy the outdoors, festive candle lightning every night, sufganiyot for the guests, and street shows.

The festival will be held for the whole eight days. Every day will offer you various activities for the public.

This year there will be theater plays, workshops, the big dessert festival, and more.

The full schedule of the First Station Complex festival >>

When? November 28th – December 6th

Where? The First Station Complex, David Remez 4, Jerusalem

Sweet praline workshops for the entire family at the Cacao Forest

Photo: Shirel Krimolovsky

Are you looking for a sweet activity suitable for all ages? Join the fine pralines workshops of Cocoa Forest! At the workshops, you’ll be able to make dozens of pralines in your favorite flavors. You’ll taste the fillings, fill the pralines and cast them in chocolate glazing, and pack them into holiday gift packages.

Moreover, the workshop will show you the process that it takes to transform cacao into chocolate (including tasting the delicious ingredients!) with a tour of the boutique factory on site.

The workshop is great for kids from the age of 3, as well as for work teams or couples who are interested in a romantic pastime.

There’s a coffee spot in-house and the place is indoors, so you may enjoy the tour in any weather – this is the perfect activity for the most magical holiday of them all!

When? Throughout the holidays

Where? Poalei Tzedek 2, Jerusalem

Cultural events for the whole family

The Jewish Film Festival returns to Jerusalem Cinematheque


Where’s Anna Frank? Courtesy of the Jerusalem Cinematheque

The Jewish Film Festival returns for the 23rd time to the Jerusalem Cinematheque in full format.

The festival will include an opening event, an international competition, an interreligious cinema competition, a short Israeli film competition, and additional categories of Israeli cinema, documentaries, the greatest Jewish thinkers, restored classics, in addition to several new programs and events, such as talks with the artists and more.

When? November 27th – December 2nd

See more details, tickets, and full program on the event page >>

A Hanukkah Flight – Hanukkah activities for the entire family at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem (Photo: Oded Antman)

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem is open for the parents and the kids and has prepared many activities in the spirit of Hanukkah:

A Hanukkah Flight – an exciting tour | Winter activities complex | Art workshops and more

From Tuesday to Monday | November 30th – December 6th | Between 10 AM – 4 PM

The whole family is welcome to fly on the wings of imagination to a day filled with birds stories. We urge you to take a few hours and participate in a unique tour tracking the birds’ stories.

Participate in a unique workshop of building a nesting box with Muslala and a drawing comics birds workshop.

Enjoy a wide complex of games and crafts, watch movies about birds, and many more surprises.

The activity is a joint initiative with the JNF.

Details and Registration >>

Our museum – an accessible activity for children with special needs and their families

Tuesday | November 30th | 4-5 PM

The activity will include a visit to the exhibition “Back to the Source – Meeting with Ancient Birds” and activities in the surprises and games complex that will be opened especially for the museum’s guests.

Details and registration (Hebrew) >>

Night Birds – Nocturnal adventure at the museum | December 2nd | 6:30 PM, 7:15 PM

At night, when the museum is dark, that’s the time when unusual things happen. Winged night creatures from biblical lands come to life, and we’ll follow their trail. At the entry, we’ll get a flashlight and an ancient scroll that will lead us on a journey that will activate all of our senses and help us to discover the night birds. Suitable for ages of 7 and up.

Prices: 40 NIS per participant | 30 NIS for a subscriber | Sign up (Hebrew) >>

Where? 21 Shmuel Stefan Wise, Jerusalem

Hanukkah 2021 activities at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Photo: PR Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Like every year on Hanukkah, Menachem Begin Heritage Center invites the whole family to join a few fun activities around the center:

  • Theatrical tours in the Ben Hinnom Valley – come and meet the great heroes of the Jewish people who made miracles! On this holiday, all the heroes were gathered around the theatrical tour of Begin’s Center. You can join and meet them yourself. Plus, you can join the musical tours and follow the green valley trails to the sounds of songs about Jerusalem and the holiday. On the way, we’ll also hear some of the most fascinating stories of heroism that accompanied the history of Jerusalem.

