Sukkot in Jerusalem 2023 Events

Sukkot in Jerusalem 2023 Events

Sukkot, considered one of the happiest times in the Jewish calendar, comes out 15 days after the Jewish new year and five days after Yom Kippur. It is the first harvest festival of the year, and it also commemorates the 40 years of wandering the Israelites underwent in the desert on their way to Canaan, the promised land. During the time of the temples in Jerusalem, people came to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage (called an aliyah laregel – ascending by foot) for this festival with fruits and other gifts to offer as sacrifices in the temple. Within an hour or two of the fast of Yom Kippur ending, you can hear hammering and drilling around town.

Many of Jerusalem’s residents seize the opportunity to prepare for Sukkot, the Feast of Booths, by building their sukkot, the temporary structures in which Jews dwell for the seven days of the holiday. To be exact, the last day, although attached to Sukkot, is a different holiday, namely the Simchat Torah, the day that celebrates the completion of the annual cycle, the reading of the Torah. It is commemorated with much singing and dancing at synagogues – and even on the streets – with Torah scrolls, throughout Jerusalem, Israel, and the entire Jewish world. This year, Sukkot begins before sundown on October 9, and it ends after sundown on October 16. Sukkot is one of the most vibrant times of the year in Jerusalem. Here is an overview of the annual events that take place in Jerusalem over Sukkot. You are more than welcome to come and join in the festivities!

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Sukkot Events in Jerusalem

Museums & Attractions

Sukkot tours for the whole family at Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Photo courtesy of Menachem Begin Heritage Center 

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center puts in motion the Sukkot events of 2022, with numerous unique and unprecedented activities for the children and the adults who accompany them. Among them:

  • Theatrical tours at symbolic cost following Begin's life
  • Musical tours accompanied by a player in the picturesque streets of the Yemin Moshe neighborhood
  • Jerusalem Syndrome – A Theatrical tour following the historical figures who Inhabited Jerusalem
  • Escape Box – A fun activity for families following the Lost Treasure
  • A virtual experience that will bring you together with ancient artifacts in Ketef Hinnom.
  • A fascinating new exhibition And more!

More information and tickets on the full event page (Hebrew) >> When: Throughout the holiday Where: Sh.A. Nakhon St 6, Jerusalem [phone id="1923" 


Visit Plugat Hakotel – Western Wall Squad

Photo courtesy of Plugat Hakotel 

Don’t miss this special activity, taking place in Sukkot this year, at Plugat Hakotel Museum. A new exhibition in the heart of the Jewish Quarter and an unforgettable experience for the whole family. So what to expect from the new museum exhibition? You’ll learn about the struggle of Plugar Hakotel (Western Wall Squad) and the activity of Jewish soldiers in the Old City and British rule. The story will be told through a highly engaging, 35-minutes long movie. It’ll create a feeling of living under constant threat to your life. While visiting the exhibition, you’ll experience the bravery of the squad members, who operated under the ideology that the Jewish tradition must be preserved. When: The Week of Sukkot Where: The Jewish Street and Plugat Hakotel intersection, the Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem 

Happy Sukkot at the City of David

Photo: Eliyahu Yanai

 The city of David is one of Jerusalem's most visited attractions, with tons of fascinating activities and surprises for the whole family. So what's waiting for you?

  • A Visit to the National Park of the City of David-A Journey in the Footsteps of Herod and Ancient Israel
  • Halleluiah - Nighttime Light Show on the Old City Walls
  • Virtual Reality VR Tour around the City of David
  • Jerusalem Camping in the Shalom Forest - an Urban Vacation in nature
  • The Archaeological Experience in the Tzurim Valley - Become a treasure hunter for a day
  • Segway Tours for the whole family And more!

When:  The Week of Sukkot 

Celebrating Sukkot at the Tower of David Museum

A night show at the Tower of David (Photo: Naftali Hilger)

The Tower of David Museum traditionally celebrates Sukkot with a large variety of activities for all ages, including:

  • Pilgrims - Guided Tours for Families
  • Mystery at the Citadel - An independent and challenging game around the Tower of David
  • Stories of Walls - A fascinating tour series adapted for children
  • There is a lion here - an independent game along Jaffa Street following the statues and paintings of lions in the streets of Jerusalem
  • I didn't know it - An independent game for adventurers from Jaffa Gate to Dung Gate following women and people who made history in JerusalemThe Tower of David Night Shows - The Night Show and the King David Show And more!Details of all events and holiday schedules (Hebrew) >>

When? The Week of Sukkot 
Where? Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

This Sukkot holiday, don't miss the opportunity t visit the Hebrew Music Museum

Sukkot at the Hebrew Music Museum. Photo: Itay Nadav

 In the Kikar Hamusica located in the picturesque Nahalat Sheva neighborhood, a real wonder awaits you: the Hebrew Music Museum! The Museum will take you on a journey to the Diaspora and will bring you together with the unique musical instruments that have become an integral part of the rich cultural fabric of the Hebrew community. So what's in store for you in this Sukkot at the museum?

