Hanukkah 2024 in Jerusalem

Hanukkah 2024 in Jerusalem

autor iconBy iTravelJerusalem staff , November 21, 2023

Hanukkah is a holiday of festivals, musicals, shows and plays. All the children are excited about the numerous activities dedicated to this bright holiday, going much beyond spinning the dreidels. Hanukkah 2022 brings you eight days of unforgettable delights and fun! Jerusalem is the best place to celebrate the Jewish holidays and here you may find all kinds of related activities all around. Starting with a long list of theater plays dedicated to Hanukkah, starring the most popular stars among children and youth (all being sold-out, mostly). Additionally, there are many colorful Hanukkah shows and spectacles all around the city, especially in the major theaters. 

Choose your Hanukkah activities this year in Jerusalem

Chanukalaim Festival in Jerusalem - participation is free of charge!

 Jerusalem celebrates Hanukkah with Chanukalaim festival that will take place throughout the Old City and will offer a wide range of attractions and activities for the whole family, organized as a fun journey from station to station, menorah tours, the lighting of the miracle Menorah, live performances, street theater, interactive experiences, musical groups, doughnuts and more. 

Where? The festival will begin at the Jaffa Gate Plaza and enter the Old City on a fun, interactive, and festive route. 

When? TBA

Hanukkah and winter tours in Jerusalem

Hanukkah is a particularly magical holiday to spend in Jerusalem. The incredible lights of the Menorahs are visible in every window, and a scent of freshly made Sufganiyot fills the air. That’s your opportunity to get to know the holiday’s customs and go on a journey tracing the history of the oil can, as well as the whole Old City of Jerusalem. 

See all tours dedicated to this wonderful Holiday >>

Menorah Tour in the Jewish Quarter

Photo: Hannah Tayeb

 Join an unforgettable Hanukkah tour during which we will listen to the stories of Hanukkah, and get to know the heroes of the Jewish Quarter and Jerusalem back in the day, all delivered through games, stories, and a fun experience. We will walk the alleys, see the lighting of menorahs and experience the magical moments in the quarter. We’ll hear the story about the warriors and Maccabees, The heroes of the Independence War and more. The tour will take you to some of our most spectacular tourist destinations. Tours include entering tourist sites and lighting candles. 

When? December TBA | 17:00-19:00, 19:00-21:00 

Where? Meeting point for tours: Jaffa Gate, inside the gate in the covered area. 

Cost? Adult - 50 NIS, Child / Senior Citizen / Disabled /Student - 40 NIS 


Special tours for Hanukkah at Yad Vashem

The Yad Vashem Museum invites the public to celebrate the Feast of Light and Heroism with special guided tours dedicated to Jewish heroism in the Holocaust.

  • "Light and Heroism" - A tour of the Museum of the History of the Holocaust - an overview of historical events and the actions of the Jewish resistance in the face of one of the lowest points in human history.
  • "Sparks of Light" - A tour of the site (with no entry to the Holocaust History Museum) - a tour of the memorial sites throughout the compound that will reveal the stories of heroism and fortitude of Jews in the camps and ghettos, the work of the Righteous among the Nations and the story of the fighting of Jewish fighters in the ranks of the Allied armies.

* Tours are subject to a minimum amount of participants and prior registration is required. Ages 14 and older. 

Where? Mount of Memory, Jerusalem 

When? TBA   | 10:00 - 12:00 

Cost? 40 NIS Full details and registration on the event page (Hebrew) >> 

The Guardians of the Walls return to the promenade for Hanukkah!


A new installation on the Southern Wall Promenade of the Ramparts Walks (from Jaffa Gate to the Wall) features life-size statues of defenders of Jerusalem. An unforgettable experience that allows you to discover the personal story of the Guardians of the Walls and the spirit of the period through an innovative augmented reality app. Included in the price of admission to the complex - no extra charge.

