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Hanukkah 2021 in Jerusalem

Hanukkah 2021 exact dates and events will be updated soon. Meanwile, you can check out last year’s events. 

Hanukkah may come at the darkest time of year, but the festival of light is one of the most exciting times of the year to be in Jerusalem.

The city is full of all kinds of Hannukkah Events for 2019, with special decorations, hanukkiahs in the windows, special events for the whole family and lots of sufganiyot (filled doughnuts) at all the bakeries.

Check out some of the best events around the city over Hanukkah, and feel free to read on if you want to get the story behind the holiday.

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Hanukkah 2019 Events in Jerusalem

For The Whole Family

Wonderful Hanukkah activities at The Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Photo: courtesy of Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Menachem Begin Heritage Center throws a wonderful festivities for the whole family, including:

  • Interactive quiz with prices that will take you to an exciting journey around the museum
  • Guided tour around the museum’s expositions after the game.
  • Special creative workshops for Hanukkah – create your oil jug.
  • An audio-visual experience at the Begin Museum.

When: December 24-30th, closed on Saturdays
Where: Sh.A. Nakhon St 6, Jerusalem

  • 072-3290724

Contact Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Hannukah at The Western Wall Squad Museum

Photo: Courtesy of The Western Wall Squad Museum

The Western Wall Squad Museum is a new museum located at the heart of the Jewish Quarter. The museum tells the story of a group of young Jewish people in the days of the British Mandate who dreamed about a Jewish presence in the Jewish Quarter. During this Hanukkah, you may enjoy a special tour.

Where: HaYehudim & Plugat HaKotel Street, Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem

Contact Western Wall Squad Museum

Hanukkah for the whole family at the Israel Museum

Hanukkah at the Israel Museum (Photo: Danil Esterkin)

The Israel Museum awaits your whole family for special festive activities. What to expect?

  • Watching the candles: A hologram show and an explanatory speech about the largest Hanukkah Menorah in the world
  • A journey following special artworks that “wander” around the museum’s
  • A bright juggling show in the holiday spirit
  • A story-time of a theatrical adaptation of a Russian fairy tale
  • Recycling workshops
  • The time-traveling tunnel: An animated film about the lost scrolls

When: December 24-29th
Where: Derech Ruppin, Jerusalem

Cost: For an adult – 54 NIS, for a child: 34 NIS. For a child who has a subscription: 28 NIS. All activities included in one price!

Contact Israel Museum


Hannukkah at Beit Avichai: special play for the whole family

Chanukah from the books in Beit Avi Chai (Photo: Gerard Alon)

Beit Avi Chai has a tradition of celebrating Hannukah. This year is no exception, with a great play for kids with favorite characters that every child knows and loves. Everyone’s invited!

Where: December 24-26 Check Schedule
Where: Beit Avi Chai, 44 King George St, Jerusalem
Cost: 30 NIS for a child, 10 NIS for an accompanying adult.

Contact beit avi chai

Hanukkah at Herzl Center

Illustration: Herzl Center PR

This Hanukkah, we celebrate at Herzl Center with plenty of activities and attractions for the whole family, available during all Hanukkah days.

  • A special cable-lighting ceremony attended by Mayor Moshe Leon and other public figures on December 26th
  • Festive candle lightning every evening
  • Uplifting lanterns lightning on Herzl Mount on December 23-26th

When: throughout the holiday
Where: Herzl Museum, Sderot Herzl, Jerusalem

Contact Herzl Center

Celebrating Hanukkah at the new Montefiore Windmill complex

Family-friendly activities during Hanukkah 2019 at the Windmill. Photo courtesy of ZUZU Tourism and Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries.

ZUZU Tourism and Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries created a fantastic fun day at the renewed Windmill compound in Mishkenot Sha’ananim. The grown-ups may enjoy tastings of wines and cheese in the visitors’ center of the Wineries, while the kids can participate in numerous age-proper activities in the compound. What to expect?

  • Wine tasting from the variety of boutique produce of Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries
  • Creative workshop for children – crafting Menorah
  • Special tours in the holiday spirit
  • Escape Park – entertaining activities in the outdoors

When: December 24-31, 10 AM to 3 PM. Closed on Saturdays.
Where: Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Sderot Blumfield, Jerusalem
Cost: Wine tastings – 25 NIS, Workshop for children – 25 NIS, Tours – 20 NIS. Escape Park – 65 NIS.