  • Musical tours of the museum for children, allowing them to experience and get familiar with the museum's special musical instruments
  • Virtual VR technology tour of the Temple

When? The Week of Sukkot 
Where? Kikar Hamusica, Yoel Moshe Salomon 12, Jerusalem

Time Elevator Attraction: A Different world experience for the whole family

Photo: Time Elevator in Jerusalem

The Time Elevator in Jerusalem opens its doors again and the general public is welcome to experience various unique attractions during the upcoming holiday:

  • The Time Elevator Jerusalem - A fascinating journey into the secrets of the city - hop on a journey filled with emotions following the Second Temple era, in the streets of Aelia Capitolina, in King Solomon's hidden palace, and in the alleys of the ancient Byzantine city. Together we'll search for lost treasures in hidden burrows, meet with Salah al-Din and observe the breathtaking views of Jerusalem of Maale.
  • The Capsule of the Future – an Into the Human Body 3D show - is a unique 3D performance revealing the secrets of the most elaborate machine that man never designed: the human body itself.

The Time Elevator in Jerusalem hosts"Triumph of the Spirit" -For the first time in Israel, you can participate in a virtual reality tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. A moving, and unusual experience in Poland - without leaving Israel. Take a 65-minute tour accompanied by an experienced guide and VR goggles. Intended for age 15 and older. A combined ticket that includes a ride on the Time Elevator - for 99 NIS per person.

 When? Throughout the holiday 
Where? Mamilla Yitzhak Kariv 6, Jerusalem

Ammunition Hill Activities during Sukkot

Photo courtesy of Ammunition Hill

 There is nothing like a Sukkot holiday tradition in Ammunition Hill – this time of year is the best for visiting this unique memorial site. This year, the whole family can enjoy a variety of unique experiences:

  • A display of rare collectible vehicles around the hill
  • Children's shows and performances by the Orna Porat Theater, the Train Theater, and more
  • Guided tours of the canals
  • Entrance to the audiovisual light installation
  • Independent tour of the Six-Day Museum
  • All are included in one ticket!

More information and tickets on the full event page (Hebrew) >> 

When: October 11-13, 09:00-17:00
Where: Ammunition Hill, 5 Zalman Shragai St, Jerusalem

Activities for the whole family at the Bible Lands Museum

Photo: Oded Antman

The Bible Lands Museum is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and you're welcome to visit the museum, its exhibitions, and a variety of joyful holiday events:

  • Walls scribbling – fresco graffiti and the art of decoration.
  • New visitor itineraries include a history of famous logos, a tour following unique items of the permanent exhibition, and a personalized tour that shows the favorite artifacts of the museum's staff.
  • Theatrical tour of the Museum Galleries
  • A workshop and tour of the museum for couples expecting a childbirth
  • And more!

More details and the full schedule are available on the event page >> 

When: Throughout the Holiday 
Where: 21 Shmuel Stefan Wise Street, Jerusalem 

Guided tours at Yad Vashem

Photo courtesy of Yad Vashem

 Yad Vashem invites the public to a series of guided tours, focusing on a range of themes:

  • Diary. Artifact. A Personal Story A tour of the events of the Holocaust through personal diaries, testimonies, and artifacts to reveal the human struggle against one of the darkest periods in human history.
  • Portrait of life and death The tour will focus on visual evidence from the Holocaust. We will visit the Museum of Art, observe original works created during and after the Holocaust, and discuss their role as a focus of commemoration and engagement.
  • A Glimpse into a Jewish world that was A tour of the stone walls of the Valley of Communities will present the story of the Jewish communities in Europe and North Africa and provide a glimpse into the rich cultural, scientific and spiritual life that characterized Jewish life before the Holocaust.
  • Rebirth after the Holocaust A fascinating tour revolving around the rehabilitation of the survivors' lives by the end of the war.