Where? Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem 

When? TBA

Cost? 25 NIS for an adult, 12 NIS for a child/soldier/retiree 


Special Hanukkah tour at the National Library


Photo: Yoni Klebermann

 Join a unique night lanterns tour through the National Library where we will walk through the reading halls and magical bookshelves to discover exhibits that have never seen light. We’ll see a special display of microfilm over the background of well-known Mordechai Ardon's stained glass and illuminated by night lighting. More details and registration on the event page (Hebrew) >> 

Where? Edmond J. Safra Campus, Jerusalem 

When? TBA | 20:30-22: 00 

Cost? 20 NIS, Senior Citizen 15 NIS 

Menorah and holiday tours with Go Car

Go Car. Photo: PR

Experience the holiday like never before with GO CAR's cool car tours. They include a drive through the alleyways of the Old City, with the tour guide explaining the places by walkie-talkie, and each participant receiving a tablet connected to the car's audio system. The exciting Hanukkah songs that will be played from the tablet, along with the fascinating explanations about the holiday and the various customs on walkie-talkies create a special connection to the places you pass by during this tour. Jerusalem is the center of the Hanukkah holiday. 

Passing through the historic places and connecting to the roots through the explanations and songs makes the trip an exciting, enjoyable experience with lots of added value. 

When? Sunday-Saturday 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 Each tour takes about an hour and a half (90 minutes). 

Where? The tours depart from the David Remez 4 Jerusalem Station complex. 

Cost? 160 NIS instead of 175 NIS with the code: ITRAVEL

Hanukkah's activities for children and parents

Hanukkah Activities for families at Ein Yael 

You’re welcome to participate in experiential Hanukkah tours at the Ein Yael Oudoor Museum. Enjoy a tour of the ancient village and the Spring, in which we will harvest the olive trees and produce oil in the ancient cloth house. Finally, we'll make candles out of natural clay and shoot a traditional bow and arrow, while completing the day with tea and pita on a bonfire. 

Where? Ein Yael, Jerusalem 

When? TBA 

Cost? 35 NIS 

Celebration of Light in the Biblical Zoo!

The Biblical Zoo. Photo: Ahuva Pash

 Join a fascinating journey among the Biblical Zoo displays through a mobile navigation game. Observe guided feedings and get to know animals up close in "Beit Hai" activities.

  • The navigation game starts at the entrance to the zoo, is free of charge, and is suitable for the whole family.
  • During the game, you will receive various cues via WhatsApp, which will lead you among various exhibits, all the way to the finish line where a lovely surprise which will await you.
  • Additionally, there will be guided feedings at the various exhibits of the zoo.
  • On all days of the Hanukkah holiday, the"Beit Hai" will operate regularly. You’re welcome to arrive from 11:00-16:00 and on Friday until 15:00. Enjoy close encounters with fascinating animals every hour - rabbits, lizards, skinks, snakes, and more.

Where? 1 Aron Shulov Road, Jerusalem 

When? The zoo is open Sunday-Thursday from 17:00-09:00, Friday from 16:00-09:00, and Saturday from 17:00-09:00. The public may enter the zoo no later than two hours before closing time. 

Cost? Adult - 63 NIS | Child (3-18) / Policeman / Student / Soldier / Senior Citizen - 49 NIS | People with disabilities - 35 NIS 


Underwater Experience for Hanukkah at Israel Aquarium

Israel Aquarium. Photo: Yair Ben-Artzi

 Visit Israel Aquarium - the most impressive and innovative aquarium in the country. Spend Hanukkah with fascinating tours of the underwater world at the Israel Aquarium.

  • During Hanukkah, the teaching class will operate in an aquarium where you can watch the hatching of Brine shrimp and guess the animals that are hiding in tactile boxes. There will also be a creative activity for visitors.
  • Last chance to visit the "Earth Poetica" exhibition by the Jerusalem artist Beverly Barkat, before it moves by the end of the month to its new permanent location in the United States. The exhibition features a sphere, 13 feet in diameter made entirely of plastic waste that the Jerusalem artist has collected for over 3 years. The installation shows the immense damage caused by the increasing use of plastic and our ability to inspire change regarding this pressing issue.

Where? 1 Aron Shulov Road, Jerusalem 

When? Sunday-Wednesday 17:00-09:00 | Thursday 18:00-09:00 | Friday 16:00-09:00 | Saturday 17:00-09:00. The public may enter the zoo no later than two hours before the aquarium closes. The visit to the aquarium also includes the biodiversity display and the butterfly house. 

