Sukkot in Jerusalem 2024 Events

Sukkot in Jerusalem 2024 Events

autor iconBy iTravelJerusalem Staff , July 26, 2023

Sukkot, considered one of the happiest times in the Jewish calendar, comes out 15 days after the Jewish new year and five days after Yom Kippur. It is the first harvest festival of the year, and it also commemorates the 40 years of wandering the Israelites underwent in the desert on their way to Canaan, the promised land. During the time of the temples in Jerusalem, people came to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage (called an aliyah laregel – ascending by foot) for this festival with fruits and other gifts to offer as sacrifices in the temple. Within an hour or two of the fast of Yom Kippur ending, you can hear hammering and drilling around town.

Many of Jerusalem’s residents seize the opportunity to prepare for Sukkot, the Feast of Booths, by building their sukkot, the temporary structures in which Jews dwell for the seven days of the holiday. To be exact, the last day, although attached to Sukkot, is a different holiday, namely the Simchat Torah, the day that celebrates the completion of the annual cycle, the reading of the Torah. It is commemorated with much singing and dancing at synagogues – and even on the streets – with Torah scrolls, throughout Jerusalem, Israel, and the entire Jewish world. This year, Sukkot begins before sundown on October 9, and it ends after sundown on October 16. Sukkot is one of the most vibrant times of the year in Jerusalem. Here is an overview of the annual events that take place in Jerusalem over Sukkot. You are more than welcome to come and join in the festivities!

Sukkot Events in Jerusalem

Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing) at the Western Wall

photo of Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing) at the Western Wall

Mass priestly blessing at the Western Wall with the participation of Israel's Chief Rabbis and the Western Wall Rabbi. 

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Where: The Western Wall, Old City, Jerusalem 

When: October 16, 8:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Jerusalem March Returns

photo of Jerusalem March Returns

The traditional Jerusalem March makes a huge comeback this year and is expected to be a main point of interest during the Chol Hamoed of Sukkot, and tens of thousands of marchers from Israel and around the world are expected to attend this year. The march will consist of three events - a morning march in nature, a fun run at Sacher Park, and a festive parade on the central streets of Jerusalem. The participants of this colorful march are offered a few walking trails of different lengths around the city. Visitors attending the march can choose between three routes of varying degrees of difficulty: 12km, 9km, and 4km long. As usual, this big celebration is held every year at Sacher Park, including stages, performances by artists, a fair with stalls, and activities for children. 

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 When? October 4, starting at 7:00 a.m.


Red Bus

photo of The Red Bus City Tour

Join a two-hour panoramic tour of the most fascinating and important sites in Jerusalem on an open-top double-decker bus, taking you through 80 key points in the city. 
The activity is to similar tourist hop-on-hop-off buses around the world. Make sure to purchase the daily ticket to enjoy it fully during the active hours.

Discover ancient and modern Jerusalem with explanations in eight languages via headphones. The bus is also available for groups.

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When? During the Sukkot Holiday Week
Where? Starting point - 14 Agron Street, Jerusalem

Experience Jerusalem Tours with Smart Tour

photo of Experience Jerusalem Tours with Smart Tour

Sukkot is a great time to visit the most authentic Jerusalem neighborhoods and hear their stories! Join Smart Tour's EZ-Raider and bicycle tours on various routes facing the spectacular views of old and new Jerusalem, accompanied by professional guides who will share the city's stories with you in s fun, active way. Smart Tour's vehicles are highly advanced and safe, and the views of Jerusalem and the unique feeling of floating on the EZ-Raider make for an unforgettable holiday.

Recommended Tours for Sukkot:

  • A classic EZ-Raider tour of the Old City of Jerusalem - a fantastic experience of visiting the Christian and Jewish quarters on the EZ-Raider, along with some spectacular sites by the Old City walls.
  • Polly the Chef: A combined culinary tour near the Old City and the Mahane Yehuda Market - an EZ-Raider tour that takes off from the First Station Complex to the Old City to work your appetite, and then going to visit the lively Mahane Yehuda market. With Polly the chef.

