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Sukkot in Jerusalem 2022 Events

Sukkot in Jerusalem 2022 Events and exact dates will be updated as soon as they become available. Meanwhile, you can check out last year’s events.  

Sukkot, considered one of the happiest times in the Jewish calendar, comes out 15 days after the Jewish new year and five days after Yom Kippur. It is the first harvest festival of the year, and it also commemorates the 40 years of wandering the Israelites underwent in the desert on their way to Canaan, the promised land. During the time of the temples in Jerusalem, people came to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage (called an aliyah leregel – ascending by foot) for this festival with fruits and other gifts to offer as sacrifices in the temple.

Within an hour or two of the fast of Yom Kippur ending, you can hear hammering and drilling around town. Many of Jerusalem’s residents seize the opportunity to prepare for Sukkot, the Feast of Booths, by building their sukkot, the temporary structures in which Jews dwell for the seven days of the holiday.

To be exact, the last day, although attached to Sukkot, is a different holiday, namely Simchat Torah, the day that celebrates the completion of the annual cycle, the reading of the Torah. It is commemorated with much singing and dancing at synagogues – and even on the streets – with Torah scrolls, throughout Jerusalem, Israel, and the entire Jewish world.

This year Sukkot begins before sundown October 13, and it ends after sundown on October 20. Sukkot is one of the most vibrant times of the year in Jerusalem. Here is an overview of the annual events that take place in Jerusalem over Sukkot. You are more than welcome to come and join in the festivities!

Sukkot Events in Jerusalem

Museums & Attractions

Sukkot activity for the whole family at Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Photo courtesy of Menachem Begin Heritage Center

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center puts in motion the Sukkot events of 2019, with numerous unique and unprecedented activities for the children and the adults who accompany them. Among them:

  • Theatrical tour describing the Israeli leaders, performed by professional actors
  • Visiting the audio-visual museum that will introduce the complicated character of Menachem Begin
  • Guided tours in the museum per demand
  • An impressive theatrical tour that will take you to the heart of the Jewish Quarter
  • “Manny’s Glasses”: New festive play especially for the children.

When: October 15-17,
Sh.A. Nakhon St 6, Jerusalem

Visit Plugat Hakotel – Western Wall Squad

Photo courtesy of Plugat Hakotel

Don’t miss this special activity, taking place in Sukkot this year, at Plugat Hakotel Museum. A new exhibition in the heart of the Jewish Quarter and an unforgettable experience for the whole family.
So what to expect from the new museum exhibition? You’ll learn about the struggle of Plugar Hakotel (Western Wall Squad) and the activity of Jewish soldiers in the Old City and the British rule. The story will be told through a highly engaging, 35-minutes long movie. It’ll create a feeling of living under constant threat to your life. While visiting the exhibition, you’ll experience the bravery of the squad members, who operated under the ideology that the Jewish tradition must be preserved.

Further information and tickets – on the event page.

When: October 15-17
Where: The Jewish Street and Plugat Hakotel intersection, the Jewish Quarter, Jerusale

Contact Plugat Hakotel Museum

Annual Kite-Flying Festival at the Israel Museum

Photo: Beni Maor

Get into the holidays’ spirit with the 33rd Kite-Flying Festival in Jerusalem. Every year kite enthusiasts from all around the country gather at the Israel Museum for a special event dedicated to kite-building and kite-flying. The Israel Museum will be hosting kite-making workshops in the morning and afternoon hours. The day’s highlight is an excellent kite-flying experience, where the museum’s skies turn into a colorful carpet of shapes and freedom. 

Additionally, the museum invites you to enjoy:

  • Street performances of “Limits” Group
  • Guided exciting tour in the museum

Where: The Israel Museum, Derech Ruppin, Jerusalem
When: October 15-17 (the Kite-Flying Festival will take place on the 15th)

Contact Israel Museum

Extreme Sukkot at the Old City

evt-pami-sukkot (3)

The company for East Jerusalem Development invites you to celebrate Chol HaMoed Sukkot with your entire family! The company offers some of the best tourist attractions in the Jewish Quarter. Join a fascinating theatrical tour or take a self-guided tour around Zedekiah’s Cave. Admire the breathtaking views from the Northern and Southern routes of the Ramparts Walk surrounding the Old City, or challenge yourself with an exhilarating outdoor rappelling adventure!

Make sure you bring comfortable shoes, a hat, and water.

When: October 15-17, 9 AM – 5 PM
Where: Zedekiah’s Cave – Sultan Suliman Street; Ramparts Walk (both routes) – Jaffa Gate
Cost: Self-track – 10 ILS; Extreme track – 30 ILS

Contact the Southern Ramparts: 

Contact the Northern Ramparts:

Contact Zedekia’s Cave: 

Contact The company for East Jerusalem Development

Happy Sukkot at City of David

צילום: עיר דוד

Photo: City of David

The city of David is one of Jerusalem’s most visited attractions, and they have tons of fascinating activities and surprises for the whole family. So what’s waiting for you?

King of the Valley Festival

Join a unique festival at Kidron Valley. The festival will host arts and crafts workshops and activities for children, such as flute making, mosaic making, pita bread baking, camel riding, and free tours for the whole family exploring the most famous stories about Jerusalem and the City of David.