Cost? Adult - 50 NIS, Child / Senior Citizen / Disabled / student - 40 NIS 


Go on a journey in the human body in the Time elevator in Jerusalem

On this Hanukkah holiday, you may go on a journey in the Time Elevator to reveal the secrets of Jerusalem on Mamilla Boulevard (the indoor mall). Discover the wonders of underground Jerusalem, at altitude and even in the human body.

  • A two-dimensional experiential installation that takes visitors on a fascinating journey through time into the depths of the city of Jerusalem, from the days of the First Temple through the Second Temple, the conquerors of the city, the liberation of the Wall in the Six-Day War to the present day. About 30 minutes. Screened in 8 languages.
  • A journey in a tiny capsule into the human body in 3d that reveals the secrets of the most elaborate machine in the universe, the human body. How do we breathe? How do we digest? What do we look like from the inside? The answers can be found in spectacular and accurate 3d simulations with the help of “Info” - the futuristic robotic capsule, which guides the journey and provides its own unique perspective on what’s going on in our bodies. About 25 minutes. (no option for stationary seats)
  • In addition to experiencing the time elevator, visitors will be able to combine a 360 – degree view from the Phasael Tower at the Tower of David and a self-guided tour with the pop guide app. Rise to the top of the 777-meters above sea-level level - from which you can enjoy the most beautiful 360°view in Jerusalem - East and West, the Old City and the New City, past and future. From the observation deck built by King Herod 2,000 years ago you can enjoy the view of sacred sites, neighborhoods, and key buildings in Jerusalem; the Temple Mount and above it the Mount of Olives and Mount Scopus, the Old City squares, and more. (Note: disabled/wheelchair inaccessible) Admission from age 5 / Please schedule beforehand the date and the type of activity.

Where? Mamilla Yitzhak Kariv 6, Jerusalem 

When? Tower of David observation: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-16:00 Friday 09:00-14:00 (No need to coordinate) Time Elevator in Hanukkah, December 20-26. Sunday-Thursday 10:00-19:20 Fri 10:00-13:20 Sat Closed. The sightseeing tour is available on the Time Elevator app, a mobile device and headphones are required. 

Cost? The Time Elevator price: 

  • 54 NIS when purchasing a ticket at the box office
  • 46 NIS - online. Discounts for Yerushalmi cardholders and more 
  • Cost of a combined ticket including observation from the Phasael Tower – 64 NIS]


Celebrating Hanukkah at the Old Yishuv Court Museum


Photo by: Old Yishuv Court Museum

Visit the Old Yishuv Court Museum and enjoy various activities in the holiday spirit

  • Special holiday-themed display "Between Holy and Light" - come see an amazing collection of rare Hanukkah lamps from the museum's collection.
  • The Mirande de Hanukkah " - A tour of the Jewish Quarter following the Ladino-speaking communities. How did they celebrate Hanukkah in Jerusalem inside the walls and what is"Mirande de Hanukkah"? About the parade, the food, the songs, and more. The tour includes tastings of traditional Hanukkah dishes. Guide: Edna Assis
  • Following Montefiore - an augmented reality game for the whole family (by pre-order only). Tuesday-Thursday December 20-22, Sunday-Monday, December 25-26 10:00
  • Guided tours of the Museum – Tuesday-Thursday, December 20-22, Sunday-Monday, December 25, 11:00, 14:00
  • Mystery at the museum with actor Habib Mizrahi - the museum is raging! One of the most important items in the collection disappeared. The local Sherlock Holmes tries to solve the mystery and calm the spirits. Tuesday-Thursday, December 20-22, Sunday-Monday, December 25-26, 12:00.
  • A theatrical–musical performance, part of Heritage Week events – December 20-22 and 25 only, 13:00.

Where? Or Haim 6, Jerusalem 

When? TBA

Cost?: 75 NIS 

Hanukkah at the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art!


The U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art invites you to enjoy the light with us and celebrate Hanukkah together!

  • A special display of various special items from the museum's collection related to Hanukkah. Follow the lights and find the items presented on display specifically for the holiday.
  • For children and families - Special game: "In the Wake of the Lost Menorah of the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art". Search for the special items, answer questions, and win prizes! Suitable for ages 6-10.
  • Workshop - "Magic Menorah" - Creating menorahs that burn without fire! Suited for ages 5-10.
  • Free tours for the public: All holiday days at 12:00 p.m.