All for the price of 10 NIS only, as part of the cooperation with the Jerusalem Development Authority.

When? Hanukkah days – November 30th – December 6th.

Daily theatrical tours – 11 AM

Daily musical tours – 12 AM

  • Plus, if you haven’t visited the Menachem Begin Heritage Center before, you’re welcome to join the audio-visual tour that follows the life story of Israel’s sixth Prime Minister. The tours are held every hour during Hanukkah, from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Where? Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Rehov Sh.A. Nakhon 6 Jerusalem

Joyful Hanukkah activities at the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art

The U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art also prepared a fascinating program for you for Hanukkah, filled with fun and joy for children and their parents alike:

Hanukkah events at the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art will include this year a special Menorahs exhibition, crafts workshop for children, and free tours (for purchasing an entry ticket) in Hebrew and English throughout the holiday!

Tickets >>

Come light the 5th candle at a special event on December 5th – “The story of the Menorah”. Join a special tour at the Menorahs exhibition with the museum’s curator. Afterward, you’ll be invited to light candles and enjoy sufganiyot.

Sign up >>

When? Throughout the holiday

Where? Hill 25, Jerusalem

Hanukkah Festival at The Isaac Kaplan Old Yishuv Court Museum in the Jewish Quarter

Photo: PR of The Old Yishuv Court Museum

The Old Yishuv Court Museum in the Jewish Quarter invites the whole family for a traditional Hanukkah celebration with many activities for all ages:

  • A special activity for families that will take place from November 30th to December 2nd and December 5-6th. During these days, the museum will be open from 10 AM to 5 PM. Guided tours of the exhibitions will start at 11 AM every day. A children’s play will take place at noon, daily.

The children will enjoy playing dreidels, a new interactive game, and a crafts workshop dedicated to Hanukkah.

  • Theatrical Hanukkah tours will take off from the museum on November 28th, November 30th, and December 2nd at 4 PM. Price: 50 NIS per participant (subject to a minimum number of registrants and according to the Ministry of Health guidelines).
  • Additionally, you may explore a fascinating exhibition of ancient Menorahs.

Where? Or Hahayim 6, Jerusalem

Workshop for kids at the Seam Museum

Photo: At the Seam Museum PR

Join At the Seam Museum this year for a special and creative activity for kids:

The workshop is intended for kids ages 9-12, where they’ll build miniature houses from recycled materials. This is a fun and creative activity with an educational value.

The number of participants is limited, it is recommended to sign up ahead >>

When? November 30th, 4 PM

Where? Heil Ha’handasa 4, Jerusalem

Going to a concert of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Photo: PR The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

This year, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra will participate in the Hallelujah Festival, which will take place this Hanukkah – the festival is dedicated to psalms and various works that are inspired by them. The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra will be the highlight of the opening event of the festival.

The works that will be performed during the evening are The Sweet Psalmist of Israel (Ne’im Zmirot Israel) by Paul Ben-Haim and Zabur by Mohammad Fairuz.

Tickets >>

When? December 2nd, 7:30 PM

Where? Henry Crown Hall, Jerusalem Theater

Hanukkah 2021 events at Avi Chai – on spot and online

Beit Avi Chai will host a series of fascinating Hanukkah events, streamed live through Zoom and the official website.

Among the many events:

  • Lectures
  • Comics workshops for children
  • And web-series

For the full event’s list (Hebrew) >>

Where to Stay in Jerusalem

Visiting Jerusalem for Hanukkah? Check out the city’s accommodation options:

Hotels in Jerusalem
Hostels and Guest Houses in Jerusalem 

What to See in Jerusalem

Check out some of the city’s most recommended tourist sites:

Ramparts Walk – the Southern Section

Tower of David Museum
City of David

Where To Stay

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Recommended Restaurants

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More activities for Hanukkah In Jerusalem

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