When: October 14-20, 11 AM – 5:30 PM

Archeological Experience at Zurim National Park

Become an archeologist for a day at the Emek Tzurim Archeological Park, located in the City of David. Visitors have already discovered plenty of valuable findings, including an ancient Egyptian amulet from the Pharaonic Period and rare pieces of jewelry. However, there is so much more to discover – come and help unfold history!

Attractions at City of David National Park

Plenty of great attractions during Chol HaMoed at City of David National Park:

Contact City of David

Adventurous Tour of the biblical City of Daviddetails & booking
Peace Forest Segway Toursdetails & booking
From the City of David to the Corner of the Western Wall – A time travel tour – details & booking
Halleluiah – Nighttime Light Show on the Old City Walls – details & booking

Sukkot at the Tower of David Museum

Sukkot at the Tower of David Museum (Photo: Ilana Silverman Richter)

The Tower of David Museum celebrates Sukkot with a large variety of family and kid-friendly activities:

  • The orchestra’s visit to the Tower of David: a musical celebration for kids that will take place during Sukkot. The little ones will experience music all around the ancient fort, with inspiring encounters, challenging tasks, workshops, and games
  • Wall Stories during Sukkot: We are invited to a tour on the Old City Walls, suitable for the whole family, accompanied by songs and stories. During the visit, we’ll get to know about characters who had left their marks on Jerusalem. It includes as Moshe Montefiore, who founded the amazing neighborhoods of Neve Shaananim and Yamin Moshe beyond the wall. Another colorful person – Suleiman the Magnificent who built the walls and the gates of Jerusalem that stand to this very day. Additionally, we’ll hear fascinating stories about the different quarters in the city, getting to know part of the gates of the Old City.


Orchestra’s visit:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, October 15-17, 2019

11am – 5pm

Stories of Wall:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, October 15-17, 2019

15:00 – 17:00

Where:  The Tower of David Museum, Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem

Cost: Children – FREE! (not including VR tour)

Contact Tower of David Museum

Sukkot with Herzl at Herzl Museum

Photo: Herzl Museum

120 year ago, Herzl visited Jerusalem during Sukkot holiday. Herzl Museum celebrates this historical event and welcomes everyone to join a variety of different attractions and activities:

  • The Herzl Museum featuring a spectacular audio-visual display – 8:45-17:00
  • “Herzl said” – a theatrical family tour suitable for children age of 6 – 10:30-11:00
  • “If you will it” – a theatrical family tour suitable for children age of 9 – 14:30-13:00
  • The Race to Zionism – Game of completing tasks and navigation for families – 09:00-16:00
  • Creativity area in the children’s sukkah for ages 3-7 – 9:00-16:00
  • Digital Riddle Game – 9:00-16:00
  • Photography and photo magnets stand – 9:00-16:00
  • And much more!

When: October 15-18
Where: Herzl Museum, Herzl Avenue, Jerusalem

Contact Herzl Museum

Ammunition Hill Activities during Sukkot – Chol HaMoed

Photo courtesy of Ammunition Hill

The Ammunition Hill memorial site welcomes you to enjoy plenty of sukkot activities:

  • The exciting audio-visual performance, the unique Memorial Hall, and the guided tours at the preserve battle site.
  • The spectacular new museum, where you can order guided and independent visit with audio kits.
  • During the festive activities, “speaking-warriors,” the veterans of the battle for Jerusalem will join the museum’s staff.
  • Sukkot for the little ones.
  • A green garden with a picnic and rest area.

When: October 15-17, 10 AM – 4 PM
Where: Ammunition Hill, 5 Zalman Shragai St, Jerusalem
Cost: adults – 25 ILS; children – 30 ILS. Reserve for a special family price.

Please call for details regarding prices for individuals and families and reserving places in the guided tours during the day. Participation is subjected to available spots.

Contact Ammunition Hill

Sukkot Happening at Yvel Design Center

Stop in for an inspiring guided tour and witness Yvel’s unique combination of quality Israeli creation, Zionism and social-contribution.

Special Sukkot Event at Tuesday-Friday on Chol HaMoe’ed will include:

  • Guided tour at the factory and the jewelry school
  • Live music
  • Wine tasting & cheese buffet
  • Traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony at the Megemeria Craft Center

When: Tues-Thurs 9am-5.30pm
Fri 9am-1pm
Where: 1 Yechiel M. Steinberg St., Jerusalem

Contact Yvel

Night Harvest at Beit Avi Chai

Beit Avi Chai is celebrating Sukkot with two musical events just before the holidays’ end.

The sacred chanting circle with guest performing bands

A joined gig of Yishay Ribo and Elad Tzitrin, as part of a traditional Hoshana Rabbah celebration.

When: October 19, starting 21:00
Where: Beit Avi Chai, 44 King George Street, Jerusalem
Cost: 40 ILS for the chanting circle, 40 ILS for the Yishay Ribo and Elad Tzitrin performance

Contact Beit Avi Chai

Chol HaMoed Sukkot at Old Yishuv Court Museum

Photo: Yael Herman

Known and less known characters of Jerusalem are meeting up in the Old Yishuv Court Museum.