Where? Hillel 25, Jerusalem 

When? TBA 


  • Adult - 25 NIS | Senior citizen: 
  • 12 NIS | child15 NIS child under 5 - free  
  • During the holiday tours are free Lost Menorah: 10 NIS (family ticket included) 
  • Workshop: 10 NIS for a creation kit | Family ticket (up to two adults and three children) - NIS 95 (includes: entrance, game, and workshop participation) 

* When buying an entrance ticket to the museum. 

Hanukkah at the Hebrew Music Museum Jerusalem

Photo: The Hebrew Music Museum

The Hebrew Music Museum invites you to celebrate the Feast of Lights by playing and singing: During Hanukkah, the Museum will conduct musical tours tailored to children and their parents in the museum's seven spaces, during which we will familiarize ourselves with unique instruments and experience playing, with an emphasis on the instruments that are the foundation of the fire. Throughout the tour, we will be familiar with instruments from all the diaspora - the Ethiopian masinko, the Balkan Gusla, the Persian Kamancha, and more. In each diaspora, we will play together a song or poetry in the spirit of Hanukkah. After the final tour of the museum, there will be a solemn candlelight vigil in Music Square and doughnuts will be handed out. Suitable for ages 4-12 and the whole family. 

Where? Yoel Moshe Salomon 12, Jerusalem 

When? TBA

Cost? 30-50 NIS

Hanukkah Activity at the Biblical Lands Museum

Photo: Biblical Lands Museum website

Spotlight on the dark - a tour and activity complex for the whole family. The Bible Lands Museum invites the whole family on a special light and dark tour in honor of Hanukkah. The shades of black in the ancient world were created in many ways and used for a variety of purposes. In a new activity for the whole family, we invite you to tour the museum galleries following ancient black objects in an integrated tour of puzzles and activities, and experience black-colored creation.

  • On our tour, we will meet a black cat from ancient Egypt, explore an ancient technique for decorating urns with fire from Greece, and the art of stonework on black basalt stones from the Land of Israel.
  • In the activity gallery we will create different types of black: write in black ink, paint in charcoal, touch various textures of black color and reveal the role of fire in the creation of black.
  • Using various costumes and accessories, we will experiment with silhouette games and recreate scenes from ancient tool decorations, creating a personal piece inspired by ancient black.
  • The film “Secrets of Fire” will be screened throughout the day (about half an hour)
  • Suitable for ages 5-10
  • It is recommended to wear clothes that you’re willing to get dirty.

Where? Shmuel Stephan Wise 21, Jerusalem 

When? TBA | The duration of the activity is approximately two and a half hours 

Cost? 30 NIS per participant | 20 NIS per subscriber | 25 NIS for Yerushalmi cardholders

Guided Tours Festival at The Beit Levi Eshkol Visitor Center

 On this Hanukkah holiday, you are invited to an experiential and teaching tour for the whole family at The Beit Levi Eshkol Visitor Center, the home of the first Prime Ministers of the State of Israel located in the heart of the Rehavia neighborhood of Jerusalem. The tour reveals the life story of Prime Minister Levi Eshkol through the corners of the house that show different parts of Levi Eshkol's life and work:

  • We shall Visit the living room of the house, where leaders and heads of states have been hosted
  • We will watch a short film created specially for visitors, and at the end we will tour the kitchen (known as the Prime Minister's state”kitchenette”)
  • We'll peek into the dining room and see the Prime Minister's work corner.

The experiential tour is delivered in two ways:

  1. A guided tour - accompanied by the house's staff, who share private photos of Eshkol's life and the stories behind his decisions as Prime Minister - is suitable for adults.
  2. Interactive tour with tablets - suitable for families with children.

Where? Sderot Ben Maimon 46, Jerusalem 

When? Tours will take place on dates: TBA | Three rounds every day: 10:00 (guided), 12:00 (interactive), and 14:00 (guided) | Tour length: approximately 75 minutes | Designed for families (children age 7 and above) and adults. 