Contact Wineries Visitor Center at the Windmill Compound

Get segway-smart with a Segway with Smart Tours

Segway Tour at Mishkenot Sha’ananim neighborhood in Jerusalem (Photo: Courtesy of Smart Tour)

Smart Tour invites you to hop on numerous Segway tours combining the unique floating experience with authentic Jerusalem stories from the most exciting locations around the city.

The recommended tours:

Classic Segway Tour in the Old City – cruising inside and outside the walls. This tour may be enjoyed during the day and the night equally when the whole city is being colored in spectacular hues. Every tour includes interesting explanations and outstanding stories about the magical landscapes of Jerusalem.

Book now – Classic Tour in the Old City

Panoramic tour of Armon Hanatziv – a special tour that goes through two spectacular observation points. From both, you’ll be able to look into the panoramic view of the Temple Mount, the Jewish Quarter, Kidron Creek, the Mount of Olives, the Mount Scopus, and the prestigious new neighborhoods – Abu Tor and Arnona.

Book now –Armon Hanatziv Segway Tour

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can join the Sunrise tour, or the Night Bike tour.


A Hanukkah Night Adventure for Kids at The National Library

Night Adventure at the National Library (graphics courtesy of the National Library)


Celebrate this year’s Hannukkah at the National Library to the light of flashlights, with a unique night adventure, spine-chilling stories, and a riddle hidden between tens of thousands of books.

A mysterious event occurs every Hanukkah night in the National Library: strange noises heard from the halls, shadows are crawling on the walls as the letters escape from the pages.

A book collector, poet, scientist, and teacher are trying to solve the mystery of the disappearing books – let’s help them.

When: December 23-26th, 8:30 PM
Where: National Library, Hebrew University, Givat-Ram Campus, Jerusalem
Cost: 35 ILS per person. Adults are required to have a ticket.

Visiting the Hebrew Music Museum during the Holiday

Photo courtesy of the Hebrew Music Museum

During this Hanukkah holiday, you shall visit the Hebrew Music Museum to enjoy an interactive musical journey that combines unique theatrical elements hidden around all around the place.

Every day you’ll be able to participate in musical-theatrical tours with costumes and characters from all around the world. Additionally, the museum exhibits a collection of 250 rare musical instruments gathered from the Diaspora. You may also here fantastic tunes, songs, melodies, and captivating stories.

During the tour, you’ll be able to try play on many of the instruments.

Guided tours for adults and independent touring will be available during Hanukkah.

When: December 23-30th, 09:30 AM to 8 PM. On Friday: 09:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Where: Yo’el Moshe Salomon St 23, Jerusalem
Cost: Regular – 60 NIS. Seniors/children from the age of 5 – 45 NIS, Student – 40 NIS, IDF solders / handicapped – 32 NIS.

  • +972-72-3281976

Contact Hebrew Music Museum

Hanukkah celebrations at the Old Yishuv Court Museum

Photo courtesy of Old Yishuv Court Museum

Old Yishuv Court Museum offers activities for the whole family for spending a joyful Hanukkah in the Old City, including fun events for children and adults alike:

For the whole family: On Tuesday-Thursday (December 24-26th), Sunday-Monday (December 29-30th): Guided tours at the museum at 11 AM, 2 PM. At noon: a theatrical show for the whole family, curated by the Jerusalem municipality: meet surprising characters identified with Jerusalem.

Adult events: Wednesday, December 18th, 3:30 PM. Poets’ meeting in the museum in the spirit of Hanukkah.

When: The working hours during the holidays: Sunday-Thursday, 10 AM – 6 PM, Friday – 10 AM to 1 PM.

Where: Old Yishuv Court Museum, Or HaHayim St 6, Jerusalem

  • +972-72-3290748

Contact Old Yishuv Court Museum

Warming-up Hanukkah at the First Station Complex

Photo: PR First Station Complex

The First Station Complex is offering you numerous activities during the holidays:

  • Lighting candles every night
  • The Hullegeb Festival arrives at the Station Complex
  • Boogie Dancing for the whole family
  • Performances for the grown-ups
  • A circle of chanting in honor of the eighth candle
  • and much more!

The full schedule of Hanukkah activities at the First Station Complex >>

When: December 22-29th
Where: The First Station Complex, David Remez St 4, Jerusalem
Cost: Entry is free of charge. However, some activities require a fee.