Who stole the Oud from Osheriko the Eastern Music prodigy? Who’s the known wagon-driver from Jerusalem who has gained the Abu Shosha village bandits’patronage? And if you’ll get lucky, you can receive special treatment from Plomba the witch, who brings back old loves and chases demons away…

When: October 15-17. Activities for the whole family starting from 11:00, guided tours around the exhibitions from 14:00, pictures of Jerusalem at 12:00.
Where: Or HaHayim St 6Jerusalem

Cost: a ticket for the whole family for only 40 ILS

Contact Old Yishuv Court Museum

Tours at the Visitor Center in Jerusalem Municipality

Photo: Hannah Abady

The Authority of Quality of Service and the Visitor Center of the Jerusalem Municipality invite you to join guided tours at Safra Square during Chol HaMoed Sukkot. The tour will include visiting the City Hall and its historical buildings and meaningful statues. There will also be a lookout on Jerusalem’s most ancient and newest neighborhoods and a visit to the Model House which displays a mini model of the City Center.


Tuesday, October 15th

10:00, 12:00, 14:00: Hebrew

12:00: French and English

Wednesday, October 16th

10:00, 12:00, 14:00: Hebrew

12:00 English

Meeting Point: Rest area, outside Building #3, Safra Square
Cost: Free, no reservation needed

A Festival of Writing at the Bible Lands Museum

Photo: Molly Kai

The Bible Lands Museum has an extraordinary festival for Sukkot: a festival dedicated to the art of writing and the beauty of the written word. Explore the ancient Hebrew writing through tours, workshops, and engaging activities in the spirit of the holiday with the whole family.

Every child will get a unique notebook upon entering the museum. They’ll use it while moving through the different stages of writing in history. Together we’ll get to know the Cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, ancient Hebrew and other sources of writings from the Ancient Times.

Where: 21 Shmuel Stefan Wise Street, Jerusalem
When: October 15-17, 10:00-16:00
Cost: Child (Age 3 and above) – 32 ILS | More than 3 children – 29 ILS per ticket | Adult – 44 ILS | Senior (with ID) – 22 ILS | Members (with ID) – Free

Purchase Tickets

Contact Bible Lands Museum

Sukkot for the Whole Family at L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art

Photo: Gadi Dagon

The L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art will be available for you during the Holidays, offering many activities for the whole family:

  • Ruth Kener Theater will arrive at the Museum with its entertaining play
  • The Escape Room of the museum will work during the holidays
  • Plenty of creativity workshops
  • The adults will have something to do as well: guided tours in the new jewelry exhibition

When: Chol Jamoed Succot – October 14-21
Plays (free for the children) – October 15-17, 12:00
Guided tour in selected galleries of the museum and the “Hamsa” exhibition – 13:00
Creativity Workshop – October 14-17, 10:00-15:00

Where: Hapalmach Street 2, Jerusalem

Cost: The entrance is free for children, the cost of adults tickets – 22-44 ILS

Contact L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art

Live the Bible


Visiting the Jewish Quarter? Why not stop for a second and Live the Bible? This fun tourist attraction will take you back to the stories of the Bible through props and costumes that will make you experience the Bible from a new perspective altogether.

Special offer for the holidays:  

Where: 58 Chabad St, Jerusalem
When: During Sukkot & Chol HaMoed

Contact Live the Bible

Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival 2019


Head to the beautiful village of Abu Gosh to experience a fascinating musical adventure – the Abu Gosh 54th Music Festival. Enjoy the fresh air, classical music, and incredible vocal performances at Abu Gosh’s picturesque churches.

Where: Abu Gosh, Israel
When: October 18-21


Entertaining musical Sukkot at Beit Shmuel

Beit Shmuel hosts an evening of laughter and music of 5 mega-stars from Ethiopia – an unforgettable show

When: October 17
Where Eliyahu Shama St 6, Jerusalem

Contact Beit Shmuel

Get to all attractions of the Old City quickly with the special Old City Train

Photo: Courtesy of Old City Train

The Old City of Jerusalem has some of the most fascinating attractions in Israel. Thanks to the Old City Train, you can easily reach any location in the area. The tour of the train takes off from the main stop at the Jaffa Gate (near the Mamila Avenue), passing through the Armenian and the Jewish Quarters, eventually entering the Western Wall.

The tour back takes off from the Western Wall entrance, goes through the Dung Gate, going outside of the walls, passing near Mount Zion, Guy Ben Hinnom, ending at Jaffa Gate.
The full route on the train of the Old City takes about 30 minutes. After the ride, the travelers hear recorded explanations regarding the relevant heritage and historic sites,

Contact Old City Train

Friends of Zion Museum

Friends of Zion Museum offers a unique interactive experience, inspiring soundtrack, and advanced exhibitions. The museum tells us about the people who believed in the unique connection between the Jewish people and its land. Although they weren’t Jewish themselves, they contributed a lot to the cause. The museum has unique stands for a selfie, 36 touch screen that will show you the stories of true believers, and a 3D movie.

When: During the Holidays
Where: Yosef Rivlin St 20

Contact Friends of Zion Museum

A fascinating tour at the new autumn exhibitions’ in On the Seam museum’s

Autumn exhibitions. Photo: On the Seam Museum

The grown-ups won’t get bored during these holidays. There’s always something to do. On the Seam Museum invites you to fascinating tours of the new exhibitions:

Democracy now: a display that offers you a meet-up with challenging art, photography, and exhibits. Their goal is to make you assess what’s left of the democracy.

The Uncanny: Neta Liber-Sheffer creates a correspondence with the famous work of Sigmund Freud.

