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Gay Travel in Jerusalem

Jerusalem nightlife is renowned for being diverse and fun boasting an eclectic mix of hip and alternative hang-outs to explore. The Jerusalem gay and lesbian scene may be quieter than the famous Tel Aviv scene but there are still a few happening places to enjoy gay travel in the city.

The Video Bar is a gay-friendly venue worth checking out in the Russian compound, which hosts three pubs: Hataklit “The Record”, a place for alternative music lovers, HaKaseta “The Cassette”, a hip students bar, and Raash-Hour “The Radio”, a café with an Internet radio station.

For a quieter refuge, yet nearby to all the main Jerusalem tourist sites, try Cafe Tmol Shilshom: part bookstore, part cafe, part hangout. A little hidden away, it’s reachable through a back courtyard and up a metal staircase.

Central to the LGBT scene is the welcoming “Open House” Center, an organization that provides information and support to the GLBT community and arranges the annual Pride march and other events.

The Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade takes place annually in Jerusalem, often in the month of August.

It is worth bearing in mind that due to the more religiously-inclined nature of the city, Jerusalem is not as liberal as Tel Aviv certainly, and perhaps some other Israeli cities. Therefore, it is advisable to be more discreet as a gay traveler in Jerusalem, especially in Orthodox religious areas.

LGBT community in Tel Aviv

Anyone from the LGBT community visiting Israel, is most definitely going to spend time in Tel Aviv, Israel’s city known as one of the gay capitals of the world. Tel Aviv is teeming with activities and venues for the gay community, and the city’s atmosphere of openness allows gay travelers to feel at ease being themselves. There are numerous gay-friendly venues and tons to do for anyone from the LGBT community visiting the city.

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