See details of tours and dates (Hebrew) >>

 When? October 11-14
 Where? Mount of Remembrance, Jerusalem

Chol HaMoed Sukkot at Old Yishuv Court Museum Photo: Yael Herman

The Old Yishuv Court Museum invites you to a variety of activities during Sukkot:

  • An exhibit of the Month: A prayer cycle written by Rabbi Baruch Amadi in Jordanian captivity
  • Changing Exhibitions:
  • "Moshav Zkenim" – Stories of the Elders of Jerusalem 1840-1948
  • "Being a Child in the Land of Israel" - a collection of children's games from the 1940s
  • "Between the holy and the secular" - Unique Jewish ceremonial artifacts from the Museum's collection
  • Guided tours of the museum and exhibitions will be held at 11:00 and 14:00
  • At 12:00 they'll be a show "The Last Match of Chaya Gittel", about the tribulations of the Jerusalem bride Chaya Gittel on the way to her final "Shiduch". Written and directed by Habib Mizrahi. Actress: Aya Luft.

More details on the full event page (Hebrew) >>

 Events are included in the price of admission to the museum, based on available space. 
A ticket for the whole family- 50 ILS 
Operating Hours During Sukkot:  Tuesday- Thursday, October 11-13, 10:00-17:00
 Where: Or HaHayim Steet 6, Jerusalem 

Nature & Outdoor Activities

Extreme Sukkot for the whole family arranged by the East Jerusalem Development Company

Photo courtesy of Pami

 The East Jerusalem Development Company invites you this year to a celebration of extreme sports in a particularly joyful atmosphere. Here's everything in store for you this holiday:

  • Ninja and Illusions Celebration - You are invited to enjoy a huge ninja complex set up between IDF Square and Hadkalim Square. The complex features displays, chocolate workshops, bracelets and flowers, selfie stands with a backdrop and more. The activities will take place on Tuesday-Thursday, October 11-13 from 16:00 to 20:00. Admission and activities are free, except for the Ninja facility costing NIS 10.
  • Extreme Sukkot - Sukkot is the right time to board the Northern and Southern Sections of the Wall Rampants. This year the ramparts will also include rappelling activities and a theatrical tour dedicated to Suleiman the Magnificent and the wall builders. Ascending from Jaffa Gate, Tuesday-Thursday, October 11-13, 9:00-21:00 for independent trekking, 9:00-16:00 for rappelling, and the guided tour. Admission: Independent-10₪, theatrical tour - 20 ₪ for a child, 30 ₪ for an adult, Rappelling-40 ₪
  • The Old City is accessible to the disabled and blind.
  • Also on this holiday, you are invited to experience the 360 Degrees Around the Walls - a unique route that combines both promenades.


Jerusalem March Returns

Photo: Jerusalem March

The traditional Jerusalem March makes a huge comeback this year and is expected to be a main point of interest during the Chol Hamoed of Sukkot, and tens of thousands of marchers from Israel and around the world are expected to attend this year. The march will consist of three events - a morning march in nature, a fun run at Sacher Park, and a festive parade on the central streets of Jerusalem. The participants of this colorful march are offered a few walking trails of different lengths around the city. Visitors attending the march can choose between three routes of varying degrees of difficulty: 12km, 9km, and 4km long. As usual, this big celebration is held every year at Sacher Park, including stages, performances by artists, a fair with stalls, and activities for children. Full details and an updated schedule on the full event page >>

 When? October 13, starting at 7:00 a.m.

This Sukkot, drive around with the GO CAR - an enjoyable and new way to explore Jerusalem

Drive around Jerusalem with GO CAR. Photo: Srulik Alden

 In this Sukkot, the whole family is welcome to enjoy the GO CAR attraction that arrived in Jerusalem just in time for the holidays! The attraction combines driving an advanced and safe electric vehicle on amazing routes among the picturesque alleys of Jerusalem and the main points of interest of the Old City and its surroundings. Important information:

  • Each tour takes about an hour and a half (90 minutes).
  • The tour is accompanied by a guide who leads the group. During the tour, you'll have opportunities to stop for snapping photos and enjoying vantage observation points.

When? Throughout the holiday
 Where? Departing from David Ramez 4, First Station Complex, Jerusalem 

The Sukkot Festival at Ein Yael

Photo courtesy of Ein Yael

 Join Ein Yael's Sukkot Festival! Discover a world of art and creativity from natural materials in a unique festival that will gather you all in the Sukkah with the summer crops and enjoy a variety of workshops you won't find anywhere else. So what can you experience at the festival?

  • Weaving Workshops
  • Grape Treading Workshop (the traditional wine-making process)
  • Canned fruit: figs, pomegranates, and olives!
  • Natural Winter Plaster Workshop
  • Archaeological Theatre Show
  • Honey and Sting - An experiential lecture in the hive
  • Pottery Workshops
  • Children's playroom with toys and games crafted of natural materials
  • Pita baking
  • Picnic Tables
  • Shady places
  • Kosher Sukkah
  • And more!