Shooting and Crying: a fascinating exhibition that exposes the human culture that allows people to live their lives while ignoring the horrors that takes place on their doorstep.

After each tour, we’ll talk while enjoying a coffee and cake and watching the magnificent view of Jerusalem and its colorful neighborhoods.

When: Every Friday at 11:00
Where: Kheil ha-Handasa St 4

Contact On the Seam Museum

Museum on the Seam: Special Offer for Groups

Crisscross: a fascinating exhibition about the women as the keepers of the Jewish Heritage

(Photo: U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art)

The U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art opens a new and impressive exhibition “Crisscross.” It tells the story of Jewish women in Italy and their extraordinary role as the keepers of the Jewish Culture. Here you’ll find a textile collection, Pesach Haggadah, A holy Torah ark and other rare collectibles that opens a window to the lives of Italian Jews.

When: Chol Hamoed, 10:30-16:30
Where: Hillel Str. 27, Jerusalem

Contact U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art

Nature & Outdoor Activities

“Tasting the World” (Toamim Olam) In Jerusalem

Photo: PR of “Toamim Olam” Stop everything you’re doing and come to eat! The chefs Meir Adoni, Omer Miller, Roshfeld, Segev, and Massimiliano, are leading the culinary festival “Tasting the world” – an international event that connects Jerusalem to the cultures of the world. The festival will take place in Jerusalem for the first time to the great delight of gourmets and foodies. Enjoy spectacular culinary adventure along with authentic-traditional music, actors in colorful costumes, and the essential thing – chef restaurants who’ll serve unique dishes with unforgettable flavors and tastes from all around the world.

The festival takes place by the Old City Walls – the perfect location for enjoying world food, get a drift of global experience and get familiar with the unique serving manners of many cultures: street food, gourmet food, classic French cuisine, American dishes, specialized courses from India, French, Italy, Brazil, new Mediterranean cuisine, tastes from the Far East and much more!

When: October 15-17, 16:00-23:00
Where: The Bonim Garden, by the Walls, near Jaffa Gate.
Cost: The entrance is free of charge. Every meal, up to 35 ILS

More information and tickets

West Side Story Food Walk

Photo courtesy of the Post Hostel

Eat as if you’ve never eaten before in Jerusalem with West Side Story Food Walk!
It is a unique tour arranged by the Post Hostel.
Get to know the city through its culinary, including dining in 5 different locations. Find out new details about the food culture in the city. Additionally, check out some useful recommendations for your meals during days to come. You won’t find this information in guidebooks or online.
The tour will take you to the Russian compound, Mahane Yehuda market, the original parliament building, and more.
When: October 14, 15 17 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), 16:30.
Cost: 125 ILS per person

Contact the Post Hostel

Special Sukkot tour at the ultra-Orthodox street with “Meetings Outside the Box.”

Photo courtesy of “Meetings Outside the Box.”
Meetings Outside the Box” invite you to a series of unique tours that will introduce you to the preparations for the holidays in the ultra-Orthodox community!

Join a magical experience in the courtyards of the ultra-Orthodox community, see all kinds of Sukkah, decorations, the unique traditions devoted to this specific special day, the communal fashion, arts, and music.

We’ll meet at Jaffa Street, in front of Habba Bakery and next travel to the nearby alleys of the Makor Baruch neighborhood, visit the Yeshivah “Sfat Emet” of Gur Hasidim and the “Zion Tent” (The Grave) of the Rabbis.
Further, we’ll go to the “Four Kinds Market” and learn about the traditions of the holidays. The fabulous tour will end with mouth-watering tastings of the local cuisine.

October 3rd – 18:00-20:30
October 4th – 11:00-13:30
October 10th – 18:00-20:30
October 11th – 11:00-13:30

Cost: 120 ILS per adult, 50 ILS for a child up to 16 years old


Celebrating Sukkot at the Nili and David Jerusalem Birds Observatory

Photo: Amir Balaban

The Nili and David Jerusalem Birds Observatory awaits the children and their parents for a Sukkot packed with adventures:

  • October 15: Morning tour, observing migrating birds and taking a journey following a mysterious animal called the capybara.
  • October 16: A tour at the Deer Valley, observing migrating birds and Night Safari
  • October 17: A Tour to Beit Shean Valley and bird-watching
  • October 20 (Second Holiday Eve): Observing migrating birds

We recommend contacting the station for receiving the full schedule and making sure that there are still tickets available.

Where: Rothschild Str. Jerusalem

Contact Nili and David Jerusalem Birds Observatory

Sukkot at Montefiore Windmill

Visit the newly reopened Montefiore Windmill, which hosts the Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries Visitor Center! Check out these special activities for Sukkot:

  • A kosher and furnished sukkah
  • Wine tastings throughout the day and unique benefits
  • Challenging Escape Park
  • Guided Tours at the Windmill

Escape Park and Windmill Secrets Tour: October 15-17, 10:00-17:00
Wine Tastings: 15-17 October 10:00-20:00, 18, 20 and 22 October 10:00-14:00

Where: Windmill at Mishkenot Shaananim, Bloomfield Boulevard, Jerusalem

Contact ZUZU Tourism

Enjoying the autumn vibe at the Botanical Garden

Photo: Zvia Adler

Nothing comes close to inhaling the fresh air at Sukkot while enjoying outdoor activities. So to honor this wonderful time of year, the Botanical Garden in Jerusalem invites the families to enjoy and experience the garden in the spirit of the holiday. The activities available to you:

  • Sukkah decorating workshop for the children
  • Guided tours for the whole family, exploring plants from distant lands. The tours will take place every hour from 11:00 to 15:00. Each tour length 40 minutes.
  • A fascinating tour to a tropical greenhouse. The tours will take place every hour from 11:00 to 15:00. Each tour length 20 minutes.
  • Educational stops telling about the rain forest and tropical climate will operate every day during Chol Hamoed from 10:00.
  • Storytime for the children.