Celebrate the Feast of Light at Friends of Zion Museum

The Friends of Zion Museum celebrates Hanukkah with you, along with the many stories about the countless miracle the Jewish people encounter thanks to its friends throughout history. The museum offers a rare opportunity to peel through the curtain, to periods of the most heroic deeds of friends of Zion. These people supported the notion of the State of Israel. They fought next to the Jewish people before the founding of the state and saved many people. All while risking their own lives and those of their loved ones.
When: Opening hours on Hanukkah: Sunday-Thursday 9 AM until 7:45 PM. Friday: 9:30 AM to 2 PM.
Saturday: 10 AM to 6 PM.
Where: Yosef Rivlin St 20, Jerusalem
Cost: The museum offers a special discount on the week of the holidays, December 22nd to December 29th – a ticket for the whole family (2 grown-ups and up to 3 kids) for 100 NIS only!

Contact Friends of Zion Museum

Happy Holidays at The Museum For Islamic Art

Hanukkah at the Museum for Islamic Art. Photo by Noam Feiner.

Join A the L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art and traditionally celebrate Hanukkah with countless new activities:

  • Layla and Majnun – the love story is brought to life in a new children’s play

  • A creative workshop dedicated to Hanukkah

  • The secret of the clocks – the escape room of the museum is launched on Hanukkah. Will you be able to find the watch that’s lost in time?

  • Guided tours for adults among the galleries of the museum

When:Layla and Majnun” play will be presented every day at 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM, and 12:30 PM.

The escape room “The Secret of The Clocks” and creative workshops will take place daily from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Guided tours for adults in selected galleries will start at 1 PM (requires purchasing entry ticket).

Friday-Saturdays – December 27-28th | Only creative workshops will be hosted.

Where: Museum for Islamic Art, 2 HaPalmach St., Jerusalem
Cost: Children may enter free of charge. A family ticket for the escape room (suitable for children ages eight and above) – 25 NIS. The workshops – 15-25 NIS

Contact Museum for Islamic Art

Silver and gold, copper and brass: Hanukkah for the whole family at U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art

Illustration: PR Museum of Museum of Italian Jewish Art

Museum of Italian Jewish Art is celebrating the holidays with along with great activities for all ages:

  • Detective game: an investigative tour around the museum in the spirit of Hanukkah
  • Creative workshops – crafting Italian style Menorah
  • Opera show created especially for young children

When: Sunday and Monday, December 29-30th, 10 AM to 3 PM.
Where: Hillel St 25, Jerusalem
Cost for a tour, workshop, and performance: a child – 50 NIS, accompanying adult – 40 NIS (up to 2 accompanying adults). Family ticket – 3 children and two adults – 210 NIS.

  • +972-72-3290790

Contact U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art

Taking photos in the holiday spirit with LIVE THE BIBLE

The LIVE THE BIBLE team is embarking on a new activity, and you can take photos that recreate the Maccabees fight from the story of Hanukkah – the perfect experience when visiting Jerusalem. Would you like to take an authentic photo with your family or group of friends? Contact us now!


Open day at Ein Yael Living Museum


Photo: Courtesy of Ein Yael Living Museum

You can celebrate Hanukkah at Ein Yael Living Museum on their open day that will allow you to get familiar with the craftsmen of the ancient times:

  • Baking pitas on the saj
  • Making eatable olive spread which you can feast on while on a break, or take home with you
  • We’ll learn how a perfume was created in the past and will take home small bottles of wonderful essences
  • We’ll craft personal coins inspired by the coins of the Maccabees

When: December 24-30th, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. December 27th (Friday) 10 AM and until noon.
Where: Ein Yael Living Museum, Golomv, Jerusalem
Cost: 40 NIS for a child, 30 NIS for an adult
Events are subject to cancellation due to weather conditions. Advance registration is recommended.

  • +972-72-328-1210

Contact Ein Yael

Hanukkah at Tower of David Museum – The Coolest Tower in Town

Photography by: Ricki Rachman

The Tower of David Museum invites all children to take part in Hannukah’s special activities.

Trapped in the Tower – an experimental game for the whole family for introducing you to a historical figure from the past of Jerusalem, who came back to life and accidentally got trapped in the Old Citadel. Solve riddles and embark on a fun adventure.
The Children’s Complex is a special compounded founded for young kids, with playgrounds with creativity workshops, coloring, and Hanukkah games.
When: December 24-30th
Where: Tower of David Museum, Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem


Contact Tower of David

City of David – Family Fun

Photography by: Eliyahu Yanai, Tower of David PR

The city of David Invites you to Hanukkah activities for the whole family, with lantern tours, adventurous games, and treasure hunt in the Tzurim Valley. What can the kids expect here?