Cocoa Forest

photo of Cacao Forest - Chocolate Boutique and Group Workshopsphoto by: Cacao Forest - Chocolate Boutique and Group Workshops

A delicious and exciting pralines workshop for Sukkot - create, get inspired, and take home dozens of pralines of your own making!
In the Cocoa Forest workshop, you will prepare dozens of pralines with unique flavors and combinations of your choosing, derived from the amazing variety. Ganache, berries, pistachio, or salted caramel are just some of the flavors that will await you, all 100% pure and natural - a real delicacy.

The praline workshops at the Cocoa Forest Chocolate Boutique are the perfect activity for the family on holiday: discover the sources of chocolate, tour the small factory, and of course taste, fill, and create dozens of pralines of amazing flavors!

The workshop is suitable for children aged 3 and up. The sweetest chocolate experience this holiday!

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Where? Pevalei Tzedek 2, Jerusalem
When? During the Sukkot Holiday Week

Atmospheric tour of the city with Jerusalem House of Quality

photo of Atmospheric tour of the city with Jerusalem House of Quality

Located in a magical historic building near the Old City, the Jerusalem House of Quality has prepared an excellent tour that will complement the unique atmosphere of the Autumn and the Jewish Holidays of Tishrei. So what should you expect from the tour?

  • Introducing the mysterious Scottish nobility symbols that adorn the building
  • Explore the hall with 90-year-old original Armenian ceramics
  • A beautiful courtyard in the style of an Arab Khan
  • You'll learn about the process of making jewelry as it was two thousand years ago compared to today
  • Copy of Silver Scroll will await you: the World's Oldest "Birkat Kohanim" (Priestly Blessing).
  • A unique guided view from the roof of the house with a different and breathtaking view of legends and unknown history, all in front of the magical Old City walls and the Yemin Moshe neighborhood.
  • And more!

Where? 12 Hebron Road, Jerusalem 

Find all the details on the event page >>

The Time Elevator and Double-decker bus tour combo

photo of The Time Elevator and Double-decker bus tour combo

Go on a historic journey in a state-of-the-art hall in the heart of Mamilla Avenue in Jerusalem via interactive screens and on seats that move on 6 traffic axes. Become part of the history of Jerusalem.

Take a journey through the city's various layers arranged on a timeline, narrated by Haim Topol, acting the part of Shalem, a 3,000-year-old guide.
Dive into the depths of the historic Old City and face legendary figures who lived and made their impact here. Join the search for lost treasures in hidden burrows, meet Salih ad-Din, and enjoy a breathtaking aerial journey to Jerusalem of Ma'aleh.

After visiting the Time Elevator, we will take a short walk to the station at Agron Street, where a double-decker, hop-on-hop-off bus will be waiting for us to discover magical Jerusalem from up close, as accustomed in all the great cities of the world.

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When? Shol Hamad Sukkot
Where? Yitzhak Kariv 6, Mamilla Boulevard Jerusalem

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A fascinating birdwatching activity in the Temple Mount Dirt Sifting Project

photo of A fascinating birdwatching activity in the Temple Mount Dirt Sifting Project

During Sukkot, the Nili and David Jerusalem Bird Observatory will host activities and observation tours for the whole family.

Before or after the dirt-sifting activity, you can get familiar with the unique autumn birds that visit Mount Scopus and Jerusalem during the season.

As usual, the sifting activity allows you to find awe-inspiring surprises from far and near past of Jerusalem, including 200-year-old pottery or expensive 2,000-year-old tools.

When? Mon + Thu October 2nd and 5th 2023, 08:30-12:30

Where? HaMasu'ot Lookout, 14 Martin Buber Street. 
Free parking on Hadassa Lampel Street.

Enjoy the STAR CAR Attraction - a unique way to tour Jerusalem

photo of Enjoy the STAR CAR Attraction - a unique way to tour Jerusalem

Enjoy the Star Car attraction with the whole family! The activity consists of driving an advanced and safe electric vehicle with experiential tours in the picturesque alleys of Jerusalem and the main sites of the Old City and around it.

Please Note:

Each tour takes about 90 minutes. The tour is joined by a guide who leads the group. During the tour, you’ll enjoy stops for photos and vantage points.

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Only 160 NIS (instead of 175)
Coupon Code: ITRAVEL

When? Throughout the holiday 
Where? Depart from David Ramez 4, The First Station Complex, Jerusalem

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Food-tasting voucher for Machane Yehuda market from "Yalla Basta"

photo of Food-tasting voucher for Machane Yehuda market from "Yalla Basta"

“Yalla Basta” tasting tour invites you to enjoy all the culinary bounty the market has to offer without getting lost among the endless possibilities. Cover all the memorable market hits and enjoy the most authentic Mahane Yehuda experience.