When: October 15-18, 10;00-16:00, Friday 10:00-14:00
Where: Zalman Schneur 1, Jerusalem
Cost: The activities require an entrance fee of 35 ILS for adult/child. Young residents of Jerusalem – 10 ILS (requires ID). Club member – free.
For additional details contact: [email protected]

Contact Botanical Garden

Temple mount sifting project

Would you like to know what the arba’a minim (The Four kinds) looked in the Temple?
The Temple Mount Sifting Project is open to the public during Chol Hamoed week!

The sifting site is located in a pastoral pine grove. There are plenty of picnic tables around where you can enjoy the breath-taking view over Jerusalem. Also at the compound: galleries that are featuring numerous architectural artifacts from the Temple Mount and historical paintings depicting Jerusalem.

Also nearby: Augusta Victoria, with an incredible panorama of Jerusalem and the Judean Desert (open till 13:00), botanical gardens at Mount Scopus, the famous cave of Nicanor of Alexandria, and the Jerusalem Trail start-point.

When: During Chol Hamoed
Where: HaMasu’ot Lookout, parking on Hadassa Lempel Str.
Cost: Child – 15 ILS | Adult – 25 ILS


Celebrating Sukkot at Levi Eshkol House

Photo: Beit Levi Eshkol

Join a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole family taking place in Levi Eshkol House! Take a glimpse to the first years of the State of Israel and the life and work of the third prime minister – Levi Eshkol

Tour the rooms, watch the audio-visual experience, and participate in interactive stands, riddles, and tasks.

Additionally, a navigation game will be held during the holidays. Find your way among the different stops at Rehavia neighborhood, solve riddles, and look after the clues that will take you to a mysterious treasure chest. The game will get you to meet historical figures, discovering the secrets of the neighborhoods and the people who established the state of Israel.

Requires making an appointment ahead. Suitable for ages seven and up.

When: October 15-17
Where: Sderot Ben Maimon 46, Jerusalem
Cost: 35 ILS for adult, 30 ILS for a child and senior citizen, 90 ILS per a family ticket (2 adults + 2 children)

For more details dial: 072-3932837

Children’s theater at the First Station

Photo: First Station PR

Are you interested in an exciting activity outdoor for the whole family and free of charge? At the First Station Compound you’ll enjoy Children’s theatrical plays every, courtesy of the Mashu-Mashu group – a troop created for Social Change:

October 12: Dragon, there’s no such thing
October 19: Cat Rebellion

When: October 12 and 19 – 12:00
Cost: Free of charge!
Where: The First Station Compound, David Remez Str. 4, Jerusalem

Contact First Station

Join the Jerusalem March


The Jerusalem March is one of Israel’s most colorful and vibrant events that take place during the holiday of Sukkot. Tens of thousands of Israelis and tourists are expected to join the march this year in support of Israel. There will be three main events throughout the day: 3 marches in the morning, a festive happening at Sacker Park and a celebratory parade through the streets of Jerusalem, led by the Mayor.


When: October 17 at 7:00 AM. Festive Happening at Gan Saker at 10:00 AM. March: 3:00 PM

For information regarding street closures, parking restrictions and traffic disruptions, call 106 for the City Call Center or *8787 for Kol-Kav Call Center.    

Great autumn tour at Maale Adumim and the Judean Desert

Monastery of St. George of Koziba

This time of year, when temperatures are starting to drop, is an excellent opportunity to see the Judean desert and its wonders.
A great tour, going on a trip bus to a lower point of Israel – Maale Adumim, It’s situated in the middle between the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. The guide will give a historical background and show you some of the fascinating remains from the Second Temple Period, the Islam Mosaic, Samaritan items and more, as well as getting to know the modern community of Samaritan – ancient and highly noble people who live in Israel to this day.

Contact Tour Adumim

Getting to know Jerusalem with the exhilarating Smart Tours

Photo: courtesy of Smart Tour

Sukkot gives us the perfect opportunity to take a hike in Jerusalem neighborhoods and hear some genuinely authentic stories of the city! Join the Segway and bike tours of Smart Tour company and see amazing landscapes of the city. The trip is accompanied by professional guides who will present the stories of the town in the most exciting way. The Segway offered by Smart Tour is of the most advanced and safe models, and the views of the city, along with the floating feeling of the Segways create unforgettable emotions for a great day of rest.

Recommended tours for the holiday:

  • Tour the hot spots of the Old City by Segway – Smart Tour’s Classic Old City Segway tour is an awesome experience that combines state-of-the-art transportation, beautiful sites and views and even a little history! Join us and learn why there’s no place like Jerusalem!
  • Culinary tour at Machane Yehuda market – A proper culinary (and Kosher) experience at the lively Machane Yehuda Market, with the one and only – Poly the Chef! Meet Chef Poly, a member of the Association of Chefs and one of Israel’s leading hotel chefs. Poly will introduce you to the true and authentic vibes of Jerusalem, the city’s beating heart – Shuk Machane Yehuda.