Fascinating and spectacular lanterns tour to the Western Wall

Purchase Tickets

A digital experiences complex will be operated at the nearby Davidson Center

Purchase Tickets

Archaeological activity at Tzurim Valley

Purchase Tickets

Hallelujah – Night Show at City of David

Come to enjoy the spectacular “Hallelujah” night show that celebrated 50 years to the unification of Jerusalem. The performance uses an innovative “Video Mapping” technology that brings life into the ancient story of The Return to Zion. In this 1.5 hour show, you will feel this multisensory experience while having a nice night out.

Purchase Tickets

When: December 24-30th

Where: City of David, Jerusalem

Contact City of David

The traditional Hanukkah festival for the whole family at The Bible Lands Museum

“We carry torches!” The conventional Hanukkah festival for the entire family (graphics: courtesy of the Bible Lands Museum)

The Bible Lands Museum takes you on a journey following the footsteps of Deborah, the Prophetess! And that’s you, and the kids can expect:

  • A dramatized and interactive tour with exciting tasks
  • A workshop that will teach you to make a personal oil candles
  • The Big Wish” (Hamish’ala hagdola) Theater play for kids by Orna Porat Theater
  • A world premiere of the Mystery Theater – “The Last Tree” by Dana Forer and Keren Bromer, performed by Dana Forer and Maya Shneiderman. Directed by Raz Wiener and Yarden Gilboa.
  • Stations of independent activities.

When: December 24-30th

Where: Shmuel Stephan Weiz St 21, Museum Row, Jerusalem

Read More



Winter Treats at Ha-Ma’alot Boutique Apartment

Hannukkah Activities for Kids & Adults

A Fairytale Hannukah at Zedekiah’s Cave

Photography by: Yehuda Peled

Come to see how Zedekiah’s Cave, one of Jerusalem’s most beautiful sites, transforms into a massive mystery site for this year’s Hannukkah holiday.

This activity will take you on a journey with a real metal detector in search of treasures. Professional actors hold the event. 

Suitable for children of 4 years of and up.

When: December 24-26. Free shuttle service from the First Station will operate from 9:30 AM.
Where: Zedekiah’s Cave, Old City, Jerusalem
Cost: 30 NIS per person

Contact Zedekiah's Cave

Jewish Film Festival at Jerusalem Cinematheque

Jewish Film Festival 2019 (Photo: PR)

The Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival is celebrating 21 years, and everyone is invited. The festival will be held at Jerusalem Cinematheque on December 19-26th. During the festival there will be screenings of dozens of movies in selected competitions:

  • The International Film Competition
  • The interfaith Competition
  • Movies about Great Jewish Minds
  • The flagship event this year is the screening of “Hidden Live” – a biopic about the anonymous Austrian hero – Franz Jägerstätter, who refused to pledge loyalty to Hitler.

When: December 19-26

Where: 11 Hebron Rd, Jerusalem


Hannukah at Ammunition Hill Site

Photography by: Josh Fleischer

Ammunition Hill Site shares the holiday spirit with parents and children in Jerusalem!

Two extra-packed days will await you (Wednesday, December 25th, and Monday, December 30th). These days, special tours will be held at 10 AM, noon and 2 PM.

The tours will include visiting the new museum, visiting the Memorial Hall, and the visual presentation of the Ammunition Hill site.

Regarding activities and tours in English, please check available dates on the phone.

When: Throughout the whole holidays, two days with special tours – December 25th and 30th.

Where: Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem

Contact Ammunition Hill

Hanukkah at Beit Levi Eshkol


Photo: Beit Levi Eshkol

Beit Levi Eshkol is located in the historic building where the famous prime minister resided during the first years of the State of Israel. In the new interactive center, you’ll be able to enjoy an exciting tour that combines old with new, the past with the present.
The stations that are spread around the building will show you the life and legacy of Levi Eshkol. On Hanukkah, we’ll have an interactive tour around the house.

On Monday, Thursday and Sunday, at 10 AM, noon, and 2 PM – the tour will be combined with a special lantern tour under the guidance of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. These tours will take place at 5 PM.
And what’s going on in Jerusalem after the prime minister goes to bed? Join a fascinating lantern tour nearby, and explore the wonderful world that wakes up after sunset. We’ll trot the paths with lanterns and flashlights, meeting night animals, enjoy beautiful stories, and the calm of after dark.
Where: Sderot Ben Maimon 46, Jerusalem.