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photo of THINKERS

Join the "Milestones" tour of the THINKERS Distillery where you can experience the history of alcohol, watch the finest liquor produced, and get to know what makes it so special.
During the tour, you'll taste everything offered by the distillery, and savor a cocktail made by the house mixologist, with delicious snacks on the side.

And a special bonus! Exclusive 10%discount for I TRAVEL Jerusalem

Coupon code: ITRAVEL10

More information on the full tour page >>

When? During the Sukkot Holiday Week
Where? Agripas 88, Jerusalem


The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

photo of Jerusalem Biblical Zoophoto by: Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The zoo lies within a pastoral valley in southwestern Jerusalem and provides its resident animals with living conditions at international standards. At the zoo, you will find a variety of experiential activities for children and adults, alongside rich information on every one of the animals living at the zoo. 

The Biblical Zoo focuses on maintaining a zoological collection with good living conditions and developing and facilitating educational activities to bring the public closer to nature conservation and the protection of wildlife. The zoo promotes social involvement, conducts research, and participates in national and international projects of conservation, breeding, and returning animals to the wild. It does all this while creating a place for enriching leisure within an atmosphere that emphasizes the values of nature.

When? Shol Hamad Sukkot 

Where? Derech Aharon Shulov 1, Jerusalem, Israel

Israel Aquarium

photo of Israel Aquariumphoto by: Israel Aquarium

A visit to the aquarium includes a passage through Israel’s four seas – the Mediterranean, The Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea.

On your visit, you will encounter approximately 200 species of creatures that live in the sea at the various spectacular exhibits. You will be able to see up close the famous clownfish, boxfish, groupers, eels, seahorses, soft corals, various jellyfish, sharks, and many others.

At the center of the aquarium is an open ray pool, in which various types of stingrays are. The highlight of the visit comes as you pass through a tunnel that simulates an under-sea visit, with fish and sharks swimming overhead.

When? Shol Hamad Sukkot 

Where? Derech Aharon Shulov, Jerusalem, Israel

"Gut Feeling" exhibition at Science Museum - activities for the whole family

photo of "Gut Feeling" exhibition at Science Museum - activities for the whole family

The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem invites you to a vivid journey inside our digestive system. Just like the food we eat, we'll get into the exhibition trail through the mouth and next... Come find out for yourself!

"Gut" was inspired by the global bestseller, written by Giulia Enders, illustrated by Jill Enders, and translated into 40 languages. This unique exhibition landed in Jerusalem after a successful run at the Science Museum in Paris, where it attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

Where? Museum Boulevard, Jerusalem
When? During the Sukkot Holiday Week

The Sukkot Festival at Ein Yael

photo of The Sukkot Festival at Ein Yael

Celebrate the Feast of the Harvest in Ein Yael. Sit in the sukkah with the summer crops, prepare the ancient houses of material for the rainy season, make mats from the holiday Lulav, preserve the fruits of autumn, and enjoy a variety of experiences!

Here are some of the fascinating workshops that await children and parents:

  • Autumn slingshots - Bending and weaving with Lulav, guided by Michal Raz
  • Earth Tools- Pottery workshop hosted by Anna Greenberg
  • Cotton Harvesting - Weaving and interweaving with Shuri Provizor
  • Archaeological Theater - A show with Idit Kishnovsky
  • and more!

Other services in the area for your leisure:
Parking, sukkah, drink stand, seating mats, picnic tables.
Holiday Shopping at Crops Fair:
Ceramics, natural soaps, braided baskets, wine stands, honey, herbal infusions, and other surprises.

A series of fascinating thematical evenings at the Theatron Hotel Jerusalem

Each evening, the hotel will serve a meaty dinner buffet based on a fine menu carefully prepared by the house chef, incorporating the theme of the evening.

The diverse cultural program includes a Greek night, an unforgettable evening of the '80s, a tasting from the Levant, a wine evening, and a jazz event joined by the hotel management who will reveal some “insider” information on the hotel’s day-to-day life.

More details on the full event page >>

Where? Theatron Hotel, Chopin 16, Jerusalem 
When? During the Sukkot Holiday Week

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