A One-time Hanukkah Evening at the Israel Museum – A Museum in a Different Light

The Israel Museum and the Jerusalem Municipality celebrate Hanukkah on a one-time eventful night full of light! Come see the museum in a new and intriguing light and celebrate Hanukkah in a Jerusalem atmosphere with:

  • Central Candlelight attended by Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon
  • Light shows throughout the Museum
  • A variety of holiday activities for the whole family
  • Food and music during the evening
  • Special offers for Yerushalmi card holders | Free admission for children!

Where? 11 Ruppin Road, Jerusalem 

When? TBA

Cost? Adult-54 NIS | Student-39 NIS | Senior Citizen / Disabled - 27 NIS | Jerusalem cardholders - 30 NIS 


Celebrating Hanukkah at the Cocoa Forest

The Jerusalem Chocolate Boutique the Cocoa Forest is the perfect solution to make this Hanukkah sweeter than ever! Every day there will be praline workshops for the whole family. Get to know the world of chocolate, tour the factory, and of course, create delicious and beautiful pralines with your favorite fillings. The workshops take about an hour and a half long, suitable for the age of 5. And the products you’ll craft are amazing are worth much more than the price of the workshop. 

In addition, at the 18:00 workshop, there will be a candle-lighting ceremony that also includes hot chocolate treats. Worth coming. You can always enjoy this divinity from a distance too: the kosher Mehadrin chocolate packs come in quick delivery all over the country, and the holiday packages contain chocolate dreidels and even a kit for making chocolate coins with a personal design, bringing you the magic of the chocolate workshops.

When? Throughout the holidays

Where? Poalei Tzedek 2, Jerusalem

Cultural events for the whole family

Hanukkah Events at the First Station Complex

 Join Hanukkah celebrations in Jerusalem at the First Station Complex: a special festival rich in activities for the whole family that will last eight days and include something fun and memorable for all ages!

  • Jerusalem Dessert Fair #4 in honor of Christmas
  • Live performances every night, plays, and shows for children and the whole family
  • A festive candlelight each evening followed by a special light show
  • Over 30 restaurants and businesses with Holiday specials!
  • Please note, unless otherwise stated, all activities are free of charge – enjoy!

The full list of events and activities and more details - on the event page (Heb) >> 

Where? Station Complex 

When? December 18-26 | 09:00-23:00 

Cost? Free 

Nocturno Events in Hanukkah

 Nocturno Live provides a series of memorable performances for the Jerusalem audience and guests from all over the country.

When: TBA

Where? Bezalel 7, Jerusalem 

Cost? 35 NIS in advance registration and with a first drink included. 

Hanukkah at Beit Avi Chai - lights up: more light all around

At Hanukkah, a musical inspirational event will be held at Beit Avi Chai to celebrate the Feast of Light. Yuval Malhi ("History for Children") will tell about inspiring young people who have done and are doing good in the world. We will sing darkness-banishing songs with Moshe Korsia, and try to find the way in which each of us can become a little light in the world. Attended by Reni Hadar who curates this initiative. * The show is translated into sign language 

Where? King George 44, Jerusalem 

When? TBA

Cost? 30 NIS | Accompanying person: 10 NIS Events of the Month at Beit Avi Chai>> 


Hanukkah Events for the whole Family at the Jerusalem Cinematheque

Photo: Jerusalem Cinematheque PR

On the occasion of Hanukkah, the Jerusalem Cinematheque holds a wide variety of festive events that will make Hanukkah memorable – for children, adults, and families alike.

  • "The Magic Flute" Metropolitan Opera New York (English, English subtitles) In Mozart's classic opera, Prince Tamino comes to the rescue of Princess Femina from the man who kidnapped her.

* In addition to Hanukkah – special prices for the best movie club for the whole family 

When? TBA

Hanukkah Celebrations at Beer Bazaar

The dreidel of Beer Baazar returns for more Hanukkah fun and you are invited to enjoy and indulge in the Mahane Yehuda Market branch and the IBA branch. Each table will be able to twist the dreidel and receive a gift by the letter. Each table will win one of four perks:

  • Nachos
  • Beer boost
  • 10% discount on the account
  • Pretzels

Enjoy the holiday with Beer Bazaar! 

Where? Mahane Yehuda Market Branch - Etz Chaim ST 3, Jerusalem | IBA Branch - Jaffa 161, Jerusalem 

When? TBA