Contact Beit Levi Eshkol

A fun activity for the whole family: The Temple Mount Sifting Project

Photo: Courtesy of the Temple Mount Sifting Project

On this Hanukkah holiday, everyone is welcome to join The Temple Mount Sifting Project activities – a particular activity that will connect you with the past of ancient Jerusalem and Temple Mount.
The participants will do some real archaeological work. Each discoverer will be credited for every discovered object. Do you think you can find rare items? Be an archaeologist for one day and help old rescue remains from the most critical site in the heritage of the People of Israel.

When: During the holidays


Yonina will perform a special Hanukkah acoustic show at Nocturno LIVE

Photo: Courtesy of the Temple Mount Sifting Project

In Nocturno Live, you’ll be able to see the duo Yonina performing an acoustic set in an intimate atmosphere filled with new music – in a festive Hanukkah atmosphere.

When: December 28th, 9 PM, doors open at 8 PM
Where: Bezalel 7, Jerusalem
Cost: pre-sale – 65 NIS, 77 NIS at the box office.


Hanukkah events at the First Station Terminal

The Terminal will host two events that will warm you up this winter:

On December 22nd at 8 PM: “Ba la Bama,” a female improvisation night. Purchase Tickets.
On December 24th at 9 PM: The Jerusalem Jazz club will give an exceptional Hanukkah performance. Facebook event.
Where: David Remez Str. 4, Jerusalem

Contact Terminal

Ramat Rachel’s Special Challenge


Photo: Courtesy of Etgar Berama

Looking for a fun outdoor activity for both parents and children? Join the challenging adventure in Kibbutz Ramat Rachel: a unique archeological experience in the footsteps of Ramat’s Rachel ancient treasures.

Where: Kibbutz Ramat Rachel
Cost: 30 ILS – family tickets

Events are subject to cancellation due to weather conditions. Advance registration is recommended.

Contact Etgar Berama

Tours & Events

Hannukklayim in The Old City

Photography by: Yael Herman

Join the entire city as it celebrates Hanukkah at the unique Hanukklaim Festival with the following activities

  • Eight special stations – one for each Hanukkah candle
  • Light shows with unique decorations
  • Menorah tours
  • Special candle lighting every day
  • Workshops
  • Trivia games

When: December 24-66, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Where: starts at Jaffa Gate
Cost: Free!

Wine Festival “Loyal to the Place” at Mateh Yehuda

The traditional wine event of Judea wineries in Mini Israel. Photo courtesy of Chani Ben Yehuda Productions.

The annual wine festival of Mateh Yehuda in Jerusalem mountains returns with special events, tours, and fine wines from the local wineries, the best ones in Israel. This year you’ll enjoy:

  • Tours at the wineries
  • Tastings of fine wines
  • Live performances
  • Fun shows for the whole family

When: December 5-27th
Where: Jerusalem Mountains


Hanukkah tour at “Yad Vashem” museum

Yad Vashem” Holocaust Remembrance Site offers a fascinating tour of Hanukkah that will focus on the heroic acts of people and families, organizations, and communities while fighting for their life. During the tour, we’ll hear about the armed and spiritual resistance, of the Rescue efforts made both by Jewish and non-Jewish individuals. The tour will include tales about Hanukkah during the Holocaust.
When: December 22nd, 3:45 PM.
Where: World Holocaust Remembrance Center of Yad Vashem
Cost: 32 NIS

Contact Yad Vashem

Special “Outside the Box Encounters” for Hanukkah

Outside the Box Encounters” invite you to join a fascinating tour in the Ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem alleys in the spirit of Hanukkah! Here you’ll taste latkes, traditional Sufganiyot (Hanukkah donuts), and light a candle with an ultra-Orthodox family.

  • What’s the plan for the tour?
  • A short chat at the Davidka Square
  • Next, you’ll go to a home of an ultra-orthodox family for lightning the traditional candle, eating warm latkes
  • A stroll in the candle-lit streets
  • Get to hear some stories about the ultra-orthodox community, and see why the story of Hanukkah is as relevant as ever.
  • During the tour, you’ll be offered delicious donuts.

Please come in modest dressing (the men are kindly asked to come dressed in a sleeved shirt and long pants. Women are kindly requested to come dressed in sleeved shirts, without exposed cleavage and long pants or skirt).
The tour is subjected to a minimum number of participants.
When: December 25-26th, 6 to 8 PM
Cost: Adult – 120 NIS, a child – 80 NIS

Contact Outside the Box Encounters

Gazelle Valley Park

Photo: Ayala Becker.

