Yom Haatzmaut 2025 Events in Jerusalem

Yom Haatzmaut 2025 Events in Jerusalem

autor iconBy iTravelJerusalem staff , May 7, 2024

The first thing you will notice about Yom Haatzmaut is the emotional transition from the sadness of Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s Day of Remembrance, to Israel's Independence Day. This official national holiday has become an essential day in the Jewish calendar, celebrated by Jewish communities worldwide. Yom Haatzmaut begins at sundown immediately following Yom Hazikaron and ends after sundown the following day. It celebrates the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel in 1948, making this the 76th birthday! Yom Haatzmaut celebrates the 76th year of the State of Israel. Traditionally, it is held on the fifth of the Hebrew month of Iyar. This year, it falls on the evening of May 13, and celebrations last until May 14. The state ceremony that brings in Yom Haatzmaut is at Mount Herzl, Israel’s military cemetery, by Theodor Herzl’s grave. And from there the city erupts with events, parties, outdoor get-togethers, concerts, and more!. Many leisure places offer various festivities for a symbolic fee or free of charge.

Yom Haatzmaut 2024 Events

Yom Haatzmaut Eve Events - May 13, 2024

Torch-lighting Ceremony - Mount Herzl

The annual ceremony will feature ceremonial units, Yizkor prayer, words by the Chairman of the Knesset, torch-lighting, transfer of flags ceremony, military parade, singing of the hymn, the IDF disabled veterans' band, other military bands, and poetry reading—entry by invitation only. 

Where: Mount Herzl, Jerusalem 
When: 7:45 pm

Festive prayers at the Western Wall

Festive prayers at the Western Wall. 

Where: The Western Wall, Old City, Jerusalem 
When 8:00 pm 
Cost: Free

Celebrating Independence Eve at the Safra Square Stage

The Jerusalem Municipality invites you to a fun night at Safra Square, hosted by Moti Francis and live bands. 

Admission is free based on availability

The entrance is free of charge!

Independence festivities in the music square

photo of Independence festivities in the music square

In the Music Square complex, you can celebrate Independence Day with an evening of hope and unity featuring live performances.

Two Israeli bands will take the stage, and the restaurants will treat you to once-a-year dishes!

Starting at 20:00

A Jerusalem Night at Nocturno

Photography: Noa Miriam Crispin, Shira Abulafia, Maya Mashal, Benjamin ReiserPhotography: Noa Miriam Crispin, Shira Abulafia, Maya Mashal, Benjamin Reiser

Join a series of one-off meetings of artists who meet for the first time on stage at Nocturno LIVE. Original and unique content was created for this event led by Michael Greilsammer!

The event will begin at 21:30, and audience entry will be possible from 20:30

Traffic, Transportation, and Parking on Independence Day

For information and details about parking and traffic during Independence Day and Eve, please call the 106 municipality call center.

Independence Day Events — May 14, 2024

Heroes of the Citadel

photo of Heroes of the Citadel

On this Independence Day, you are invited to the Tower of David Museum to witness a theatrical experience with actors who will play the nation's heroes: King David, Deborah the prophetess, Theodore Herzl, Leah Goldberg, and Meir Ariel, and tell us their story.

In addition, the whole family will be able to enjoy the Independence Carnival at the Citadel with brass bands and drummers, tours of the new permanent display galleries, and the "Jerusalem School" exhibition following one hundred years of Jerusalem art - the tours will depart every half hour, a costume station and a craft workshop.

When? 9:00-17:00. The activity will take place until 16:00.

Free by pre-registration

Independence Day at the Science Museum: admission of 10 NIS

Photo: Amir GanonPhoto: Amir Ganon

On the 76th Independence Day, The Science Museum invites you to experience an event full of glue and scientific connections!

  • Workshop creating sea creatures made of glue
  • Fascinating demonstration of materials that stick together without glue (magic? No, science!)
  • Spectacular photo exhibition of sticky plants and animals
  • A unique work of art inspired by the cocoons of the silk thread
  • Exciting experiments on adhesives and food digestion
  • And many more surprises!

When? 10:00 - 18:00, the shows will take place at 11:00, 12:30, 14:00
Price: 10 NIS per visitor

A visit to the Israel Museum

Photo: Eli PoznerPhoto: Eli Pozner

The Israel Museum, ranked among the leading museums in the world, offers a variety of attractions for the whole family. The entrance ticket to the museum will allow you to wander through the international art garden and all the permanent and special exhibitions currently displayed in the museum.