Where? Ein Yael, Jerusalem 
When? October 11-13, 9:00-16:00
Cost: Admission ticket 45 NIS for ages 3 and up, 50% discount for people with disabilities (upon showing a relevant tag/card). 

Celebrating the Autumn and the Migration at the Nili and David Jerusalem Birds Observatory

Nili and David Jerusalem Birds Observatory. (Photo: Yotam Bashan)

The autumn is already here, and Sukkot is the perfect holiday to visit the Jerusalem Bird Research Station. The birds are migrating, and a variety of exciting new activities await you, so it's the perfect time to get closer to nature!

  • Bird ringing - is an unusual training during which we follow migratory birds and observe them closely.
  • Ornithology course for beginners - a unique enrichment course for adults and youth. Together we will discover how to identify birds by their looks and the sounds they're making, how and where to find birds, the wonders of flight and migration, the ecology and conservation of birds, and an overview of the equipment required for the novice birder.
  • Observation tours at the Bird Research Station - join a 45-minute tour following the various bird species that will be waiting for you at the station.
  • A series of birding tours at the station and around Jerusalem and more surprises.

Where: Rothschild Str. Jerusalem 
When: Throughout the holiday 

Oktoberfest Returns to First Station complex

Graphic courtesy First Station Complex

 The First Station complex invites you to enjoy the return of Oktoberfest to Jerusalem! Experience an authentic beer festival in the Bavarian tradition with quality food, a joyful atmosphere, and lots of great beers that will set you in a festive mood.

  • Huge festival Tent
  • A great range of German beers from a variety of breweries
  • Unconventional beers at affordable prices
  • Gifts and Surprises
  • Live performances at the complex
  • Unique food inspired by Bavarian cuisine
  • Special beer cups for sale

Where? First Station Complex, David Ramez 4, Jerusalem 
When? October 10-24 
The entrance is free of charge! In addition, the First Station complex invites you to enjoy a variety of events, plays, and activities for children, as well as parties and dances for adults. 


Pampering packages and boutique workshops in the cocoa forest

Photo: Shiral Fromkin

Ason any holiday, the Cocoa Forest Chocolate Boutique presents various ways to bring joy to your family and loved ones on the holiday - with quality boutique chocolate. The Cocoa Forest holiday gift packages combine the boutique's quality chocolate with a line of special limited edition products: a festive apple-cinnamon bar in the holiday spirit, hive-shaped chocolate bars, chocolate discs with greetings, and Israeli products that complement the holiday table like wine or honey from the best manufacturers in Jerusalem and Israel. The packages' prices are ranged, they are Kosher Mehadrin, and the Cocoa Forest Chocolate Boutique offers fast shipping service throughout the country. In addition, you are invited to participate in the pralines workshops at the Cocoa Forest factory. Workshops suitable for all ages are held year-round and also during Chol Hamoed. The activity includes making the pralines according to the individual tastes of the participants, a tour of the factory, tasting, and learning more about the world of chocolate. 

Where? 2 Hapoalei Tzedek, Jerusalem

Would you like to find out what the four species looked like at the temple? Join archeological sifting of dirt from Temple Mount

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUvXVu_Fni4&feature=youtu.be   The sifting of dirt taken from Temple Mount project is available at HaMasu'ot Lookout on Mount Scopus and open to the general public during Sukkot as well. 

Make sure to secure your spot today! The unique site is located in a pine grove. It has a spectacular view of Jerusalem from the highest point in the city, an exhibition of 19th-century Jerusalem paintings, a display of artifacts from the Temple Mount, and picnic tables for the whole family. Other interesting sites in the area: a spectacular view of Jerusalem and the Judaean Desert from the Tower of Augusta Victoria (entrance until 13:00), the magical botanical Garden of Mount Scopus Campus with burial systems from the days of the Second Temple, including the tomb of Nicanor who donated the copper doors to the Temple, vantage point overlooking the Judean Desert, the beginning of the Jerusalem Trail and more. 