The Gazelle Valley Park invites you to join a magical journey for exploring nature phenomena, unique to the cold season in the valley:
See the winter bloom
Search for mushrooms (not intended for eating)
Learn about the ways animals of the park adapt to winter
At the end of each tour – tea and cookies
The park is accessible for strollers and wheelchairs

When: December 25-27th (Wednesday-Thursday), 11 AM to 3 PM (the tour leaves every 30 minutes).
December 27th (Friday): The torch march. Follow the Facebook page of the Gazelle Valley for more details, closer to the event date.
Where: The Gazelle Valley
Cost: Free

The events subjected to suitable weather, please contact the administration ahead. We recommend wearing a warm coat and boots.

Hanukkah events at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory

Hanukkah at Jerusalem Bird Observatory (Photo by Avner Rinot)

Jerusalem Bird Observatory invites the whole family to participate in many activities involving the birds of the city.

Afternoon Bird Watching Tour: take binoculars and watch the way birds live during the winter.
When: December 25th, 3:30 PM.
Cost: 25 NIS per participant

Migrating birds: Join the Study of Migratory Birds in the Jerusalem winter!
When: Almost every day! December 23-27, as well as December 29th at 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM.
Cost: 15 NIS per participant. Up to 60 NIS for one family.
Grandparents and grandchildren activity: an educational, challenging game, designed for loving grandparents and their grandchildren.
When: December 25th, 3 PM.
Cost: 30 NIS per participant.
Birdwatching in the Gazelle Valley Park: a unique activity, during which we’ll trace migrating birds who settled in the Gazelle Valley Park.
When: December 29th, 7:30 AM.
Cost: 25 NIS per participant.
The meet-up spot: at the entrance to the Gazelle Valley Park.
Where: Jerusalem Bird Research Station, Rothschild Str., Jerusalem

Contact Jerusalem Bird Observatory

Exciting Hanukkah tours in the Jewish Quarter with the Western Wall Heritage Foundation

Photo: Courtesy of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.


The Western Wall Heritage Foundation invites everyone to many tours full of discoveries and the unique festive atmosphere at the Jewish Quarter – suitable for all ages.
This year as well, you’ll enjoy dozens of Menorah tours in the Old City filled with experiences and variety. Every journey of the Foundation has its distinctive vibe, including special activities for children, walking among the alleys of the Jewish Quarter as the candles are lit in the houses. We’ll visit synagogues, lighting candles, and accompanying musician who sings the holiday songs while everyone enjoys the delicious Sufganiya.
Additionally to the tours, a special candle-lightning ceremony will be held every day (at 4:15 PM) at the Western Wall Square. The closest spot to where the Hanukkah miracle had happened.
Plus, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation arranges visitations at the Western Wall Tunnels sites:
“Looking to the past” – tour the Temple in virtual reality experience.
“Journey to Jerusalem” – A special activity. It tells the story of the Jewish People from all around the world. How they wandered back to their homeland. The story is told from a personal perspective – each according to their country of origin.


Fun Hanukkah at Kiftzuba

צילום: קיפצובה

Photo: PR Kiftzuba

In honor of Hanukkah, the amusement park Kiftzuba invites both the children and the parents to get closer to nature with many facilities, games, and activities for kids of all ages!
During the holidays (except Friday and Saturday), you’ll enjoy a special Hanukkah reception with candles and sufganiyot at 4:30 PM.
When: December 24-30. Regular days: 10 AM to 5 PM, Friday 10 AM to 4 PM.
Where: Kiftzuba amusement park, Kibbutz Tzuba

Contact Kiftzuba Amusement Park

Jerusalem Flea Market

Jerusalem Flea Market (Photo: Ze’ev Trombabler, Jerusalem Flea Market PR).

Jerusalem Flea Market will run during the whole holiday at the Davidka Square in the City Center. You’ll enjoy a European-Style antique fair, featuring dozens of collectors from all across the country, offering items that are rare, antique, vintage, second hand, collectibles retro, etc.
When: December 23-31th, the fair will be held every day from 9 AM to 7 PM. On Friday the market will take place from 9 AM to 2 PM.
Where: The external square of Clal Center and Davidka Square.

Hanukkah at the monkeys’ shelter

If you are willing to get a little further from Jerusalem, you should know that the Israeli Monkey Shelter in Ben Shemen Forest there’s a great fun day for the whole family to spend during Hanukkah:

  • Workshop of making candles from clay and wax
  • Making sufganiyot
  • Getting to know the fascinating world of the apes and the rescue center
  • A huge Jamboree facility with four stories
  • Extreme sports complex with zip-lines facilities, climbing wall, rope track.