For more information on Smart Tour and details regarding all Segway and bike tours of Jerusalem – click here

Book Now Tour The Hot Spots Of The Old City By Segway

Book Now Poly Chef – Culinary Tours At Machane Yehuda Market

Special Discounts on Smart-Tour Segway Tours!

Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing) at the Western Wall


The mass priestly blessing at the Western Wall with the participation of Israel’s Chief Rabbis and the Western Wall Rabbi.

Where: The Western Wall, Old City, Jerusalem
When: October 16, 8:45 AM – 10:45 AM


Field trips with Extreme ATV

Photo Courtesy of Extreme ATV

Neve Ilan Forest also becomes a popular destination during the Sukkot Holidays. You may enjoy it with Extreme ATV. In the compound, you’ll have a wide variety of ATV’s, RZR’s and an experienced and kind staff that will take you to the most beautiful spots in the forests. You’ll visit the highly-located observation points on the height of 2500 feet, overlooking vast areas of Israel. Enjoy a panoramic view from Ashdod to Tel-Aviv and Netanya, Judean Foothills, Mateh Binyamin, Samaria, Judean mountains, and Jerusalem. In these forests, you’ll see streams and picturesque springs.

Where: Extreme ATV Neve Ilan, Derech HaTikva, Neve Ilan
When: The whole Chol Hamoed

Contact Extreme ATV

Open-air activity at the Ein Yael Museum

Photo Courtesy of Ein Yael Living Museum

Ein Yael Living Museum is one of the best time-passing for families who seek nature. The museum delivers an extraordinary experience in modern life: connecting us to nature and history, with numerous activities to get to know ancient crafts. The workshops offered by the museum will allow giving a try to weaving, pottery, mosaic, fresco painting, mud construction, basket weaving, crafting musical instruments, baking pitas, and more. During the suitable agricultural seasons, you may participate in oil production, wine press, and grain sorting processes.

Where: Golomb, Jerusalem
When: The whole Chol Hamoed

Contact Ein Yael Museum

Art-tour: Art tours by Beita Jerusalem

A Marathon of Art Tours that will take place during Sukkot, October 17-18

Jerusalem is a home for unyielding creation, as well as it is a constant stage for modern local art. Beita allows you to get to know it!

“Art-Tour” – a marathon of art tours by “Beita” invites you to take a walk in the living and beating heart of the city’s creative line, accompanied be the best guides. A total of seven tours will take place in different locations, all of them are open to the public, requiring pre-registration and a small fee. The tours are varied and well-suited for diverse crowds – younger and mature audiences, art-lovers and new adepts who are interested in getting to know some of the magical spots of Jerusalem.

Some of the tours:

  • The stars are out – discovering sculptures of the best modern artists in Jerusalem
  • Home ♦ Balcony ♦ Box – Jerusalem art in alternative spaces
  • Active Urban Photography Tour
  • Treasures – meeting with the curator Avital Naor Veksler and different artists at Teddy
  • Galleries tours – visiting exhibitions in the artists’ homes, Swan Gallery, Agripas 12 and Meri
  • Different angles on Talpiot – touring the studios of the neighborhood’s artists
  • English galleries tour – from CAIJ
  • Beita project – House of art and city, the department of visual arts of Jerusalem municipality and “Barutina” – the Jerusalem Municipality’s Young Authority.

It’s one of 350 “Barutina” events. The others include small cultural events, series, regular and unique activities. All of these form together with a new cultural scene in numerous content spheres: performing arts, academics and research, sustainability and the environmental issues, creative arts, social entrepreneurship, poetry, literature and journalism, media, cinema, technology, design, Jewish revival and culinary.

Sign up:
Except for “Angles on Talpiot”
And the English tour, to which you may register via e-mail: [email protected]

For more information dial: 02-5953348

African party at the Israeli Primate Sanctuary Foundation

Do you want to get out from Jerusalem for a while? During this holiday, you may experience truly touching African event, created by Africana group that will entertain the crowd with songs, stories, and traditional dances.

Additionally, the Israeli Primate Sanctuary Foundation offers plenty of other activities:

  • Guided tours through the route, directly among the monkeys
  • Huge Gymboree for kids
  • Extreme sports facilities for children
  • Creativity workshops

When: 10:00-16:00 on regular days, 10:00-14:00 on holiday eves and Shabbat. Visitors may remain in the compound up until two hours after shut-down.
Where: Israeli Primate Sanctuary Foundation, Ben-Shemen Forest (look for signs before entering Daniel Village). The place is suitable for traveling with strollers.
Cost: 48 ILS

Jerusalem’s Restaurants

Restaurants near the Old City
Restaurants in Downtown Jerusalem
Kosher Restaurants in Jerusalem
Dairy-Kitchen Restaurants in Jerusalem
Meat Restaurants in Jerusalem
Vegetarian Restaurants in Jerusalem
Full List of Restaurants in Jerusalem

Accommodations in Jerusalem

Visiting Jerusalem for the holidays? Check out the city’s great variety of accommodation options:
Hotels in Jerusalem
Value Hotels
Best Vacation Rentals in Jerusalem