When? Throughout Chol Hamoed 
Where? HaMasu'ot Lookout, Parking on Hadassa Lampel Street 
Prices: Child - 20 ILS / adult - 35 ILS 

Independent tours around Jerusalem from BeeTravel

Photo: Doron Yusha

There are quite a few routes in Jerusalem that are suitable for family leisure on Holiday Eve, Chol Hamoed, and even the holiday itself. Would you like to go on the tours and routes in your own time and style? Everyone has their own way of exploring, and with BeeTravel's independent tours you can do just that: visit the Old Town, experience tasting tours, join a theatrical tour, and more - all with a virtual tutorial that will lead you at your own pace. With BeeTravel anything is possible, whenever you want. 
For registration and details about the Virtual Tours (Hebrew) >>


Experiential Jerusalem Tours with SmartTour

Photo: Ellie Wegman, SmartTour

Sukkot is a great time to tour Jerusalem neighborhoods and hear authentic Jerusalem stories! Join SmartTour's EZ Raider and bike tours. they'll take you on a variety of routes overlooking the spectacular views of old and new Jerusalem, accompanied by professional guides who will tell you the stories of the city in a fun and engaging way. SmartTour's EZ Raider vehicles are among the most advanced and safest on the market, and the views of Jerusalem along with the levitation feeling of driving the EZ Raider create an unforgettable holiday pastime. Holiday Tours Recommendation:

Click here for details on all SmartTour 

Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing) at the Western Wall

evt-birkat-hakohanim-1 The mass priestly blessing at the Western Wall with the participation of Israel's Chief Rabbis and the Western Wall Rabbi. Read more >> Where: The Western Wall, Old City, Jerusalem When: October 16, 8:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Gaby Berlin Live Show at Nocturno Live

Photo: Joseph Mostovoy

Gaby Berlin will celebrate over 60 years of Israeli music at Nocturno LIVE. Have an exceptional evening with a rare singer who specializes in the classical tunes of Israel, and who captivated thousands of fans of all ages from all over the country. Just like the songs he sings, Gaby Berlin only gets better as time passes. More details on the full event page (Hebrew) >>

 When? October 12, 21: 00 
Where? Bezalel 7, Jerusalem 

Photo: Hotel Allegra

In the heart of the magical village of Ein Kerem, among the stone houses and the picturesque orchards, you'd find the Allegra Boutique Hotel, housed in a magical building that hides an old love story between Jaber and Allegra. You're welcome to join us on a musical tour that will bring their story to life and be moved by the boldness of forbidden love. The tour will take place on Thursday, October 13, at 18:30. 

Atmospheric tour of the city with Jerusalem House of Quality

Photograph: Courtesy of Jerusalem House of Quality

Located in a magical historic building near the Old City, the Jerusalem House of Quality has prepared an excellent tour that will complement the unique atmosphere of the Autumn and the Jewish Holidays of Tishrei. So what should you expect from the tour?

  • Introducing the mysterious Scottish nobility symbols that adorn the building
  • Explore the hall with 90-year-old original Armenian ceramics
  • A beautiful courtyard in the style of an Arab Khan
  • You'll learn about the process of making jewelry as it was two thousand years ago compared to today
  • Copy of Silver Scroll will await you: World's Oldest "Birkat Kohanim" (Priestly Blessing).
  • A unique guided view from the roof of the house with a different and breathtaking view of legends and unknown history, all in front of the magical Old City walls and the Yemin Moshe neighborhood.
  • And more!

Where? 12 Hebron Road, Jerusalem Full details >> 

A challenging day in the wild with Lake ATV

Photo courtesy Lake ATV

Are you addicted to the adrenaline rush and wild experiences? Are the holidays the best time to go venture outdoors? In that case, you definitely need to call Lake ATV right away and go on their ATV tour in the mountains of Jerusalem and Judea. It's a breathtaking route that runs through mountains and intoxicating landscapes. The tour includes the use of new and safe ATVs, accompanied by experienced guides, and stops along the way to take gorgeous landscape photos. The route opens in the Ramot Forest, and from there takes you on a journey towards Beit Zayit Reservoir – including an option to cross straight through the water source (depending on the weather and terrain at the given moment). 

Sukkot Tours at the Visitor Center in Jerusalem Municipality

The Visitor Center of the Jerusalem Municipality invites you to join various activities that will take place during Chol HaMoed Sukkot:

  • All about the square – a visit to the model of the city, the council hall, and a spectacular view of Jerusalem – 10:00, 11:00, 12:00
  • Who knows the city best – fun logic and puzzles game for the whole family – 10:00-13:00
  • Cyber Game – Escape Complex at City Hall Square -10:00-13:00

The cyber game requires a smartphone and is designed for ages 14 and older. 

When? Tours will take place on October 11-13 from 10:00-13:00 
Where? Gathering at the Concrete Pillows complex in Safra Square Price: 10 NIS per participant. Tour Registration >>  

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