When: Weekdays: 10 AM to 3 PM. Fridays: 10 AM to 2 PM.
You may stay up to 2 hours after the box office is closed.
Where: The Israeli Monkey Shelter
More details over the phone: +972 8 9285888

Independent Menorah tours by BeeTravel

Menorah tour. Courtesy of BeeTravel.

This holiday, BeeTravel provides you with a kit for an independent tour. How does it work?
You order the kit and start to get written instructions for a fascinating tour at Nahlaot neighborhood. The journey is suitable for families, and it’ll lead you to magical places, including special activities,
The kit is free of charge – for a limited time.

For more details and purchase >>

Where to Stay in Jerusalem

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What to See in Jerusalem

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Where to Eat in Jerusalem

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Located on the tranquil kibbutz of the same name, Ramat Rachel Hotel is only a few minutes' drive from the bustling Jerusalem city center... Read more
  • +972-(0)72-3290740
  • Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem
from $167 / personMore info
Special offers: Leonardo Boutique hotel
Leonardo Boutique Jerusalem offers 70 beautifully designed and fully equipped guest rooms for couples, families and business. Read more
  • +972-72-3385039
  • 3 Monbaz Street, Jerusalem
from $259 / coupleMore info
Special offers at Villa Brown Hotel
The stunning Brown Jerusalem is downtown's first boutique design hotel, promising small-scale luxury and comfort at its finest. Read more
  • +972-72-3713456
  • 54 Haneviim St, Jerusalem
Special Offers at Prima Park Hotel!
Prima Park Hotel is located a short distance from Jerusalem's attractions, while the hotel's quality amenities will fulfill all needs. Read more
  • +972-39533854
  • 2 Zeev Vilnai Street, Jerusalem
Experience true rural hosting at Hotel Ye'arim! The hotel is located on one of Jerusalem highest mountaintops and it is surrounded by the magic... Read more
  • +972-(0)72-3281983
  • Ma'ale Hahamisha St, Ma'ale Hahamisha
from $162 / personMore info
special morning indulgence
50% OFF the second night
A romantic boutique hotel in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, Alegra Hotel offers contemporary details in a classic atmosphere. Read more
  • +972-72-3281864
  • 13 Derech Haachayot St, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
from ₪950 / coupleMore info
Special offers at the American Colony!
Located near the Old City of Jerusalem, the American Colony Hotel is perfect for couples, families and offers event hosting. Read more
  • +972-72-3944569
  • 1 Louis Vincent Street, Jerusalem
from $250 / personMore info
Book a room now at the Tryp Bat Sheva Hotel, a new boutique hotel by Wyndham Hotels, offering an intimate getaway at the center... Read more
  • 42 King George St, Jerusalem
Stay at the new Ibis Hotel at Jerusalem's City Center and enjoy a buslting experience, relaxing rooms, great amenities and prices. For couples and... Read more
  • +972-72-3384966
  • Ben Yehuda 4 St, Jerusalem
The Abraham Hostel is Jerusalem's #1 hostel and often ranked among the best in the world. Stay there for an unforgettable travel experience. Read more
  • +972-(0)72-3932793
  • 67 Hanevi'im St, Jerusalem
from $21 / personMore info
An intimate boutique hotel that gets you familiar with the history, flavors, and people who shaped the new Jerusalem. Read more
  • +972-72-3281849
  • Kfar Bar'am St 26, Jerusalem
Zippori Guesthouse, located near Jerusalem Forest, offers rooms for the whole family, tours, and private & business events, of up to 250 people Read more
  • +972-(0)72-3290702
  • Zippori Center, Jerusalem Forest
Indulgent Kosher Breakfast-Great Prices
Sweet Ein Karem B&B is a romantic & family-friendly resort in West Jerusalem. Stay and enjoy activities, spa, and chocolates! Read more
  • 072-3944547
  • Sweet Ein Karem, Mavo HaShaar Street, Jerusalem
from $126 / personMore info
Special offers at Villa Ba'Moshava Hotel
This quaint hotel in the German Colony at Jerusalem offers friendly hospitality with a special touch. Read more
  • +972-72-3281858
  • 13 Yehoshua Bin Nun Street, Jerusalem
Winter Treats at Ha-Ma’alot Boutique Apartment
Ha-Ma'alot Boutique apartment is a spacious, luxurious apartment, packed with modern, elegant, and extra-comfortable design. Read more
  • +972-72-3281865
  • Ha-Ma'alot Street 6, Jerusalem, Israel
$250 / personMore info
Special offers at the Post Hostel
Book a vacation at The Post Hostel and get a 15% discount on your booking when you check out!
The Post is a stylish, urban hostel that serves as a cozy and convenient base for all types of travelers from across the globe. Read more
  • +972-(0)72-328-1975
  • 23 Yafo Street, Jerusalem (entrance from 3 Koresh Street)
from $21 / personMore info