Recommended Tourist Attractions

Take advantage of the holidays season to visit some of the best tourist attractions and historical landmarks in Jerusalem:

Night Spectacular: Sound & Light Show at The Tower of David Museum
The Tower of David Museum
City of David
Walking the Wall Ramparts: Southern Route
Tourist Attractions at The Jewish Quarter

High Holidays in Jerusalem

Rosh Hashana in Jerusalem >>
Yom Kippur in Jerusalem >>

Recommended Accommodations in Jerusalem for Sukkot

American Colony Boutique Hotel
Located near the Old City of Jerusalem, the American Colony Hotel is perfect for couples, families and offers event hosting. Read more
  • 1 Louis Vincent Street, Jerusalem
from $250 / personMore info
Hotel Ibis Jerusalem City Center
Ibis Hotels are known throughout Europe for their comfort, value, and service, and this downtown Jerusalem location is no exception... Read more
  • +972-72-3932816
  • 4 Elisar St, Jerusalem
Leonardo Boutique Jerusalem by Fattal Hotels
Special offers: Leonardo Boutique hotel
Leonardo Boutique Jerusalem offers 70 beautifully designed and fully equipped guest rooms for couples, families and business. Read more
  • +972-72-3385039
  • 3 Monbaz Street, Jerusalem
from $259 / coupleMore info
Jaffa 35 Apartments
Jaffa 35 Apartments offer accommodations for couples/families that are looking to enjoy a dreamy vacation in the center of Jerusalem. Read more
  • 35 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem
Tryp Jerusalem Bat Sheva
Book a room now at the Tryp Bat Sheva Hotel, a new boutique hotel by Wyndham Hotels, offering an intimate getaway at the center... Read more
  • 42 King George St, Jerusalem
Prima Park Hotel Jerusalem
Special Offers at the Prima Park Jerusalem Hotel
Special Offers at Prima Park Hotel!
Prima Park Hotel is located a short distance from Jerusalem's attractions, while the hotel's quality amenities will fulfill all needs. Read more
  • +972-39533854
  • 2 Zeev Vilnai Street, Jerusalem
The Inbal Hotel Jerusalem
Special offers at the Inbal Hotel!
The Inbal Hotel is a landmark of luxury with spa services, a vast array of amenities, and an ideal location for exploring the city. Read more
  • +972-72-3944577
  • 3 Jabotinsky St, Jerusalem
Prima Royale Hotel
Spa free entrance to Prima Royale Guests
Prima Royale is located at Talbiye neighborhood, offering a cozy hosting experience for couples and families. Events included. Read more
  • +972-39533854
  • 3 Mendele Mocher Hasfarim St, Jerusalem
Leonardo Plaza Hotel Jerusalem
Special offers at Leonardo Plaza Hotel!
Culinary indulgences, exclusive design and a very central location make the Leonardo Plaza a great hotel option. Read more
  • +972-72-3385007
  • Rabbi Avida 1, Jerusalem
Eldan Boutique Hotel
Special offers at Eldan Hotel!
A budget-friendly boutique hotel that offers great amenities and services without compromising on location. Read more
  • +972-72-3281204
  • 24 King David St, Jerusalem
Ibis Styles Hotel, Jerusalem City Center
Stay at the new Ibis Hotel at Jerusalem's City Center and enjoy a buslting experience, relaxing rooms, great amenities and prices. For couples and... Read more
  • +972-72-3384966
  • Ben Yehuda 4 St, Jerusalem
The Post Hostel
The Post is a stylish, urban hostel that serves as a cozy and convenient base for all types of travelers from across the globe. Read more
  • +972-(0)72-328-1975
  • 23 Yafo Street, Jerusalem (entrance from 3 Koresh Street)
from $21 / personMore info
Zippori Center
Zippori Guesthouse, located near Jerusalem Forest, offers rooms for the whole family, tours, and private & business events, of up to 250 people Read more
  • +972-(0)72-3290702
  • Zippori Center, Jerusalem Forest
Alegra Boutique Hotel
A romantic boutique hotel in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, Alegra Hotel offers contemporary details in a classic atmosphere. Read more
  • +972-72-3281864
  • 13 Derech Haachayot St, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
from ₪950 / coupleMore info
Sweet Ein Karem B&B
Sweet Ein Karem B&B is a romantic & family-friendly resort in West Jerusalem. Stay and enjoy activities, spa, and chocolates! Read more
  • Sweet Ein Karem, Mavo HaShaar Street, Jerusalem
from $126 / personMore info
Cinema Hostel
The Cinema Hostel is located in the center of Jerusalem and offers affordable accommodation, a cinematic atmosphere and plenty of activities. Read more
  • 4 Shamai St, Jerusalem
Villa Ba’Moshava Boutique Hotel
Special offers at Villa Ba'Moshava Hotel
This quaint hotel in the German Colony at Jerusalem offers friendly hospitality with a special touch. Read more
  • +972-72-3281858
  • 13 Yehoshua Bin Nun Street, Jerusalem
Hotel Ye’arim – Jerusalem Hills
Experience true rural hosting at Hotel Ye'arim! The hotel is located on one of Jerusalem highest mountaintops and it is surrounded by the magic... Read more
  • +972-(0)72-3281983
  • Ma'ale Hahamisha St, Ma'ale Hahamisha
from $162 / personMore info