Spring brings new beginnings, and the museum is no exception! We're thrilled to announce the arrival of three brand-new, awe-inspiring exhibitions that are sure to capture your imagination and leave you in awe:

A Visit to the City of David on Independence Day

Photo: Kobi HarathiPhoto: Kobi Harathi

The City of David is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Jerusalem, as the archaeological site represents where Jerusalem was born. The City of David offers a rare opportunity to experience ancient Jerusalem, walk through the ancient tunnels, and watch the stories of the Bible take shape right before your eyes.

In addition to visiting the archaeological site, you can enjoy a variety of activities for the whole family during Independence Day:

The Biblical Zoo - a perfect spring attraction

Photo: Mia KalkabanyPhoto: Mia Kalkabany

Over the years, the Biblical Zoo has become one of the leading attractions in Israel, thanks to the extensive collection of animals , the open spaces, and the unique Jerusalem atmosphere.

Spring is the perfect time to visit the best zoo in Israel - the weather is pleasant, and the animals come out, too.

The Biblical Zoo is spread over a wide area of about 400 dunams, and in it are intertwined dozens of spectacular animal displays that represent the multitude of biological diversity that exists in nature alongside a system of ponds, an artificial lake, spacious grass areas, and plenty of shady picnic areas. In the garden, you will find a petting zoo where you can meet and get to know various animals up close, as well as an ecological playground.

The Israel Aquarium - an underwater experience

Photo: Daniel AloniPhoto: Daniel Aloni

And if you've already visited the zoo, you should also visit the Israel Aquarium, which is right next door.

The visit to the aquarium lasts four days in Israel - the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea, during which you will meet over 200 species of animals living in the sea in various spectacular displays. You will be able to see up close the famous clownfish, boxfish, groupers, eels, seahorses, soft corals, various jellyfish, sharks, and many others.

Independence of Hope: A visit to the Ammunition Hill

Photo: Ammunition HillPhoto: Ammunition Hill

This Independence Day is celebrated at the Ammunition Hill heritage site with an activity of empowerment and connection. So, what awaits you this Independence Day?

The Beating Heart -A tour of the Hill Trenches.
From 10:00 to 15:00. Every round hour.

An audio-visual exhibit - the story of contemporary Israeli history that everyone should know.
From 9:00 to 16:00. Every round hour.

When? 9:00 - 17:00

Entry is free!

Free Guided Tours of the National Library on Independence Day

The newly-opened National Library has free self-guided or guided tours in English & Hebrew this Yom Haatzmaut (Independence Day). Discover the new National Library with a wealth of activities:

  • Get to know the architectural wonder that is the new National Library building. 
  • Explore the impressive new reading halls 
  • Survey a selection of the five million items stored in the Library 
  • Rare books, antique manuscripts, photo albums, unique maps, historical posters, personal archives & more. 

High LIGHT JLM: a show in the sky

photo of High LIGHT JLM: a show in the sky

Jerusalem salutes our heroes: the security and rescue forces, and embraces the abductees' families with a stunning laser show, celebrating the city's history, culture, and unity through light and music.

The show tells the story of Jerusalem and the shared life in it and Israel through 3 different shows:

  • A story of light 
  • A story of peace
  • The story of an eternal prayer for harmony

The show includes the use of many lasers throughout the city through a unique control system designed by strict ecological requirements that creates a spectacular effect without air pollution and environmental damage.

Open air activities in Ein Yael

photo of Ein Yael Museumphoto by: Ein Yael Museum

The Ein Yael complex invites you to join special activities in the great outdoors! Here, you can experience various workshops that will take you on a journey through time. So, what awaits you in Ein Yael on Independence Day?

  • Mosaic workshops
  • shooting baskets
  • Making pita bread in the oven
  • A fascinating tour of the archaeological site and more!

When? 10:00-14:00

Pay attention! It is forbidden to light barbecues unless otherwise specified at the entrance to all complexes.

Free with pre-registration!

Family activities in the Botanical Garden

photo of The Jerusalem Botanical Gardensphoto by: The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

Spring is in full swing in the botanical garden, with various activities for the whole family, including vegetation and plants from around the world. So, what awaits you this Independence Day?

  • Workshops for creating a flag from natural materials
  • Lantern making workshops
  • A show by the Train Theater
  • Tours on the garden's train
  • Live music and lots of corners for picnics

When? 10:00-14:00

Free with pre-registration!

Pay attention! Please note that it is forbidden to light barbecues, unless otherwise specified on the spot.