Recommended Restaurants

Quality meat and freshly baked bread at a fair price Read more
  • 072-3281970
  • The First Station, 4 David Remez St, Jerusalem
Enjoy Japanika’s Special Deals!
A national chain of kosher sushi restaurants with 2 locations in Jerusalem Read more
  • 072-3944541
  • Cinema City, Sderot Yitshak Rabin, Jerusalem
Burger + Fries + Beer for 55 ILS!
Burger Market in Downtown Jerusalem offers a fun environment and great burgers with fries, beer or soft drinks. Read more
  • 072-3385045
  • 3 Shim'on Ben Shatakh Street
The reincarnation of the Anna Ticho House Italian restaurant now in Nahalt Shiva with daily live music Read more
  • 072-328-1965
  • 12 Yoel Moshe Solomon St, Jerusalem
Located nearby the Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem is a kosher lemehadrin restaurant which combines high quality food with an authentic Jerusalem atmosphere. Ideal... Read more
  • 072-3281847
  • 174 Hagai/Al-Wad St, adjacent to Western Wall Plaza, Jerusalem.
Located at Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, Valero is a chic restro-bar with a chef's kitchen serving gourmet meals and hosting events. Read more
  • 072-3932790
  • 80 Agripas Street, Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem
Adjacent to the Israel Museum, a design befitting its artistic host and a local menu of Jerusalem dishes with a MODERN twist. Read more
  • The Israel Museum, 11 Ruppin Road, Jerusalem
Happy Hour at Nocturno
Get a free chaser at Nocturno Bar!
Nocturno Cafe is one of the most popular places in the city, located on the Designer's Compound in the city center. It offers varied... Read more
  • 072-3290749
  • 7 Bezalel St, Jerusalem
Business Meals at CHEFCHAOUEN
Tastes from the middle east, along with classic street food, in modern and surprising versions. Read more
  • 074-7691311
  • Hillel 19, Jerusalem
A prestigious chef restaurant, perfect for families or couples, with a kosher fish/meat menu and options for organizing private events. Read more
Where music meets culinary excellence in downtown Jerusalem Read more
  • 072-3713077
  • 8 Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset, Jerusalem
Sweet Ein Karem cafe offers a healthy and delicious dairy kosher menu with a beautiful view of the Jerusalem Mountains. Read more
  • 072-3944523
special offer: 55 NIS meal
The new Jerusalem hot spot for kosher gourmet burgers on fresh-baked buns Read more
  • 072-3290701
  • 3 Haarmonim St, Jerusalem
Located in the heart of Ein Karem, this charming 2-story, Mediterranean-style bistro has some of the best food and views in Read more
  • 072-328-1838
  • 15 Hama'ayan St, Ein Karem, Jerusalem
O2 provides an authentic Israeli experience by offering you the best delicacies with local spice and aroma. Read more
  • 072-3385018
  • 3 Ze'ev Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem
Meejana is a restaurant where you can enjoy a luxurious atmosphere & savoring chef dishes that draw their influences from classic Jerusalem food. Read more
  • 072-3281840
  • Amr Ibn Al A'as St 6, Jerusalem
The Courtyard Restaurant at American Colony Hotel is a luxurious restaurant open during the summer time and serving fresh Mediterranean food. Read more
  • 072-3944494
  • 1 Louis Vincent Street, Jerusalem
An authentic mehadrin kosher-dairy Italian restaurant in the picturesque Nahalt Shiva neighborhood Read more
  • 072-3281985
  • 12 Mevo Beit David Street, Jerusalem

More activities for Hanukkah In Jerusalem

Book an Escape Room Adventure and Get 10% OFF!
Join an outstanding VR experience using the most advanced technology in the Secret Room in Jerusalem. A fun activity for the whole family. Read more
  • 072-3944517
  • 97 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem
Various workshops in the Jerusalem House of Quality: crafting Judaica artifacts, sculpting, painting on glass, designing jewelry, including wool works! Read more
  • 072-3944502
  • Hevron Str. 12, Haifa