More Recommended Attractions and activities in Jerusalem for Sukkot

Jerusalem Time Elevator (Voyage Terminal)
Embark on a fascinating multi-media journey to the secrets of Jerusalem! Available in 8 languages! Read more
  • 072-3290718
  • Alrov Mamilla Avenue, 6 Yitzhak Kariv St, Jerusalem
from $13 / personMore info
Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remembrance Center
The most comprehensive and moving Holocaust museum and memorial in the world. Read more
  • +972-(0)72-3281988
  • Mount Herzl, Jerusalem
Teamim Culinary School – Group Cooking Classes
Team building activities and cooking classes with breakfast and Mahane Yehuda market tour in Jerusalem. For groups and families. Read more
  • 072-3384979
  • 40 Agripas St, Jerusalem
Escape Room Jerusalem
The best escape room complex in Jerusalem invites you to enjoy three different and unique rooms, suitable for families, couples and small events. Read more
  • Derech Hebron 105, Jerusalem
from ₪72 / personMore info
Escape Rooms 5959
Welcome to the experiential 5959 escape room complex that will take you on a journey through time. Read more
  • 072-3385037
  • 2 Aristobulus St, Jerusalem
from ₪240 coupleMore info
Bezalel Fair
Fri | Jul 1 | 9:00AM
  • Betzalel Street, Jerusalem
  • Friday (Repeats every week)

    09:00 - 14:00

Original works on display and for sale along with live music on Friday afternoons. Read more
  • Betzalel Street, Jerusalem
Jerusalem Flea Market
Thu | Jun 30 | 10:00AM
  • Davidka Square, Jerusalem
  • Thursday (Repeats every week)

    10:00 - 18:00

The Jerusalem Flea Market is a collage of second-hand, vintage wares and clothing, collectibles & one-of-a-kind objects. Read more
  • Davidka Square, Jerusalem
The Hebrew Music Museum
Experience the breadth of history and culture that has shaped Hebrew music through the ages at the one-of-a-kind Hebrew Music Museum! Read more
  • +972-72-3281976
  • 12 Yoel Moshe Solomon Street, Jerusalem
from ₪40 / personMore info
Jerusalem House of Quality
Visit a lovely courtyard in the style of an Arab khan, see a copy of a 2,700-year-old silver scroll & join family tours. Read more
  • 072-3290783
  • 12 Hebron Road, Jerusalem

Recommended Restaurants in Jerusalem for Sukkot

Located at Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, Valero is a chic restro-bar with a chef's kitchen serving gourmet meals and hosting events. Read more
  • 80 Agripas Street, Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem
Kinor Bakikar
Where music meets culinary excellence in downtown Jerusalem Read more
  • 8 Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset, Jerusalem
Burger Market City Center
Burger Market in Downtown Jerusalem offers a fun environment and great burgers with fries, beer or soft drinks. Read more
  • 3 Shim'on Ben Shatakh Street
The memphis is a delicious American Style burger joint at the Mahane Yehuda market. Here you can dine on the best burger in town! Read more
  • 68 Agripas St, Jerusalem
Courtyard Restaurant – American Colony Hotel
The Courtyard Restaurant at American Colony Hotel is a luxurious restaurant open during the summer time and serving fresh Mediterranean food. Read more
  • 1 Louis Vincent Street, Jerusalem
Nahman Restaurant
An authentic mehadrin kosher-dairy Italian restaurant in the picturesque Nahalt Shiva neighborhood Read more
  • 12 Mevo Beit David Street, Jerusalem
Sweet Ein Karem Café
Sweet Ein Karem cafe offers a healthy and delicious dairy kosher menu with a beautiful view of the Jerusalem Mountains. Read more
Located in the heart of Ein Karem, this charming 2-story, Mediterranean-style bistro has some of the best food and views in Read more
  • 15 Hama'ayan St, Ein Karem, Jerusalem
Lechem Basar
Quality meat and freshly baked bread at a fair price Read more
  • 072-3281970
  • The First Station, 4 David Remez St, Jerusalem
Burger Market
The new Jerusalem hot spot for kosher gourmet burgers on fresh-baked buns Read more
  • 3 Haarmonim St, Jerusalem
The reincarnation of the Anna Ticho House Italian restaurant now in Nahalt Shiva with daily live music Read more
  • 072-328-1965
  • 12 Yoel Moshe Solomon St, Jerusalem
A national chain of kosher sushi restaurants with 2 locations in Jerusalem Read more
  • Cinema City, Sderot Yitshak Rabin, Jerusalem
Modern – Israel Museum
Adjacent to the Israel Museum, a design befitting its artistic host and a local menu of Jerusalem dishes with a MODERN twist. Read more
  • The Israel Museum, 11 Ruppin Road, Jerusalem
Nocturno Café
Happy Hour at Nocturno
Nocturno Cafe is one of the most popular places in the city, located on the Designer's Compound in the city center. It offers varied... Read more
  • 072-3290749
  • 7 Bezalel St, Jerusalem
O2 Restaurant at the Inbal Hotel
O2 provides an authentic Israeli experience by offering you the best delicacies with local spice and aroma. Read more
  • 072-3385018
  • 3 Ze'ev Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem
Andalucia – Cocktail & Tapas Bar
Andalucia is a tapas bar with a variety of chef dishes, interesting cocktails, a romantic ambience, and an option for private events. Read more
  • Ze'ev Raban Street, Jerusalem